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Its the largest of the Aldorian Nations, one of the Eight Space Nations of the Aldorians. It is the nation among the Aldorians that controls their home planet, Birnis. Although the Planet has a semi-autonomous and rather neutral place within the Aldorian Nations and the Dominium. It is located mostly in the Rodaun Galaxy and from there is has expanded into several other Galaxies. Its dominion also takes partially the Minotaur Nebula.

It is by far the largest Aldorian country in terms of population and territorial size. The country is formed by the Margak culture, specially by the nations located on the southwestern side of Fandor, but also the central and Northwestern areas of the Continent.

It is the biggest, largest and most populous and important of the Aldorian Nations. The country has a seat on the Intergalactic Council, the Herschel Council and the Talondra Assembly (The Aldorian Council), and is currently in good terms with Mankind nations, specially the Lewis Nations. Some Aldorians from the Dominium have even migrated and live currently in Human states. Most notably, on the United Alliance, but also in very tiny and small numbers within the Intergalactic Federation. Several Humans live in the Dominium, specially as traders and diplomats, but some do so as commodity slaves.

Slavery is forbidden, except in those areas of Birnis where traditionally it has been allowed or in areas where Aldorians from this regions make an important part of the population. It has remained a controversial issue among the different Aldorian cultures.


It is ruled by a system of two assemblies. The First one, or the High Assembly, is made of influential Scientist, Economist, Engineers, Wealthy Merchants, Corporation Owners, Traders and others. Mostly made by the most wealthy and influential members of society. The Second Assembly or the Lower Assembly, is formed by the most important and powerful Psionic people within the Aldorian Dominium.

The High Assembly has way more power than the Lower Assembly. The Lower Assembly job it's to supervise all actions made by the High Assembly and intervene in case of need, so the decisions of the High Assembly benefit all aldorians rather than the wealthy and its interests.


The main working language of the Dominium is the Margakian language, of the Margak, but several other languages are spoken within their borders. That is especially true in Birnis, where each region has its distinctive language, culture and ethnicity. The Birnis Council is responsible for ruling the Planet and is the equivalent to the ancient human ONU organism.

Religion and Culture

The nation is a rather religious one, since most Aldorians are by nature religious. All the three religions are widespread throughout the country, with none of them taking special predominance.

Aldorian Ancestors Religion is present in the daily affairs and lives of all Aldorians in the Dominium. It is a tradition to give offerings to the spirits of the ancestors and the deaths.

The Five Prophets Religion A bit above the other two religions, consider itself more like a teism, it has greatly influenced Margak interest in science and space exploration.

Aldorian Gods Religion is embodied in the tradition and the day to day activities of many Aldorians in the dominium, devotion is marked by symbolism and priest have a lot of moral and social importance.


The Nation's history starts when the Uhara pushed southwards the Margak peoples that traditionally lived in the north of Fandor, settling in most of Central, Western, Eastern and Southern Fandor and imposing themselves as the new rules, with their Language and Culture more or less homogenizing most of the continent. Still large differences remained, since Margakian language has different dialects and each tribe of the Margak had different cultural elements.

The Margak that settled the West, Northwest and Southwest areas of the continent, soon established contact with the Inosh from the Orian continent, and trade and commerce soon began. This gave rise to prosperous Kingdoms and City States. Due to the influences of Inosh, Raldar, a city-state, became a Council ruled city, and focused itself on scientific progress and commerce. This made the City expand its territory into a large kingdom like state, that was ruled by a scientific directorate as well as ruch and influential members of society, similar to the current government system of the Dominium. This made Raldar and its adjacent area one of the most populated, advanced and powerful nations in all of Birnis.

The Margak Culture took preponderance among Aldorians due to its scientific and advance progress.This made the Aldorian Dominium the first nation among Aldorians to reach space. They were soon followed by the Confederacy of City states, also of Margak straction, in the Southeastern fringes of Fandor, and the Teremir Kingdom in Temer. Later Also the Aldorian Hegemony joined and soon, many others followed.

the Aldorian Dominium became the leading power in Galactic colonization and homogenization of the Aldorian species, making them think as one for the first time. It supervised the creation of the Birnis Council and soon the Aldorian Dominium started gaining growing importance. This has been maintained in the Dominium until the present, and Margakian is the main lingua Franca of the Aldorian Dominium although other Aldorian Languages are predominant in other Galactic Aldorian Nation, Birnis and some areas of the Dominium populated with Aldorians from other ethnicities.