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The Aldorian Military Junta is one of the Eight Space Nations of the Aldorians. It is a Xenophobic and Nationalistic nation, based on Honor and Military achievements. They are as well aislationist and think of themselves as superior and better than other species and nations. Their capital is on Planet Erken, and the base of their strength lies on their high marcial and militaristic country. They look for the supremacy of the Aldorian race. They have no official relations with alien nations. They rely strongly in Aldorian values, being strongly traditional, religious and nationalistic. They are ruled by a Junta of the top members of their army. Due to their military, they are a force to be reckoned with. They can have a lot of power and influence, but due to their small size, conflict with it has been somehow avoided for now. It's also on the other extreme of the Lewis Nations territory, which is a safety net for Human nations.

The are the second smallest country of the aldorians in terms of size and population, and are allied with Aldorian Shabada, and have somehow good terms with the Aldorian Hegemony and the Aldorian High Kingdom. They remain neutral towards the Aldorian Assembly of Clans of Clans, since they are warrior like, which the Military Junta admires, but on the other hand they are an annoying force that attacks and tries to raid their planets. Nevertheless, their warriors can be bought as mercenaries and are usually employed by the Junta. In Contrast, they have terrible relations with the Aldorian Dominium and the Aldorian Confederacy as well as with all Lewis Nations and the Krizik Nations. They despise mostly the United Alliance for being the most Alien diverse nation, a principle they hate. On the other side, they respect (although hate) the Empire of Mankind, due to their pro-human politics and the avoidance of Aliens in their country.

"Your own species above all" would be a nice motto for the Aldorian Military Junta.


The nation was among the last ones to be founded. It has been created out of several factions of the Aldorians who had a different approach towards Alien Life and Aldorian values.

This Aldorians could not bear the situation in their own home countries and departed to create a colony, in planet Erken and from there, expand into different worlds, creating what would be known as the Aldorian Military Junta.