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The Aepedkyr is a class of StarLiner designed by the Intergalactic Tourist Association and built-in tribute by the Caoticol Corporation. The StarLiner is a large class of Starship and is Osseter dependent to be able to provide the Intergalactic tours it was tasked to do. The StarLiner was originally a cargo ship, but its sleek design, and spacious interior amused citizens of the Cosmos, so it was first used as a commercial StarLiner in 63,873 CE, the year their construction was complete.


The Aepedkyr appears as a lengthy, sleek white almost boat-like starship with its top being the most friendly component, while the bottom half is more industrial, yet still sleek. Because of the chosen exterior material, the exterior glistens in sunlight and can be noticeable near a star.

It's bridge is located on its very top near the back, on a short tower, many could confuse the front window to be the bridge, but this window is actually its large passenger lobby with multiple floors.


The Aepedkyr has various starship variants, each with its own specific use, akthough with many variants, three are used the most. Here, they can be seen in the bullet list below:

  • Aepedkyr - The most common of them all, the largest and provided the most spacious.
  • Aphrodite - The executive liners of the fleet, and are much smaller than the Aepedkyr StarLiners, they are considered first class and are used most among the wealthy passengers.
  • Sovereignty - The Business class of the fleet, they are about the same size as Aepedkyrs, but have a very different design.