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The Aldorian Assembly of Clans is an Aldorian Nation, based on the Uhara Culture which is itself formed on clans and tribe like customs. It is a nation originating in the Enuhara continent of Birnis, a very primitive area of the planet. It is a warrior like culture, where honor and duty are highly regarded. They are famous mercenaries and slave raiders and traders. Like the inhabitants of the Aldorian League, almost half of them live in huge space-habitat spacecrafts that are nomadic and travel from system to system. The other half of the Uhara Aldorians live within some planets under Uhara domain, where the great centers of the Uhara lie, like religious centers, The Great Assembly of Clans, and others.

They do have special interest in cold, arctic and snowy planets, as well as big moons while settling and colonizing. They control and live in frontier systems, in the margins of unexplored and savage territory within the Herschel Space, far from the most populated and core worlds of the Aldorian species.


It follows old tribal culture, long forgotten by their peers, the other Aldorian cultures. The inhabitants of Enuhara and thus of this nation are not consider specially civilized. They organised themselves in a big clan system, each of them governed by a big figure, similar to a Khan, that they call Intti. The Assembly is composed of all the Intti and the top religious leaders.


The Uhara have a tribalist clan culture. The most important thing in Uhara society is the sense of belonging to the clan and after to the tribe. The Uharas are a matriarchal society, in which clan is define by the maternal ancestry. So to say, the child coming from the womb of the mother is clearly from the same clan, as the mothers are real prove of maternity while paternity is less clear. Men in Uhara society bring leadership honor, prestige and power to the clan, and are the Warriors of it, but the women carry the Clan, and they legitimize the adherence to it. That's why women are considered in high esteem.

According to each tribe, it is the older Uhara women the ones that form a powerful council that preserves and saves the knowledge and the laws of the tribe and of each clan. All the Intti have to gain the favour of this council in order to gain power and be able to rule.

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Marrying customs are confusing between the different Uhara peoples. In some cases, the women are free to mate with whom they wish and their offspring, belong to the clan, since the mother is the link to it. For that reason, child are named "Children of the Clan", even if the father is known or unknown, since their mothers are from the clan, so do their offspring. In other tribes, polygamy is practice, so the Intti and the most powerful warriors have one or several wives, with whom they reproduce, giving kids to the clan.

No title is inherited or transmitted from parents to sons, they have to be earned by themselves. It is no strange that the strongest female and the Intti have descendance together, and that their kids have high chances of becoming one day Inttis, due to their predisposition to being strong in physic and will. The trading of wifes or sporadic contact and pairing between tribes and clans is common place, so that the gene pool can be enhanced as well as forming alliances and trading deals.

Sacking, smuggling, slavery, war, etc.. are common practice of this peoples. Slavery is commonly practice among the Uhara, and slaves are called in their tongue "Tohoran". The Tohoran are a type of slavery unlike any other, present in Uhara society. Slaves are confined to do home work, agricultural task, cattle raging etc.. Those works are dimmed unhonorable for Uhara men. The Tohoran females can be taken by the clan and give the clan children, that the clan would take as his.


It is an Uhara custom to have Priests and tribal shamans in great esteem, since they play as judges, or as key access points to Clan and Tribal knowledge. Usually, they have psionic powers and can interpreted the wishes and doctrines of the five prophets. They don't follow other religious authorities of other nations, even to those in the Aldorian Dominium, where Enuhara, their home continent in Birnis is located. The Uhara priest in some tribes blind themselves their six eyes in a ritual called Harahanit, also known as "the Divine Awakening" or "the Psionic Awakening". The Priest becomes blind so it can liberate its mind from the physical world and adopt the immaterial so it can access psionic powers beyond. They developed so much their abilities that it is quite common that they are able to see , even if they are blind, since they watch through their minds. This priests are very sacred and respected by all Uhara, for whatever tribe or clan, even if their clan or tribe does not practice the blinding of their Priests.