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Akradax (often referred to as the Snow Globe Galaxy) is a dwarf elliptical galaxy orbiting the Florathel Galaxy, and is located ~11 million light-years from Aylothn. Being the core of the Akradax Gateways, Akradax has outsize fame for its size. However, it is also the home to one of the oldest standing nations in the universe, the Akradax Collective.

The Akradax Collective has influenced the galaxy quite a lot, it being their home galaxy and primary colonization area. A significant amount of Collective artifacts are found close to the galaxy, often abandoned since their regression into civil war and isolationism. Many of these have been preserved for historical purposes, or dissected to learn how they work. They are still important for their extreme age, if nothing else.

Akradax contains a huge number of heavily modified worlds and megastructures, which litter the galaxy filling almost every system, especially those within the Snow Globe Nebula. After almost four hundred thousand years of colonization, this is to be expected. These megastructures are very mysterious, with scientists being invited in to study them only very recently, and most of them not even being able to understand their function. The most important of these megastructures are the Akradax Gateways, transport devices scattered throughout the Telusian Cluster. These all appear to lead to a nexus near the central black hole of Akradax, which has been declared neutral territory for its extreme usefulness to all species in the Florathel Galaxy and surrounds.

Notable Megastructures

  • Akradax Collective Flag.pngToralea, a vast birch planet surrounding the central black hole of Akradax.
  • Akradax Collective Flag.pngRing of Heaven, an absurdly large rotating ring that surrounds Toralea and contains the Akradax Gateways.
  • Akradax Collective Flag.pngThe Great Siphon, a massive, somehow mobile starlifting mechanism currently located around the blue supergiant star Kerrem.

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A map of the Akradax Galaxy. The viewer is advised to view the full-sized file for maximum usefulness.


Formation Period

By approximately 12.89 billion years ago, the Akradax Galaxy had fully formed. It was utterly uninhabitable because of the extreme amount of radiation in this time period. Presumably, life did evolve in this period, but it was rapidly wiped out by the huge number of supernovae at this time. By approximately 12.3 billion years ago, the majority of the stars in the galaxy have formed, with the exception of those currently forming in the Snow Globe Nebula.

Premodern Era

Nothing much interesting happened between the end of most star formation in the galaxy and the galaxy's conquering by the Lareas Alliance around seven billion years ago. The Lareas Alliance constructed many odd megastructures, but the colonization level seemed to be relatively low. Any life in the Akradax Galaxy at this time was wiped away by the Aeterna Event, and it took over a billion years for anything else to arise here. Over the eons, many relatively minor civilizations rose and fell across the galaxy.

In approximately 1,427,000,000 BCE, an iteration of the Providence Union managed to take control over the galaxy. It was mostly uninhabited at the time, and as such was almost completely ignored until the Fall of the Providence Union in ~950,000,000 BCE. Because no one lived there, the rebel cell that orchestrated the Fall didn't bother to place any of the Black Hole Bombs in this galaxy and as such the galaxy was completely unaffected by this event.

Akradax Faction Period

Millions of years later, a unique species evolved on the planet Erkamar. This species was a form of hive mind, with each "individual" being comprised of a huge number of tiny creatures. Once the species achieved space travel, they rapidly spread across the galaxy. However, many of the colonies declared independence, and territory disputes flared up immediately. A tight web of alliances between each and every Faction (except one, this'll be important later) pulled them all into war.

Historians alive during the war would probably have no idea which way it was going to go, but they would not have put their money on the Akradax Faction, which wasn't even fighting. However, as the fighting began to die down and many of the nations had absolutely devastated armies, the Akradax Faction attacked. It had been expanding its armed forces since the beginning of the war and had the largest space fleet of all the factions at this point. It rapidly swept through and destroyed the factions nearest it, and eventually reconquered the galaxy, founding the Akradax Collective in 230,047 BCE. The Collective survives to this day and is currently a member of the UNFG.

Modern Times