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The Aeterna Caligne (also known as Unreality or Falsespace) is an alternate plane of existence existing "above" the main universe. Most theories suggest that the Aeterna Caligne is not a space in the traditional sense but a concept. Rather than being made of a physical material, it is made of conceptual material so to speak.

In the Aeterna Caligne can be found the "souls" of every sapient being. Souls can be thought of as an emergent property of sapient beings. Each soul can have a different "weight" in the Aeterna Caligne which can be best thought of as how much of the soul is the physical body and how much is in the Aeterna Caligne. Individuals with high "weights" are known as Magi. Magi have abilities which hinge on drawing energy from the Aeterna Caligne in a process known as Thaumaturgy. The Aeterna Caligne may be also accessed only by the most talented of these individuals.

In some regions of physical space, the Aeterna Caligne can interact with matter and energy. Regions such as these are far more common in space with high amounts of energy in one place, hence why they are most commonly found in galaxies. A notable example of a region like this is known as Sydiah's Hinterlands. Throughout history, the Aeterna Caligne has been bestowed numerous names, and has been referred to most often in ancient Sedruan texts, as well as other ancient mythoi.

Other objects of interest within the Aeterna Caligne include disembodied consciousnesses, which flicker and move aimlessly across the Aeterna Caligne. There also exist "pockets" of causality, which stand as stable yet shifting refuges from the outside. Due to various obstacles, it is not possible to reliably travel around, and as a result much of the area remains undocumented. The landscapes which shift in the Aeterna Caligne also make practical maps impossible.

Travel conducted within the confines of the Aeterna Caligne, while difficult, has been achieved on numerous occasions. Locomotion between two points, exiting and entering physical space, may warp arrival and destination points considerably. Instances of non-euclidian travel are more than common, but can not be exploited or controlled due to the chaotic environment.


The Aeterna Caligne is a host to unique materials. These materials are known as "Aether", "Souls", "Radiance", "Terrain", and "Vibrancy". Other materials are classified as "Miscellaneous" and are not nearly as numerous as the four broad classes. These materials, if brought to reality, rapidly decay unless there is a direct connection to the Aeterna Caligne nearby. They are also violent, being very reactive if handled improperly. Only a small amount of material from the Aeterna Caligne has been contained in reality, and they have been the center of study for many years. Corresponding materials are in a list below:


Aether is the most noticeable material in the Aeterna Caligne. It usually takes the form of a violet gas, which sets much of the Aeterna in a deep fog. Twisting clouds of Aether are commonplace, and 'weather' has been observed with these clouds. Aether is usually harmless though it does pose an issue with navigation. As such, large spacecraft have reliably gone through the Aeterna in its history. For this reason, small craft have been employed for scouting missions, at least in most cases. Only a few areas of the Aeterna have had a lack of Aether, making visibility and studying easier.


Souls are the classification of free-floating conscience in the Aeterna Caligne. It is not necessarily commonplace, though it is easily able to be seen, even through thick blankets of Aether. Some Souls hold a very heavy 'weight' in the Aeterna Caligne, which connects to a soul or an individual in reality. Souls have been observed take two forms, 'alive' and 'dead'. Alive Souls are connected to living beings and dead Souls are those which have no connection. Dead Souls also hold no weight in the Aeterna Caligne, save for several rare exceptions. Souls are usually docile, though its unpredictable wandering nature makes it a threat. Souls are also very dangerous if interacted, causing harmful reactions if tampered with. As of the modern day, Souls have not been contained, and so the only studies of it have been performed by experienced Magi or scientists.


Radiance takes form in pinpoints of bright light, typically seen in clusters. Radiance is commonly mistaken for Souls, but it becomes apparent that it is the former if interacted with. Radiance is also less mobile, as most float in stationary locations unless moved. Radiance can also range in many sizes, and are as massive as stellar objects in the most extreme of cases. These are usually referred to as Radiant Stars, and they have extensive properties such as extreme heat, density, and activity. As such, Radiant Stars are classified as very dangerous.


Terrain is a rather rare material in the Aeterna Caligne. Terrain usually take the form of 'islands' or asteroids with unusual gravitational fields. As such, much of the Terrain in the Aeterna can be traveled on. About half of the Terrain in the Aeterna Caligne acts normally however, and hold usual properties pertaining to their mass and size. Terrain, like Radiance, is much variable in size as well, being as small as pebbles to as large as planetary objects. Other materials appear to fester around large instances of Terrain.


Vibrancy is the lease numerous material in the Aeterna Caligne, though it is not rare by any means. Vibrancy has been known to inhabit all observed locations of the Aeterna, taking form in a fluid or gaseous substance. Light can bend, warp, or otherwise change its properties if it passes through it. Vibrancy is also known to change the properties of all other materials, making them warp as it does with light. Vibrancy is one of the more difficult materials to contain, though it has been done. Even so, Vibrancy is not necessarily understood.


Many people, most notably experienced Magi, report that their abilities can be heightened or dampened in the Aeterna Caligne. Reports show that if next to a floating consciousness or far from an energy source, Magi hold less power. The opposite effect is shown when near a power source or far from floating consciousnesses.

There have been countless reports of hallucinations, extreme disorientation, dissociative episodes, and extended deterioration of the mind and consciousness. Visiting often has been linked to dementia-like symptoms with no known cure, however, this is only a threat to inexperienced users. Negative effects are also known to occur in approaching groups of heavy weighted consciousnesses. These could temporarily or chronically effect anyone's abilities to retain psychokinetic abilities.

Notable Related Locations

With the Aeterna Caligne always changing, there are no permanent notable locations. However, in the realm of reality, there exist many points which lead to or are related to the Aeterna Caligne. These will be listed with notable characteristics and go as follows:

Suvaren Galaxy
Description The Suvaren Galaxy has been known to hold many areas related to the Aeterna Caligne, most notably the supermassive black hole at the center, known as Sydiah. For reasons unknown, Sydiah holds a remarkable 'weight' in the Aeterna Caligne, and is observed to display psychokinetic and more broad anomalous effects. This happened to spawn a religion in the area, Sydiaism, which is a reason for the founding of Sedrua, as well as the psychokinetic prowess of Vurilia Jiutopati. Koitrelion is another major site related to the Aeterna Caligne. Located deep in the Ambrosia Galaxy, Koitrelion is known to be exposed directly to the Aeterna Caligne. Towards its center lies a containment facility for the exposed areas, but in recent times this has been documented to be ineffective. It is thought that, in time, the Aeterna Caligne could spill from unreality to realspace, in turn causing deep anomalies and calamity.
Holo's Ring
Sydiah's Hinterlands
Description Holo's Ring is a very large megastructure under the control of the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony. It was created by the Triumvirate Civilization to allow for their governing artificial intelligence, The Administrator, to exert more control in the region. The Ring allows for a form of Runic Thaumaturgy to be practiced near to it. The usage of runes in the region has contributed greatly to the success of the inhabitants. Sydiah's Hinterlands is a region of space in the Suvaren Galaxy, which is most notably effected by the Aeterna Caligne. There exist many weak points of real-space, known as The Cracks of Reality, which allow the Aeterna Caligne to more or less leak in from its realm. These cracks, while inaccessible from the outside, allow content from inside the Aeterna Caligne to spread all across the universe. Sydiah's Hinterlands are most prominent in the Suvaren Galaxy, though other regions may also contain identical phenomena.
Black Pearl2.png
Description Fojura is a very notable place linked to the Aeterna Caligne. It is located deep in the Suvaren Galaxy, near but not too close to B'Kalatala and other prominent sites. It was originally thought to be a standard black hole, until its true hazardous nature was revealed by Sedrua. It is known to directly affect the conscience, sapience, and psyche of any individual, no matter how powerful they may seem. These effects include the admission of mental disabilities, given a long enough exposure. Powerful Magi can dampen but not completely stop the effects of Fojura. Most notably, Vurilia Jiutopati and Mother Sydiah, as well as members of the Creed of Ysylo have shown great concern for Fojura and its potential.

Areas Within

The Aeterna Caligne, while hardly explored, still has notable areas which vastly differ. With modern knowledge, it is understood that The Aeterna Caligne contains numerous pockets of space, each containing unique qualities and conditions. With limited exploration, there have been five detected classifications for areas in the Aeterna Caligne. They are named "Busy", "Idle", "Warm", "Cold", and "Tangent". These areas usually combine, to create mixed pockets, like an Idle and Warm area, or a Busy and Cold area. Descriptions for all major areas, sorted on commonality are below:


A Busy area of the Aeterna Caligne typically has a host of matter, typically being Aether, Souls, or Terrain. It is very much hard to reliably navigate through Busy space of the Aeterna, and so not much is understood about these areas. Souls are seen in the highest density here, as is Aether and Terrain. Vibrance and minor states of matter are not necessarily common however. Busy space also include a host of anomalies, which make traversing the area dangerous for any travelers.


A Warm area of the Aeterna Caligne is very hard to navigate as well. Usually, Warm and Busy space may combine if they are in close proximity, creating the most dangerous areas. On its own, a Warm space may have a lot of Vibrancy and Souls, as well as Radiance. Radiance has a higher chance of forming Radiant Stars in Warm space as well, making it very hazardous. With the tendancy to combine with Busy space however, Warm places have been subject to heavy research by Magi.


An Idle area of the Aeterna Caligne has the lack of matter. Places may have a lack or complete absence of Aether or Terrain. Navigation is much simpler, though Idle areas are often seen with Warm ones. Souls are in its highest density however, as it can roam without interference or danger. Idles also have a high amount of Vibrancy, but it doesn't effect travel much as there isn't anything to warp. The only detrimental danger about Idle space is that it can cause individuals to get lost in its nothingness.


A Cold area of the Aeterna Caligne is the rarest yet safest and predictable region. It is thought that Cold spaces occupy one tenth of a percent of the Aeterna. There exists a void of matter in Cold spaces as well, with no major clusters in them. Cold spaces are most often paired with Idle spaces as well, which makes travel very straightforward. It is known that Cold space is the most studied, and is the easiest place in the Aeterna Caligne to comprehend.


A Tangent area of the Aeterna Caligne is the least understood of the five regions. It essentially describes any region which does not fall under the known categories. Tangent regions may contain entities, unexplained anomalies, or such a thorough mix of space that it becomes its own unique area. Tangents have a completely variable amount of matter, though its densest areas have a surplus of all matter, making it the most dangerous.

Collective Conscience

The Aeterna Caligne is known to have multiple collective consciousnesses, which have collected in the years since the creation of the Cosmic Primordia. It is thought that this conscience is made up of the deceased souls of those who expire in reality, though this is not entirely proven. These consciousnesses may be accessed by connecting to 'dead' Souls, though this is very risky and is infamous for causing damage. If connected, a collective conscience may be spoken to, though responses are typically incoherent or untranslatable. The collective consciousnesses are also known to be located exclusively in Tangent areas, making contact difficult.

Translating and understanding the collective consciousnesses of the Aeterna Caligne is typically done with electromagnetic signals. However, adept Magi are known to pick up these signals, and masterful ones are able to decrypt and respond on most occasions. So far, there have been many detected consciousnesses that relate to the souls of multiple people. Many more are noted to be solitary, but they are noted to connect if they encounter eachother.