Akinur Democracy

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The Akinur Democracy is a state within the Nuurian Federation. It is located in the Kevenam Galaxy in Herschel Space and it's mostly inhabited by Nuurians. This state is a democratic union of planets that are sparsely populated, and far away from each other. it is called "Democracy" because it sets aside it's highly democratic value as oppose to the more religious factions as a way of stating their democratic values over the religious ones. They demostrate this way their allegiance to the "Democratic Faction States". This area was settled by Anuur settlers, but also by some colonist that did not adhere to any nation in the past. They were grouped together later on to for the Akinur Democracy, which later joined the Nuurian Federation.

The nation is ruled by a parlamentarian assembly made of representatives of each world. Thus, they usually choose a representative of Akinur as a whole and many others to be sent to the main "Parlament of Voices" in the Federal capital.


The region was sparsely colonized by settlers arriving from Anuur and other nations, but for the most part, their distance kept them somehow isolated from their original colonial mater. This isolation made them self-independent worlds completely cut off of most of the events ocurring at the heart of Nuurian space. This meant that by the time the wars between colonies and the independence movements arose, many refugees from those conflicts began migrating into Akinurian territory. This consolidated most of the colonies already stablished who grew in size and many new ones were also founded.

When new nations arise and the Nuurian Federation was founded later on, the Akinur Democracy remained still independent and did not join until later as a member state of the Federation. However, during this time in which it was independent, and losely even a government, many humans began to arrive into the borders. Some unionist missionaries and scapies from their home nation settled in some of the further frontier worlds and converted many there into the Unionist religion. Some of this humans, or the vast majority mixed with the Nuurians as well and created the Luunan. Further more, they began to form a nation by themselves, so when the Akinur democracy was incorporated to the Federation, the Democracy had lost a quarter of its size which was now the Nuurian Theocracy.

Akinurian Democratic territory is one of the largest among all the states within the Nuurian Federation, however, most of its land is considered "wild territory" by many Nuurians. Most of the species located within the territory have been secluded to their own planets as in much of the cases, they arent really on a space period of development.

Notable Worlds

  • Kuurku

This world is among the most populated within the Akinur territory. It is the seat of the local military and is considered to be a mining and manufacturing world. Located as a moon of a Gas Giant named Reski, the system has a couple large and rich belts around as well as Kuurku being located in a small nebula which provides with gases. This resource's rich enviroment has led to Kuurku's prosperity. Nontheless, the planet has to import many things from abroad.

  • Sekaur

Its the capital of the Akinuur democracy and the seat of it's local power. It's location is key to it's importance within the state. It is at the confluence of mayor travelling routes that lead the inner core of the Nuurian Federation (States like the Triple Nuurian Coalition, the Theocracy of Keelur and the Anuur Association among others) towards the outer territories of the Akinuur democracy, opening a gate for exploration and settlement of a large losely inhabited portion of the Federation. This has made Sekaur a point of union between the border of the state and the inner parts of the nation providing them with loads of materials and products which has contributed to Sekaur's success.

  • Nanku

A world located in the border of the Akinur Democracy and quite close to Human territories. It has benefited quite substantially from trade with human worlds and has adopted quite some human artifacts which they trade to other parts of the Democracy and the Nuurian Federation. This planet is known as well to being a starting point to colonized some of the nearby systems. It is the largest populated world in a sea of small and sparsely populated settlements in a vastly empty space. The Nanku accords were set among humans and Nuurians stablishing the official borders of the Nuurian Federation (territory of the Akinur Democracy) and Human nations. This garanteed having enough space to expand to in the following 10 millenia at least as well as access to resources to mantain the nation for over one hundred millenia at least.

  • Oduur

The wealthiest world within the Akinur Democracy, it rivals even Sekaur. It is not only a center of migration as well but is located in a priviledge centered location, rather than the one Sekaur has. On top of it's success, its not only it's fantastical location but most notably its shipbuilding industry, it's technological development and research and its scientists, but it's amazing merchants and bankers as well. On Agriculture, the Lasenku is one of the most exported products, even beyond the Nuurian Federation. It is a very useful crop that can be easily stored and has multitude of uses and the local cuisine proves the visitor about how important of a local dish it is.

  • Ekilu

An old prosperous planet, now lies in a decadent place. It prospered as a seat for the settlement of the interior and provider of goods to the outer colonies while also providing the inner core with much needed resources from the outskirts of the nation. However, once the planets were stablished and patterns of migration changed Ekilu saw a steady decline which can still be seen to this day. The planet however, still holds some relevance and its a major productor of textiles and home to the Dagas of Ekilu, an order of mysterious assasins.

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