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Aiah is a rogue planet located in the Galactic Halo in the Florathel Galaxy. It has 3 asteroid moons and it was discovered and reached in 70,790 CE.


When species from the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy first landed on it, they spotted several regular patterns of rapidly changing colored lights. At first, the humans were here to mine its vast array of resources, including molybdenum, a lot of rare earth metals, and quite a bit of tungsten. They examined this anomaly and found it to be a living thing, on the surface of a rogue planet with virtually no atmosphere, which was unusual.

The current theories suggest that this living organism was accidentally left by the Providence Union on this rogue planet roughly 1.6 billion years ago. It very slowly evolved over time into the 'organism' we see today.

The living thing was more closely analyzed and was revealed to be much larger than previously thought, as it extended ~84.2 kilometers underground. The living thing was actually an extremely large cell, with a nucleus ~6 kilometers wide, which is extremely large. This is by far the largest documented case of simple life in the Florathel Galaxy.


Aiah is almost as old as the universe itself, forming from an anomalous clumping of heavy metals before even the formation of the first stars. At the time of its formation, the background temperature of the universe was warm enough for water to survive on the surface of the planet, but this froze over before life could begin to evolve. However, life rapidly evolved beneath the frozen surface of the water, arising to intelligence roughly 7 billion years ago. However, this life was wiped away by the Aeternum Event just under seven billion years ago, and it remained lifeless ever after.

However, roughly 1.6 billion years ago, the Providence Union landed on the planet and accidentally deposited a very adaptable microbial lifeform on the surface. They promptly forgot about it until very shortly before their fall, when they begun studying it and logged the planet's location in the Glanadi Archives. However, the black hole bombs which triggered the fall caused a heavy amount of damage to the planet.

Over a billion years later, the planet was found by an explorer from the Kingdom of Saihera shortly before the outbreak of the War of Saiheran Succession. However, before it had time to be logged in the database, the war begun, with Princess Zelera, one of the rival monarchs, setting up a base on this remote planet to avoid heavy damage. They began researching the life which had spread over all the nooks and crannies of the planet, but this did not affect the outcome of the war, with Princess Zelera being killed in the final combat, and none of the monarchs actually becoming ruler. After this and the founding of the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy, Aiah became a neutral territory, for scientists from all member nations to study. As of today, Aiah is not particularly important on the galactic stage but has a high concentration of scientists nonetheless.

A rudimentary image of the patterns on Aiah.