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"The Heart and Origins of the Intergalactic Federation, it was here that all started when refugees came in search of liberty, peace and freedom. Its incredible that such a large and vast nation that expands through thousands of galaxies, traces its origin to this small dust in the middle of the Universe." - Miriam Ulrich, Parlamentarian

The Akai Nebulae is more a Cluster of Stars than an actual nebula, but from a far distance, it is seen as a red or pinkish spot. Early scientists thought at first to be a Nebula and the name has endured ever since. It is located in the Lewis Galaxy, deep in the core of Herschel Space. It is formally inside the Lewis Galaxy but is located on the outskirts of it, slightly out of the galaxy proper.

The Akai Nebulae is the Core center of The Intergalactic Federation, where the Nation was founded (previously known as the Lewis Federation) and where its capital and some of the most important and ancient worlds of this nation are located. It was a perfect place to not only start colonization of the unknown areas of the Lewis Galaxy nearby but to launch themselves to nearby Galaxies and start Galactic exploration and settlement.

This Nebula has a particularly high amount of Terran temperate terra Worlds, due to its low amount of radiation on the outskirts of the Galaxy. Still, it is a matter of study for scientists. The Empire and the Union have both an Embassy world here and so do the Aldorians. Still, most of the Nebula is in the hands of the I.F.

The Cluster has one of the highest densities in the Lewis Galaxy, the Herschel Space, and probably among Human territory and one of the highest in the Universe.


Worlds of the Intergalactic Federation:

Worlds of the Empire of Mankind

  • Pompeus

Worlds of the Union

  • Urbina

Worlds of the Aldorians

  • Ilaris
  • Esadaris


  • Meladin

    Close up into the Akai Nebulae