Adalia is a J-class gas giant orbiting the star Auraji, 8.93 lightyears from Earth.


Adalia is orbited by three small asteroid moons and takes 13 days to make a full orbit around Auraji. Like most gas giants, its atmosphere is mainly composed of Hydrogen and Helium which is sometimes mined.


The most interesting feature about Adalia is its sky cities, built in 3009 and is also the first gas giant outside the solar system to have sky cities built on it.

The cities on Adalia are 15km long and have three levels. Level 1 is the surface with skyscrapers reaching 390ft high with the tallest being 450ft high. The skyscrapers range from apartments, hotels, broadcast towers, offices to shopping centres with different businesses insie them. Roads and tram systems allow for quicker transportation around Level 1. Clear transparent glass roofs are located 15ft above the ground on Level 1 in each of the cities in order to prevent Adalia's deadly atmosphere from killing residents.

Level 2 exists beneath the main surface and consists of multiple cheap housing areas as well as small shops, a spaceport and a subway system that goes around it. The less wealthy citizens tend to live down here since the more richer ones inhabit Level 1. Level 2 areas are escribed as looking like an eternal nightlife due to being constantly lit up with lamp posts and neon lights.

Level 3 is where mined gases are stored and sent up to power the two upper levels. Citizens are not permitted to enter Level 3 areas unless they want to apply for a job there. Workers in Level 3 have their own housing units although the quality of life there is not as good as the upper levels.

Since Adalia is tidally-locked, each of the cities are able to move across the gas giant, allowing for a day and night period on Level 1.

The cities float above Adalia's clouds in order to avoid harmful storms and winds that occur within the planet's weather system as well as allowing for lighter gravity.

Two floating cities on Adalia.

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