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The portal on Auralia

The Aergol Portal System is a large and extensive system of small portal generators in the Palioxis Starfield. Built by Aergols, the first sapient species in the Starfield, the Aergol Portal System is noted as one of the oldest alien constructs. The exact date of construction is unknown, though it has been theorized to have been fully constructed around the early Aergol Era, likely in 5,854,000 AE.

The Aergol Portal System links the vast bulk of the Palioxis Starfield's celestial bodies via small-scaled portal generators, one per world. Rather than wormholes, these use highly sophisticated portal generators, which are far more energy efficient and reliable. Unfortunately, the technology enclosed within the Aergol Portal System has yet to be retrieved due because of an impenetrable barrier trying to prevent the portal from being damaged or disassembled. If this technology could be accessed in some way, reverse engineering it would represent a significant increase in a civilization's power level.

Every portal has its own unique portal address. The address is a sequence of fourteen glyphs arranged so that one glyph represents the world, six represent the star system, and seven represent the Field. This glyphs can be inputted through a small terminal located around fifteen meters from the portal. When the last glyph is entered, the portal's two primary rings start to spin, and a purple-colored portal appears in the center. Anyone entering this portal gets instantaneously transported to the selected world within the Starfield.


The portal generator passes through a lot of complex mechanisms when generating a portal. When the glyphs have been received, the portal with the address corresponding to the glyphs is identified first. Once the destination portal is found, it gathers information from the surrounding area and receives it via a highly sophisticated Lightspace communicator. Upon recognizing the exact atomic structure of the destination portal's surrounding area, it enters a partial shadow state, reconstructing a one-to-one scale replica of the area surrounding the destination portal. This projected area is ten meters in all dimensions, transparent, and cannot be interacted with by ordinary matter. The miriandynic energy frequency of the destination is also able to be replicated once the atomic reconstruction was built, resulting in a purple-colored connection to the destination portal. Entering the portal instantly transports one to one's destination.

This process necessitates a ludicrous amount of energy, which is acquired via completely unclear scientific methods. To open a similar portal for a day, the lifetime output of an entire red dwarf would be necessary. Small generators using miriandynic energy in unknown ways might be the result of obtaining such a large amount of energy, though this is just an unsubstantiated claim.