"Aiene. The moon of foolish, pointless expenditures"-Lakarda Lakvan


Aiene is the only major moon of Douma, fifth planet of the Hope System in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a warm S-Class world.

Aiene is a "medium" sized, tidally locked Selena world of flat landscapes, craters, small dust mounds and cooled lava flows. It also holds vast underground tunnels of silver which are constantly mined by the moon's inhabitants.

Its formation is quite unique compared to moons of a similar ilk as it is unknown if it was from a natural happenstance, or if it was due to artificial machinations. This is because the planet Acconda entered within Douma's orbit, resulting in large pieces of the planet to be gravitationally torn off, forming the moon we see today.

The moon has housed three separate intragalactic civilizations in its lifetime. First, there was the Etymology, then the Human Alliance of Ambrosia, and finally the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems which still controls the moon to this day.

Aiene now exists within a Ecumenopolis, meaning that one large city encompasses the entire moon's surface. However, this Ecumenpolis is unique as it is made entirely out of silver mined from its many vast silver caves. It also reflects a lot of light towards Douma, so much so that nighttime on the planet is only slightly dimmer then its daytime.


Aiene's history begins when planet Acconda entered within Douma's orbit in 1,600,215,000 BCE. And with it being dangerously close to the aforementioned planet, the former Terra world would heat up dramatically and cause all oceans on the surface to evaporate, killing all life and turning it into a cold desert world.

This event would also cause large pieces of Douma to be torn off of the main planet and put into orbit, which in turn gradually collided with each other and became the spherical moon Aiene.

This event was viewed by the Havenites, as well as the larger Etymology, as an act of unprecedented violence by "the Libertas." a once large and prominent rebel group native to the Mid Arm. Whether or not this was true, or if it was a natural event, or even caused by the Etymology themselves is unknown.

Despite the fault of the moon's creation being questionable, this event would make the Etymology increase hostilities towards the Libertas and continue the costly conflict. And as an act of "defiance" against the Libertas, the native Havenites would establish the colony of: "Tempestatibus" on Aiene. This colony was constructed with large climate arrays to be able to artificially influence Douma's climate for future terraforming. However the Etymology would outlaw the use of these to continue using Douma as a martyr against the Libertas.

After the destruction of the Etymology by the C.Y.R.E.X, Tempestatibus would be left relativity untouched, other then its inhabitants being exterminated. However it would receive new tenants, the Human Alliance of Ambrosia, when they entered within the Hope System in 10265 CE. As they scanned the star system, they learned that Aiene's temperature is quite habitable to humans and thus' they sent a small group of colonists to settle it.

Once arriving in orbit around the moon they discovered the, at this time long abandoned ruins of Tempestatibus as well as the vast silver caves, and decided to explore, study, and setup their colony within them.

After years of studying the vast ruins they discovered that the array system around the city would have been used to artificially control Douma's climate, and while they didn't understand exactly why these were used as such, the fact still remained that these could be used to terraform the planet with relative ease. Thus' in 10,278 CE, plans to terraform Douma were set into motion.

During the First Alliance War, the True Alliance of Man was gaining incredible ground, and with the impressive feat of turning the moon Yckar into a sprawling Ecumenpolis, the Human Alliance was feeling over shadowed by this new rebel movement. To show that the Human Alliance still held the power within the Ambrosia Galaxy, a group of delicates proposed the "Silver City" plan. This proposition was to turn Aiene into a large Ecumenpolis made entirely out of the moon's natural silver supply.

Though these plans were cautioned against by then leader of the Human Alliance of Ambrosia, Lakarda Lakvan, due to its hefty price tag of 15,000,000,000 ACU Units, it would still be approved by mass voting. Construction of Silver City began in 10,278 CE and was concluded in 10,340 CE. Once completed, Silver City became a symbol of the Human Alliance's power and a very popular tourist destination.

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