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The Aldorian League is an Aldorian nation, culturally attributed to the Inosh culture. It is a nation that works as a huge Commercial Megacorporation, that extends its arms and legs into the different Aldorian worlds and even to many Alien worlds, working as merchants and artisans.

The singularity of the League is that about a third of the population lives in planets settled by the League that are the main administration and food producers of the nation as well as the seat of commercial and artisan guilds, resupply points for Commercial-habitat ships, manufacturing centers and as power centers, another third lives in the different commercial districts all over the universe as traders, artisans, bankers, sellers, distributors, etc... trading and serving the local population of the planet they live in, and the final third, lives in huge comercial-habitat planet like ships that travel the emptiness of space from planet to planet, from Galaxy to Galaxy in order to trade, exchange, refill or supply planets and Inosh districts on those planets.

From the beginning, Inosh Aldorians went out of the Orian continent in Birnis, were they come from, founding enclaves and comercial outpost all over their planet. In some areas, such as the Mirgalan continent, and the east and west of Fandor where pretty much influenced by Inosh culture and language, having an impact in the local cultures. Specially in Mirgalan, they adopted Inosh Alphabet and Language as lingua franca.

The capital or headquarters of the country are on the planet Irsis, in the Anuras System. Most of the settled worlds are located within the Herschel space, but commercial districts have gone beyond, into Confederacy territory or further away.


The origin of the league goes back to the Inosh communities created all over Birnis. The Inosh are original from the Orian continent, the different states and peoples of this region came to pacification and consolidation into a single culture through commerce and manufacturing. With the importance of commerce, merchants and artisan guilds of Orian started to have gradually and increasing power and influence, and slowly changed the nations of Orian to transform themselves into commercial associations, either as city states, merchant republics or others, pacifying the continent based on commercial interest above everything else. War and conflict are enemies of commerce, wealth and prosperity and thus Inoshians avoid them at all costs.

The Inosh, due to their commercial nature, where the first to throw themselves into the exploration and contact with other Aldorians from other regions. They helped putting aldorians in contact with each other. They created commercial districts in many cities of other Aldorian nations, creating a worldwide net of commerce all over Birnis. They made such an impact in some places that their culture and language influenced many regions, especially Mirgalan.

Habitat Ships, carrying billions of Inosh Aldorians ( a third of the countrry's population) trading through space.

The net of contacts covered all the planets, what makes Aldorians key to commerce, since Inosh communities could reach to communities far on the other side of the planet. This network made supply of rare good possible, although measures were taken by other nations to limit the commercial activity so it didn't become a monopoly of the Inosh. They could bring rare goods and some local goods but most of the neighboring commerce was done by the locals of those nations. This pattern was repeated again in Space, since Inosh presence became a need.

So, the different guilds of artisans and merchant districts joined forces to reach space and gain a new way of making profit and do business. This Inosh in the stars all over the Galaxies became rich, superciding in wealth their homologs in Birnis, creating the Aldorian Commercial League. The Inosh in Birnis became a branch of the Inosh districts all over the Universe.


This money driven society is made of merchants, artisans and food producers. The last one is the lowest strata in the society and are mostly based on planets, in order to produce food and other goods. Artisans live either in Alien planet, in small commercial quarters, or in producing planets. They also live in the massive Spaceships. Artisan quarters and planets rely on merchants for supply. Most live in either the spacecrafts or in Inosh quarters in foreign planets.