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It's one of the eight Nations of the Aldorian species. It is a Theocracy ruled in form of a strict Oligarchy. They are based on the Aldorian Gods Religion with small influence of the other two main Aldorian Religions. The Nation is on the outskirts of the Rodaun Galaxy, in Herschel Space.

The Capital of this Nation is located on Planet Ardan, in the Mekeren System, in the Ordonis Sector as it is known for Aldorians, the core sector of the Nation. This system is the most populated one of the Aldorian Shabada.

It is one of the least populated nations of the Aldorians, as well as one of the smaller in size, however, they have a huge amount of power and influence in Aldorian affairs.


The Nation was founded by Religious Purists, and it's based on the total obedience and faith to the Aldorian Gods Religion. The Prophets from The Five Prophets Religion, are also worshipped as deities but to a much lesser extend. Their teachings, that say that each planet and Sun is somehow sacred and comparable to a deity on its own worth of worship, is not taken completely and even refused. Only planets suitable to Aldorian settlement are considered somehow sacred and level up to deity positions sometimes. Due to this belief, they only settle planets that are naturally adapted to them, being forbidden to terraform any planet, a practice way more common in other Aldorian Nations.

Due to this, the planets are more far away from each other, due to them being less common and more scattered. The systems in between without suitable habitable planets, have some large dome bases or hermetic stations on the surface of barren worlds of in orbit, usually known as "Mordak". This domes or stations act as huge cities built on planets or above planets hostile for life.

The Ancestors Religion is limited in the Country. The only way is through religious temples dedicated to the Gods of the Death, that offer some sort of similar rituals syncretized from that religion.


The Origin of this nation goes back to Birnis, the ancestral World of the Aldorians. The Faith in the Aldorian World is one of the most important pillars in many Aldorian lives, although some found that religion did not have enough attention, or at least the attention in daily life it was needed. Then, some groups launch themselves on campaigns to extend the faith and importance of it, getting to be known as religious fanatics by the rest of the Aldorians.

Their ideals differed from those of the established religions. In the end, many renounce to convince their peers and seek a planet to colonize and live there their faith with complete freedom and with the importance they thought it deserved. These sectarians, specially the Tarkos Faction, where not seen with good eyes by the authorities and the Aldorian people, what increased their departure in large numbers. Once they found Ardan, they flocked there and created a religious colony, attracting many religious devouts from Birnis and other planets to the new settled planet. Then, several Religious God factions established themselves there.

From here, they led to the colonization of other worlds, creating an Aldorian country of little importance at first, but that through expansion and war, as well as conquest of other Alien Planets, increased in power and relevance, proving the rest of the Aldorian nations that they were a force to be reckoned with.

Alien planets conquered by the Aldorians of the Shabada are usually enslaved and deported to other planets, so serve as workforce, servants, commodities, exports or religious sacrifice.


The Nation is organized under a Theocratic Council, in which the leaders of the several religious factions of the country seat. The High Priests of Tarkos are however the ones with the highest and strongest power inside the Aldorian Shabada. It is not strange that the Elected High Priest Ruler of the Council, belongs many times to the Tarkos Cult. When this occurs, the Aldorian Shabada is on a fighting state, usually fighting minor factions or Independent Alien Planets (usually stand alones) or launch themselves on territorial expansion campaigns or warfare attacks. However, this warlike nature is somehow mitigated by the other religious factions of the country.


The first cultist arrived to Ardan in a colony ship, financed by those who supported this enterprise. Around 230 000 Aldorian colonist were recruited and landed in Ardan, a beautiful planet, located in a strategic place, that the Shabada had taken from the secret exploration archives of the Aldorian Dominium through infiltrated members of the Shabada. This group, the Shabada has already started to form in Birnis, as an undercovered and secret organization, that the authorities were after, chasing the cultist all over the planet and beyond, until they founded a colony in Ardan after secret archives of the government. Then, the government attitude towards the cultists in all of Birnis and the Aldorian Dominium were reinforced, which favored the exodus of cultists to Ardan, strengthening the new colony.

Ardan expanded then to other planets such as Hihor, an oceanic world, Medris a similar planet to Birnis, Kodandra and Lukra. Later, they will also found a colony on planet Yernis.

After all this expansion, the relations with Birnis became tense, and the cultist left definitely the planet, being persecuted and their activities inside the Aldorian Dominium forbidden. Many worlds of this nation saw an exodus of cultist flock en masse to the Shadada's territory.

With time, the Religious Faction took its actual form in the nation, and the current ruling council was formed. The High Priests and the Priests in general, are the most powerful and influential people in the Country. Nobility in nonexistent in the nation or irrelevant.


The Aldorian Shabada has many factions and each faction has its own rituals. The most important is the faction of Tarkos, the god of War and blood, to which Alien slaves are sacrificed to in the altars of the Tarkos temples. Each planet is usually ruled by a God Faction, while temples of different gods can also be found.

Mahan is also deeply worship, being the center of Its worship, the Planet Hihor. Some planets have also name of gods.