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the Aldorian Hegemony is a nation of the Aldorian Species, and one of the Eight Space Aldorian Nations. It is located in Herschel Space, and its capital is the Planet Gadandra. It is mostly based on the Palnir culture, native of Losen, a continent in the Aldorian homeworld of Birnis. Their main language is Palnir while they use two alphabets, the Palnir Alphabet and the Temerian Alphabet.

The Nation is ruled by an elite of nobles in an Nobilitarian Assembly that decides all the matters of the country. Contrary to the Aldorian High Kingdom, the nobility is way more egalitarian (it is actually sorted out by public vote and wealth) and several lower chambers exists for the common citizens. Slavery is allowed but very regulated. Slaves can be freed with time and join the rest of the population. Freed Alien species can't participate in the nations politics, they gain residential status but not citizenship. Aldorian freed slaves gain citizenship after serving in the Military for a period of time after getting freed. Slavery can be Aldorian or Alien, but Alien residents can't possess Aldorian slaves.

It isn't as populated as the Aldorian Dominium or the Aldorian High Kingdom, but still quite populated and similar in size to the Aldorian Confederacy, making the Hegemony the third biggest country of the Aldorians, by a small margin with the Aldorian Confederacy, which lies fourth in terms of size. In population, its the fourth biggest, alongside the Confederacy and right behind the Aldorian League.


The Nation's founding grounds lie in the continent of Losen. This continent is a set of peninsulas, divided in several Principalities, dominated by an Oligarchy of Princes and Nobles, but with little power. Democracy is also somehow important for election of the ruling oligarchy or the Election of High Princes. Each peninsula has its own cultural particularities. Some being more democratic and some more authoritarian.

During the Exploration age, Losen was one of the Most advance regions of the Aldorians, and soon developed spacecrafts and technology that enable them to explore the Universe. Through constant threat of the Temerian Kingdom, they started to settled planets and create colonies.

In 39,909 CE, the colonies unified to fight the threat that the Aldorian High Kingdom and other nations had become, and unified to form the Aldorian Hegemony.