The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems frigate Florida Dream was a star-ship in service in the Ambrosia Alliance Interstellar Naval Forces within the Ambrosia Galaxy constructed by the Carolina Ship Manufacturing company. It served from the years 10,556 CE to 10,640 CE and was one of the oldest actively serving ships to ever be apart of the Alliance military.

It is most famous for its destruction over the planet Rekiest after interactions with an Etymology orbital device, with all but one of the crew falling victim to either the crash, or the horrors that lived on the world below.


The AAUS Florida Dream stands as one of the most famous and deadly peacetime maritime disasters throughout the Ambrosia Alliance's history, as it went down over the planet Rekiest of the Mid Arm in the year 10,640 CE with the loss of around one thousand five-hundred and fifty souls, along with nearly all of her active serving crew, who would ultimately perish in the ensuing chaos. It would serve as the deadliest peacetime maritime disaster until' the loss of the AAUS: "Dear Johnny" in 10,780 CE.

She would meet her end after interacting with a satellite communication device believed to be of Etymology-origin in orbit around the planet, as the ship's primary mission at the time was to escort respective individuals who were apart of the Department of Etymology Technological Research. As the ship got within range of the device, it would almost instantly lose all power and communication devices, and would become trapped Rekiest's gravity, ultimately plummeting towards the surface of the planet.

Unbeknownst to the crew, the planet below the Florida Dream served as one of the few worlds remaining in the Ambrosia Galaxy that contained the: "Ambrosian Thavmaphage," an intragalactic pathogen that turns organic matter into a large fleshy hivemind-like creature which almost resulted in the extinction of most known Ambrosian life in the late 2,000,000,000 BCEs. The planet's once native life would be turned into said flesh mass, and those who survived the crash would have to fend off the planet's native inhabitants.

Rather famously, almost the entirety of the ship's entire crew of passengers and personal would meet their end, with the exception of a one: "Emile Fair-Heart" better known as: "Knight," the fiftieth supreme commander of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems military who at the time served as a private in the Ambrosia Alliance military. He would manage to fend off the abominations that existed on the planet, as well as the few remaining survivors who became crazed, until' by chance rescue would arrive seven standard months later.

Service History


The Florida Dream would be commissioned by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems to the Carolina Ship Manufacturing Company in 10,550 CE to serve in the Ambrosia Alliance Interstellar Naval Forces during the rising tension between the aforementioned government and the newly discovered Julietic Empire.

It would complete construction just six standard years later and would be used to transport military personal and civilians across key worlds owned by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems across the bordering region between the two interstellar powers. And, while not seeing much active combat, would end up fighting a few small border skirmishes across the Mid Arm.

"Oh the ship of the Florida Dream"

"Darted across the cosmos in a brilliant beam."

"Through the stars she shine"

Across the night in sublime"

"There she rests, upon the silver of midnight"

"There she took, those who would serve with the Knight"

"Blessed be the ship, who fought with such vigor"

"And lasted to the end, in a final, faint flicker"

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