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Its an Aldorian Religion, based on several polytheistic religions of the Aldorian Species, that have unified in a single pantheon. The most venerated and weaker deities have been replaced by stronger ones, as well as other similar deities merging together into one. This configurated the Pantheon with unified deities, known as the Gods of the Aldorians. It was originated in the several nations of Birnis, the Homeworld of the Aldorians, in the Minotaur Nebula, in the Rodaun Galaxy.

This religion has five big cults or ways or shamanic-spiritualistic cults among the Aldorians in every continent of Birnis. The Cult of Orian, the Cult of Fandalor, the Cult of Temer, the Cult of Losen and the semi-cults of Enuhara and Mirgalian. Every cult is a way of venerate this deities, with many cultural differences and influences, and with some deities more venerated than others. Still the Pantheon pretty much mixes itself in the planets colonized by the Aldorians of any nation.

The Main Divinities of the Aldorian Pantheon are:

  • Tarkos: The God of War, blood, survival, violence and peace, as well as the main divinity venerated in the Aldorian Shabada.
  • Hakor: God of the Mountains, peaks, rocks, crafts, metals, siderurgy and industry.
  • Kodandra: Goddess of Fire, Devastation and Sickness. It's also the goddess of healing and medicine and the Guardian of the Underworld and the afterlife.
  • Sharkun: God of Winter, Wind, Cold and Snow.
  • Aldoris: God of Power, Guardian of lineages, nobles and physical and emotional strength. It's the main deity of Justice and Governments. Venerated as a representation of the State and its efficiency. Its the Lord of the Gods and from him the Aldorians take their name.
  • Mekaris: Goddess of Commerce, Money, Businesses, Finances, technologies and good luck. It's also the deity of destiny and the guardian of present, past and mainly of the future. She knows what will happen.
  • Inokan: God of Knowledge, Wisdom, Writing and Thinking. It's the Maker of Laws.
  • Merandra: Goddess of Nature and Beauty in the world, goddess of love, sex, dance, compasion, maternity and pregnancy, the female gender, earth and fertility.
  • Mahan: God of the Seas, the Oceans and Rain, as well as rivers, lakes, fountains, and all water, or any liquid in general. It personifies travel as well, specially space travel.
  • Menen: God of Death and Birth. The God of Vital Cycles.
  • Gorkun: The Guardian of the Souls of the death and protector of the ancestors. The cult to this deity is pretty much syncretized with the Religion of the Ancestors.
  • Ferberis: Goddess of Music, dance, good cuisine, painting and arts in general. It's the deity of pleasure.
  • Tera: Goddess of the Suffering, the Poor, the Hopeless, the Ones in Pain, the Lost ones and the main Goddess of Slaves.
  • Doksa: Goddess of the Void and Mother of all the Gods.
  • Nuken: God of the Materium and father of all the Gods.
  • Ren: God of the Sun, the heat, the Summer, life and the vital force. It is an old deity venerated mostly in Birnis. Veneration of its star even if its not Ren, the Sun of the System where Birnis is located, the Aldorians still pray on their respective Sun, even if it's not the same one.

Some of this deities are very much venerated, specially Tarkos, being an important figure among the Uhara, the Aldorian Shabada, the Aldorian Military Junta, the Aldorian Assembly of Clans and Temer in Birnis. It has also some importance in the Aldorian High Kingdom and small importance in the Aldorian Hegemony. Mahan is another important one, specially in the Aldorian High Kingdom, the Aldorian Dominium, the Aldorian Confederacy and the Aldorian Hegemony, as well as among the Aldorian League and the Aldorian Assembly of Clans, since it impersonates space travel and nomadic live. Mekaris, goddess of good luck, commerce, trade and success, is the Main Goddess of the Inosh, venerated mainly in Orian, Fandor and Losen and a bit in Enuhara, as well as by the Space nations of the Aldorian League, the Aldorian Dominium and the Aldorian Hegemony and to a lesser extend by the Aldorian Assembly of Clans.