Abzu is a military installation of the UFSS (then-YoC) located strategically close to Aegyn – ~23 light-years. It was formerly home to the Puxithy of the Wylechon Spread, who despite having been extinct long ago, are famed for conquering Aegyn in the past, until slave revolts and a stellar cataclysm decimated their civilization. Abzu is the fourth planet from the star of Gliese–667 C, and the only of which is naturally inhabited. Throughout its history, the planet has passed through multiple extinction events back when its star was much younger, up to how it is now. Abzu is a very hostile world for Humans because of its high gravity and frequent storms, and therefore it is sparsely inhabited.

The planet is distinctive by its red atmospheric tint, thick cloud cover and, uniquely, the number of carbon-based lifeforms which adapted to live in its hostile environment. Its planetary name comes from one of the prehistorical Human deities, specifically the fresh water god Abzû (given that most of its surface is covered in an ocean).


Rise of the Puxithy (before 74359 BCE)

There are countless underwater ruins and tombs containing numerous hieroglyphs, which register Abzu's history during the Puxithy's reign over the planet. Some info said below may be wrong due to translation errors.


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