The Aeterna Caligne is a parallel state of existence which contains the psychokinetic 'weight' of all living individuals, which is mostly comprised of their conscience and memories, as well as experiences. Put another way, the Aeterna Caligne is the container of the "souls" of every sapient individual. The Aeterna Caligne may be also accessed only by the most talented of psychokinetic individuals, and can also be broken into with various weak points. Occasionally, the Aeterna Caligne or affiliated sources of energy may also spill out into reality. Through history, the Aeterna Caligne has been bestowed numerous names, and has been referred to most often in ancient Sedruan texts, or by those made by the now extinct Etymology. Typically, the Aeterna Caligne is described as a shifting plane of existence, and any recorded evidence of its visuals drastically differ.

The area of the Aeterna Caligne, also known as Unreality or Falsespace, has been known to be filled with numerous objects of unknown origin. Usually, these include numerous large rock formations, gaseous compounds, or other materials which can be tangible. Other materials are entirely anomalous, and continue to be studied at great extents. Other objects of interest include disembodied consciousnesses, which flicker and move aimlessly across the Aeterna Caligne and what appear to be "animals" that call the place home. Due to various obstacles, it is not possible to reliably travel around, and as a result much of the area remains undocumented. The landscapes which shift in the Aeterna Caligne also make practical maps impossible.

Travel conducted in the confines of the Aeterna Caligne, while difficult, has been achieved on numerous occasions. Locomotion between two points, exiting and entering realspace, may warp arrival and destination points considerably. Instances of non-euclidian travel are more than common, but can not be exploited or controlled due to the chaotic environment. Establishments and bases in the Aeterna Caligne, while difficult to construct, have been built at numerous points in history. It seems that the Aeterna Caligne exists outside of time; various instances of bases constructed by now fallen civilizations have been uncovered, however, contact has proven impossible.


Many people, most notably experienced psychokinetics, report that their abilities can be heightened or dampened in the Aeterna Caligne. Reports show that if next to a floating consciousness or far from an energy source, psychokinetics hold less power. The opposite effect is shown when near a power source or far from floating consciousnesses. This holds potential to increase production of Eidolite. It can also prove useful for defending facilities and high-ranking individuals.

Negative effects are no stranger to the Aeterna Caligne. There have been countless reports of hallucinations, extreme disorientation, schizophrenic episodes, and extended deterioration of the mind and consciousness. Visiting often has been linked to dementia-like symptoms with no known cure, however, this is only a threat to inexperienced users. Negative effects are also known to occur in approaching groups of heavy weighted consciousnesses. These could temporarily or chronically effect anyone's abilities to gain or retain psychokinetic abilities. As a result, most psychokinetics stay close to the various installations within the Aeterna Caligne, few are willing to move out of a direct line of sight with them, even if this is impossible at times.

Notable Related Locations

With the Aeterna Caligne always changing, there are no permanent notable locations. However, in the realm of reality, there exist many points which lead to or are related to the Aeterna Caligne. These will be listed with notable characteristics and go as follows:

Suvaren Galaxy
Description The Suvaren Galaxy has been known to hold many areas related to the Aeterna Caligne, most notably the supermassive black hole at the center, known as Sydiah. For reasons unknown, Sydiah holds a remarkable 'weight' in the Aeterna Caligne, and is observed to display psychokinetic and more broad anomalous effects. This happened to spawn a religion in the area, Sydiaism, which is a reason for the founding of Sedrua, as well as the psychokinetic prowess of Vurilia Jiutopati. Koitrelion is another major site related to the Aeterna Caligne. Located deep in the Ambrosia Galaxy, Koitrelion is known to be exposed directly to the Aeterna Caligne. Towards its center lies a containment facility for the exposed areas, but in recent times this has been documented to be ineffective. It is thought that, in time, the Aeterna Caligne could spill from unreality to realspace, in turn causing deep anomalies and calamity.
Rune Galaxy
Sydiah's Hinterlands
Description The Rune Galaxy is a fairly large galaxy under the control of the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony. It is the site of what is known as the Caligne Ring, an ancient structure likely created to either enhance psychokinetic ability or even to allow for direct access to the Aeterna Caligne itself. Due to the artificial nature of the ring, its effects are sporadic at best. Individuals born in the galaxy can gain psychokinetic abilities without having a psychokinetic ancestor (something that is normally incredibly rare). However, they do not gain the incredible power that normally comes with gaining abilities without an ancestor. Sydiah's Hinterlands is a region of space in the Suvaren Galaxy, which is most notably effected by the Aeterna Caligne. There exist many weak points of real-space, known as The Cracks of Reality, which allow the Aeterna Caligne to more or less leak in from its realm. These cracks, while inaccessible from the outside, allow content from inside the Aeterna Caligne to spread all across the universe. Sydiah's Hinterlands are most prominent in the Suvaren Galaxy, though other regions may also contain identical phenomena.
Black Pearl2.png
Black Pearl
Description The Black Pearl is a very notable place linked to the Aeterna Caligne. It is located deep in the Suvaren Galaxy, near but not too close to B`Kalatala and other prominent sites. It was originally thought to be a standard black hole, until its true hazardous nature was revealed by Sedrua. It is known to directly affect the conscience, sapience, and psyche of any individual, no matter how powerful they may seem. These effects include the admission of mental disabilities, given a long enough exposure. Powerful psychokinetics can dampen but not completely stop the effects of the Black Pearl. Most notably, Vurilia Jiutopati and Mother Sydiah, as well as members of the Creed of Ysylo have shown great concern for the Black Pearl and its potential.
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