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The Universe is for YOU to sculpt...

Welcome to the 100th Millennium Wiki!

The 100th Millennium Wiki is a fully fictional science fantasy community, with 799 user-created articles. Here, our hope is that imaginative writers will be able to create their own interconnected section of this growing database.
The 100th Millennium Wiki also allows for a wide array of concepts to be forged by users. Do you wish to create a sprawling interstellar civilization? Go ahead! Do you want to craft a planet with the finer things of sci fi? We won't stop you! Our purpose as a wiki is to help writers convey ideas and help build upon the lore which we have created.

The idea of it all...
The idea is simple: You may create numerous fictional things that you can conceptualize. Tales? Empires? Swathes of vast galaxies? Intricate planets? We have the room. We accept anything from sci-fi to borderline fantasy, pertaining to the lore and expanding upon the ideas that you may have seeded in your creative mind. The community is also here to help you out, and our doors are more than open.

Are you new here?
If you are just starting out on the 100th Millennium Wiki, it is expected that you read major lore points, scan any articles, and always ask any burning questions you may have to senior editors or mods/admins. You may also join us on our Discord Server for an easy level of transparency and communication!

Also, here are some tools and pages which can seriously help you out:

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