Discovered in 2131, this temperate world is the ninth planet of the star Alpha Phoenicis or Ankaa. It was originally lifeless prior to terraforming due to its fairly young age which made it perfect for colonisation. Eventually, the planet was completely terraformed in 2630 and was named Albion which was an alternate name for the island of Britain.

Albion before terraforming.

Basic Overview

The planet has one moon which is also an E-class world that later became known as Shore Leave. Albion has a fairly short day, only lasting 13 hours, 54 minutes and takes 13 years, 305 days to fully orbit Ankaa. It has a semimajor axis of 8.37 AU and an average temperature of 17 degrees.


The weather on Albion is usually calm and sunny however rain is also common here and a few cyclones have been observed, raging over large areas of sea.


After terraforming, it became a world of vast countrysides and expansive woodlands, inhabited by rabbits, deers, horses and other animal species from the British isles. Some areas have even been closed off from humans to allow any endangered species to thrive without threat from poachers.

Culture and Population

Albion is home to 5.4 Billion Humans living on the surface and is considered to be Humanity's first "agriworld" due to its massive farming industry. Its capital is the city of Little Britain, which is sometimes called New London, is home to a whopping 7.154 million people and is the only major city on the surface. The rest of Albion's population live in small towns, rural villages and farms scattered throughout the countryside, mainly relying on solar energy to power their homes. Hydrogen gases from the system's eighth planet are often shipped to Albion to be used for energy as well.

Hunting is strictly forbidden on Albion in order to let animals be free without threat from endangerment. Any poaching is punishable by law.

Albion is very peaceful and is somewhat of a backwater world now, however, this makes Albion the perfect place to relax, unwind and "get away from it all". There are many retirement homes here as well because of how rural and peaceful this world is. The people of Albion don't take part in any galactic wars either and its relative obscurity along with its moon, Shore Leave, makes them safe from enemies.


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