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"I tell ya, if ya a rock collecta, Adeptae is the place to go." -Unknown


Adeptae is a ring galaxy located in the Nilus Bubble. It is known the most commonly as the Graveyard Galaxy, this is because of its extremely high abundace of large asteroids, deeming most of the galaxy uninhabitable, yet it is brought to life as the primary center of mining, because of its higly resourceful asteroids which appear in the trillions. Adeptae is theorized to have billions of years ago fall victim to a line of devastating supernovae across the galaxy, which would have slowly destroyed countless star systems, in whom would ruin the ability for a singe species to evolve inside of the Adeptae. The high density of asteroids and dust around and between stars has made it possible for an extreme amount of dwarf planets. Adeptae. The asteroids adrift in Adeptae have made travel inside of Adeptae extremely harsh, so to travel around, and leave and enter the galaxy, people rely heavily of the Guild of External Power's ferries known as Yetuls.


Adeptae is named after the ancient language in which Adeptae once meant Obtained. To Obtain a galaxy and harvest itself.

Adeptae was discovered by ancient civilisations in Via Lacrimosa around 5 Million years ago, when they took witness to bright flashes and pulses coming from an external area, near a previously discovered Nilus It was at first assumed to be a pulsar of sorts and no action was taken to discover what it may be because it was too far away.


Supernovae were a constant feature of Adeptae, as stars were born at a very fast rate in their birth. These stars were in high abundance to high mass stars and lived a short period of time. At modern ages, stars would implode over each other and result in a cataclysmic amount of debris. In these exploding stars would form stellar nurseries which given time would form new planets, which would later be destroyed by nearby supernovae. This is the reason the galaxy has extremely high abundance to asteroids and rubble.

Modern age

The current nations that occupy Adeptae are conflicted as the galaxy has such limited space, skirmishes take place often over resources, resources such as Herub Ore, Thumat Salt, and Uynok Pep. The ore is in ways related to thurmaturgic concepts and is exclusive to Adeptae. Below is a map of claimed regions by extragalactic parties;

Nations of Adeptae

  • Adeptae Mining Alliance-Shared Alliance that takes all valuables inside their borders and ships for commercial use.
  • Caoticol Corporation-Ustean based corporation that takes the Uynok Pep and processes it for the recreational drug Peppan-Loi Drug.
  • Guild of External Power-The Guild does not mine resources here or industrialize, instead, makes a profit by selling Adeptae Exclusive Osseters known as Yetuls.