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the Aldorian Confederacy is an Aldorian Nation, one of the eight space countries of the Aldorian Species. It's capital is located on planet Odaris, in Herschel Space. It is the most democratic nation of the Aldorians, based on the Margak culture of Fandor, its a free nation and heaven for many. Its similar to many human nations such as the the United Alliance and the Intergalactic Federation. Most of the population is Aldorian, but other Aliens, such as free or escaped slaves, as well as minor Alien communities in their space exist and have been respected and in some cases integrated.

This nation is expanding but is not as large as others, such as the Aldorian Dominium or the Aldorian High Kingdom, although its similar in size to the Aldorian Hegemony. The country is allied with the Intergalactic Federation and the United Alliance, two of the Lewis Nations.


The Nation's origins can be traced down to space settlement by colonist from Eastern Fandor, in their native world of Birnis, known for having a federation of several Margak small nations and city states, set up in large fertile valleys with a high amount of Inosh population in them. This City States and small republics unified in a federation after years of past conflict and focus themselves in improvement, science and technological advancement. This led this area of Birnis to be very developed and with high quality of life. They soon started their own respective space program. Colonist from this region explored space and set several colonies abroad.

Some colonies were established independently and others by the government intervention. Most were founded on the bases of knowledge and rational understanding of the universe, free of Aldorian religions, a predominant feature on Aldorian nations. This has been the main principle of this nation throughout its history and since its founding.

Then, some escaped slaves and refugees migrated to the nation, creating a vast territory of independent planets with a loose government. In order to survive from former Aldorian Space Nations, as well as from Uhara raids, they unified into one single government known as the Aldorian Confederation, by 40,044 CE.

The Confederacy kept on growing as many more Aldorians kept on migrating to the country due to its higher freedoms, and also due to its open borders policy. Still, measures were taken to diminish faith and the influence of religion.


The Confederacy is based on several planets colonized by aldorians in search of Liberty and Reason. They have forsaken their superstitious kind and embrace science and technology. Some of the planets that form this nation have been colonized by Aldorian escaped slaves, refugees or Aldorian freed slaves who didn't want to stay in their former countries and craved for freedom. Sometimes, the nation has grown by taking in refugees from Aldorian nations in conflict between themselves.

Religion is something unimportant in the Confederacy, and most religious practices are relegated to ritualism or traditional ingrained practice, but the influence and widespread belief in religion is greatly diminished, and encourage by the government, especially that of the the Aldorian Gods, while the other two are more prevalent, especially that of the Five Prophets. The base for this country is science, development and equality.