Aiah (Pronounced 'Aya', not confused with Aya) is a rogue planet 2.11 light years from Novad and 2 other Ambrosian star systems at the same time. It is located in the Mid Arm in the Ambrosia Galaxy and is the closest object to Novad, excluding Novad's planetary system. It has 3 asteroid moons and it was discovered and reached in 10,790 CE.


When humans first landed on it, they spotted several regular patterns of rapidly changing coloured lights. At first, the humans were here to mine its vast array of resources, including molybdenum, a lot of rare earth metals, and quite a bit of tungsten. They examined this anomaly and found it to be a living thing, on the surface of a rogue planet with virtually no atmosphere, which was weird.

The current theories suggest that this living organism was accidentally left by the Etymology on this rogue planet on 691,937,204 BCE. It very slowly evolved into the 'organism' we see today.

The living thing was more closely analysed and was revealed to be much larger than previously thought, as it extended ~84.2 kilometres underground. The living thing was actually an extremely large cell, with a nucleus ~6 kilometres wide, which is extremely large. This is by far the largest documented case of simple life in the Ambrosia Galaxy.

A rudimentary image of the patterns on Aa.

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