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The A'mmlikalis Federation is a type 1.4 civilization in the Zalanthium Galaxy. They are incredibly Violent, and are in a constant state of warfare with their nemesis, the B'illisik Matrix. They were founded by the species A'mmlikalis, who created they're worst enemies, the B'illisik.

Home Planet

Their home planet, the world Burihi, is covered in radioactive dust from the A'mmlikalis Wars before they united. The planet has very little life, and is only barely habitable. Radioactive sludge pools, once seas, nurture the only remaining life on the planet, the microbes. The A'mmlikalis have long since departed the planet, and they turned their back on the ruined planet.


The A'mmlikalis are a very militaristic, meaning that they had thousands of wars before their entire nation was united by one warlady, who named her new nation, ironically, the 'A'mmlikalis Federation'', suggesting that they federated all their nations instead of completely obliterating them. At this time, Burihi became uninhabitable, and many millions died. They developed space travel after two-thirds of their population had died, and migrated to space habitats and colonies on other worlds. They stopped here, and developed peacefully. When the warlady died, the nation came close to fragmenting but her firstborn daughter took control, establishing the Lici Dynasty.

Major Wars

Relations with the B'illisik

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