Acconda is the sixth planet of the Hope System in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a cold ice giant with distinct tan, green, and purple color patterns.


Acconda is sometimes referred to as a "Pseudo-Ice Giant" since ice accounts for very little of its chemical makeup, though because it's there, the planet is an ice giant. It is made up of primary hydrogen.

It serves as a sort of Shepard for comets entering the outer Hope System, all twenty-three of its dwarf moons were captured by interstellar comets entering the star system.

The planet has a very thin and tenuous ring system made up of ice and dust particles. This ring is replenished by small meteoroids hitting the surfaces of Acconda's moons.

Acconda has been largely left alone by the Ambrosia Alliance other than robot mining operations to gather its abundance of hydrogen for various purposes. This hydrogen is processed at Luxaria the capital of its moon Luxpetram.


Acconda fully formed around 4,795,900,000 standard years ago alongside its moons Luxpetram and Coilsa. In the remainder of the 4,000,000,000 BCEs, it would capture interstellar comets with its massive gravity.

During the Etymology era, the Havenites would construct large floating cities across the ice giant around 1,640,020,170 BCE. However, these would fall into the planet after they were destroyed by the C.Y.R.E.X

Around 1,600,215,000 BCE Acconda's orbit would become radically altered. This lead to the ice giant planet to enter within the orbit of its sister world, Douma. This event, unfortunately, led to the destruction of all life on the aforementioned planet as it caused the once temperate Terra world's temperature to rise exponentially, evaporating its oceans, leading to the life on the planet's death. Whether or not this was done naturally or artificially is unknown.

When human colonists arrived within the Hope System they left the planet largely untouched, however, they took particular interest in its moon Luxpetram due to its unusually thick atmosphere for a Selena world. After the construction of Luxaria in 10,284 CE, they would send robots to the ice giant to mine its abundance of hydrogen.


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