100th Millennium Wiki

Why must horrors like you plague our realm so?

The calmer one retorted, toying with me by wafting the air free of my pheromones. He lifted one of my children by its neck, speaking to it with much gaiety. While the onslaught went to a relative standstill, hundreds still perished by the second.

I know you can hear me through your subjects, monster. Respond to my question. Why did you reject perfection?

Their view of "perfection" was severely biased. From what I could tell, these two were nothing but condensed forms of Aeternal Energy. Nevertheless, they were rapidly flaying my mind into billions of pieces. It's not like I could reliably convince them either. Things like them are too fast and impatient. Despite the length of my war, I have yet to find out their disdain for my being.

The fast, wrathful one was far too preoccupied toying with my defense, not even bothering to slip a single word. Instead of joining in with his brother like usual, he made his animosity personal, slaying anything which even took a withered breath in his direction. I assume the planet-wide rumbling would make it hard to hear him anyhow.

If I were to describe my situation briefly, I'd sum it up as a sort of tribulation. My World was not just booming with violent explosions, it howled in pain. The fear of losing millions of children is just catching up to me. "Why?" was a question that echoed inside the heads of every single child.

Whether the calmer one heard my thoughts is unclear, though they responded as if they overheard my inner monologue.

Now now, there is no need to fret over your punitive spawn. They served their purpose in the end, did they not?

The wrathful one, still rending the flesh of my hapless offspring, grinned before halting in his tracks. Catching small pieces of debris, he ejected them with great fervor, slaying my children and leaving nothing but viscera and entrails. He appeared next to his comrade and responded, unable to resist spouting malicious remarks.

I doubt it. If their purpose is to get rid of us, then what good are they?

I am merely trying to soothe the beast before its eradication, brother. Give it a sense of... catharsis? False satisfaction?

Well, you know just as well as I that this plague deserves none of it. Trying to give it a peaceful sendoff is insulting to our forefathers.

A great pause from the two submerged the air in an eerie silence. Somehow, the chaotic sounds of My World kneeled to their incessant bickering. The twin brothers were thinking of something.

Besides, I highly doubt this menace will be gone forever. You and I both know their sly tricks. It'll abate until our purpose is fulfilled. Let this be a sort of demonstration, brother. Our first true test of justice and balance! Rid this world with me.

You are ultimately the wiser one in this ordeal. Shall we finish it quickly, then?

Quickly, albeit painfully. Bringing justice and balance to the universe involves lessons. Let its wails be one of them.

As soon as those words escaped his mouth, the planet shook even faster, sending thick dust clouds into the air and filling my nostrils with soot and toxic particulates. Every single one of my children found it hard to breathe here. I had no choice but to let go of the hope for my children's survival.

My sight was limited, but I know that both twin "Angels" struck the earth, burying their fists and coursing energy through the dry soil. It propagated through the veins of My World, shining bright red out of the countless cracks and crevices. Once it filled the land, a faint sparkle glimmered as their hands connected. A synergistic circuit fulfilled itself.

In but a flitting time frame, My World crumbled as if it was a watery mess. It followed through ever more, turning it into a great pool of charged magma. Every bubble of magma burst into awesome rays of now vermilion energy. The red glow illuminated My World and its sky like a giant crimson sunset. The surface's superheated material expanded to the heavens.

The ground is in the sky now.

I Can't See.