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"The Aldorian species, in some ways,very similar to us, but at the same time, so different. They keep surprising me every time and their civilization amazes me. They are very diverse, with many etnicities and cultures, just like we are. They speak several languages written in various alphabets. Their degree of religiosity and how they cope with moral issues makes them unique. A species Humans can still learn a lot from" - Theresa Olburg, report on Alien species.

The Aldorians are an Alien species originating from the planet Birnis in the Ren System, now belonging to the Aldorian Dominium. The Aldorians originated in the Minotaur Nebula, in the Rodaun Galaxy, but have expanded into other Galaxies, like the Lewis Galaxy, among others. For the most part, they have a highly ritualistic culture and religion and somehow war is very important in their lives.

They have a similar appearance to rodents, especially to capybaras, even if they don't belong to the same family and evolved differently. Different evolutive processes can have similar results. They are viviparous and have lifespans similar to those of Humans, although maybe longer, with normal lives that extend to around 120 to 150 max years normally, but that genetic evolution has resulted in longer lives reaching up to 400 years thanks to scientific and medical advances.

The Aldorians prefer colder to mild climates, such as found in Alpine planets, and they don't tolerate high temperatures and humidity found in the warm, desert, arid and tropical climates.

They originated on Birnis, and this planet is the cultural and spiritual center of this species. Different Aldorian nations have fought to possess this planet in the past and even today, it keeps an important role in politics and religion for the Aldorians. It is common to see thousands of pilgrims flocking from all over the Aldorian planets to the sacred centers and vestiges of the past and history of the species on the planet.

Biology and Reproduction

Aldorians have six eyes, and they are disposed in triplets in each side of the face. Two are in the backside area, with another eye forming closer to the front, forming a triangular shape. This patron is reproduce in both size of the face. They can reach a 180º grades of vision and they can see through the infrared light spectrum, all the way to the UV light spectrum. A minority of them has psionic abilities that can be awoken through training and meditation. Some have them since birth. This is a rare condition and those who have it are seeing as priest or psionic warriors. The most successful have access to the Lower or Upper Council of the Dominium or of other nations.

Aldorians have a large warm fur that covers all of their bodies. They have four extremities, being bipeds like the humans although they can run in four quite good and fast. Their hands are adapted to manipulate objects and have prehensile thumbs and fingers.

There are different fur colors, from dark brown, black or grey to white, going through brown, light brown, blond, beige, bicolor, and several other combinations. Their eyes are also very colorful, varying from brown, blue, green, red, violet and mixed. The most common are blue, follow by green, and then red, violet and brown. They have mostly light color fur and light eyes due to their native environment in a cold low UV light planet. The closer to the environment, the darker and the close the northern and southern poles the lighter.

The Aldorians are a sexual species based on two, Male and Female sexes, like humans. They have four organs, similar in functions to the kidneys, and their organism can switch off if problems are detected and function without one or several Aldorian "kidneys" to minimize damage. This mechanism works as well for other organs.

They have a special circulatory system. They possess two organs in their bodies called Bana and Kana, that serve as blood bumps or the equivalent to the Human heart. The Bana gets the blood and pushes it into the respiratory system while the Kana gets the blood from the respiratory system and pushes it into the body. They only have one huge lung in the center of their body with the Bana and Kana on both sides, all protected by an skeletal armour.

They have two organs similar to the Human Liver and one large organ that has the same functions as the pancreas. They possess two stomachs, one in front and one in the back, with two parallel small intestines that join together to form the Large intestine. One Stomach is for vegetables and other vegetable substances, some of which humans cannot digest, and the other is for proteins and fat, specially from animal origin. Their brains are divided in four hemispheres, improving its specialization.

The species is quite prolific, with litters of three to five offsprings as a medium, although litters of two to three are the most common ones. Pregnancies of one or more than five are rare. It is unusual for a single female to have more than five litters in their lifetime. In modern times, the Aldorians usually only have a maximum of two litters. The top record for and Aldorian was a litter of thirteen. The Aldorians have a quite long period of lactation, being up to ten years. The Sexual maturity is reached at 20 years old, and they stop being fertile naturally at 80 years old, since they live up to a medium of 135 years. With modern medicine, this ages have been altered since youth has also being altered.  

Planet of Origin

The Aldorian species comes from Birnis. This planet has 6 continents and each is crucial to understand the origins of the Aldorians.

  • Fandor:

This northcentral continent is the homebase of the Margak. Their language, called Margakian, is the language of the Aldorian Dominium and its main culture. The ethnic Margak originated in the North of this continent and were pushed in the ancient past by the Uhara, and mass migrated to the center and south of the continent, mixing and absorbing the previous cultures and imposing their own culture and language there, where it became mainstream. They adopted the Orian Alphabet who was used in this lands prior to the mass migration, and adapted it for themselves, creating the Fandalor Alphabet, the most used internationally.

  • Mirgalan:

It's the southern continent and the least developed, it is inhabited by many ethnicities and its home to several small languages and cultures, being the most diverse continent. Due to this, the Inosh language (from its past history) and the Margakian language are the lingua francas of the region.This last language is used due to its proximity to Fandor, from which it is separated by a small isthmus. Still, the Orian Alphabet, derived from the Inosh, is used among the Mirgalians to write.

  • Temer:

The continent is located in the Southeast and it's the homebase of the Teremir language and culture, as well as the Teremir or Temerian Alfabet. The whole continent has been unified into a single country or empire, known as the Great Temerian Kingdom, ruled by a monarch and a court. From this continent originated the Aldorian High Kingdom.

  • Losen:

Its a rather subcontinent, but consider a continent, and the birthplace of the Losians and their Republics. The continent has many peninsulas and each makes a different nation, although allied themselves to repel the nearby Teremian Kingdom. This republics were the base for the Aldorian Hegemony. This very populated region has Palnir as its language and Alphabet, although Teremir Alphabet is also widely used, specially by the wealthy and educated.

  • Orian:

Its a Northwestern continent, the smaller of all, and separated from Fandor from a small strait. The Inosh language or culture comes from here. They organized themselves into merchant city-states or republics, and later on created a continental unification. The Inosh are merchants and adventurers, and have settled all across Birnis in all small cities and towns, controlling most of the trade on a world scale. Today small inosh quarters can be found in every single town or city, and in every planet. All Inosh speak Margakian fluently as well due to commercial reason. The Inosh and Margak are distantly related.

  • Enuhara:

Its the Northernmost continent and the coldest one. It is a ruthless place and its inhabit by the Uharas. The coldest of them all, this is the wildest and remote place in Birnis, and the communities here still live quite primitive lives, being very warrior like. It's the birthplace of the Uhara, as well as the Uhara dialects, from which the Taruhara, is used as the lingua franca. Its the original birthplace of the Aldorian Assembly of Clans

Aldorian Cultures and Ethnicities

Main Ethnicities

In origin, a set of People from the North of Fandor, they were pushed by the Uhara in the East, and thus migrated to the south massively. Then, they defeated the previous Aldorian Kingdoms in the Area, mixed with the Locals and set themselves in power. They also settled some areas. This made Margak (in its various dialects), become the main language of Fandor.

Are an ethnic group related to the Margak and the Tarkas. The ancestors of the Inosh where a set of trading and sailing people, that crossed the isthmus between Fandor and Orian, settling in Orian who had been unpopulated previously. There, the Inosh ethnicity was born. The Aldorians founded several city-states and trading nations, that became more and more interconnected through trade. This made Inosh to be born as well as the Orian Alphabet, needed in trade and intercommunication. Inosh communities then made ships and sailed for trade to Mirgalan and Fandor, settling and creating huge communities there, even influencing them greatly.

Its an group based on the Temer continent, born out of two Kingdoms that unified. The different ethnic groups became a homogeneous people, with Teremir as a language and a single Teremir culture.

  • Losians:

They settled the beautiful peninsulas of Losian, similar in culture and ethnicity to Temer, they didn't unified with Temer, remaining independent in several republics, that had to federate in order to survive to attacks of Temer. The Losians has through proximity and contact a single language divided into different dialects, although a unified culture is a matter of dispute among experts.

Are a Warrior like people, the most common in the Uhara continent, that have conquered and assimilated other ethnic groups of the area.

Other important Ethnicities of the Fandor and Enuhara continents:

  • Tarkas:

Are an ethnic group of Aldorians that lives in the Northern fringes of the already cold Enuhara continent, living on the Northern Pole, with Arctic climate. They can endure this climate with ease, since they have been living there for ages. The Tarkas are related to the Uharas and have an alliance with them as well as profitable commerce. The Uhara have a great respect for them, and they consider the Tarkas as the Strongest Aldorians due to the harsh environment they live in.

  • Nelnar:

An important ethnicity that lives in the Endor mountains, in the north of Fandor, and the border between Fandor and Enuhara. They live in the Valleys of this Mountains and are related somehow to the Margak who moved south, and the Uhara in the west.

  • Gashir:

Another ethnicity that lives in the Endor Mountains, in the valleys.

  • Lubna:

Are an ethnicity related to the Margak, speaking an old or archaic dialect of Margakian. They live in the Northwestern part of Fandor and took this area when the ancestors of the Inosh migrated to Orian. The Lubna are the closest relatives to the Inosh and have well developed trade with them.

  • Ikaris:

Its the main ethnicity of the Kingdom of Ikaris in the Northeast of Fandor, related to the Margak as they had common ancestors. It's a millennial Kingdom that still endures to this day. It was the most powerful of the Proto-Margak Kingdoms and they didn't migrate to the south since they were civilized and formed a nation state that could repel the Uharas in the North as well as having a good geographical location, right behind the Endor Mountains that protected them. They speak Margakian but still with an archaic dialect. Some say is a language on its own, related to old-Margak. They still can communicate better with people from Lubna, Gashir or Nelnar ethnicities.


Are all the Ethnic groups of the Mirgalan continent, known for its ethnic and linguistic diversity. It is divided into three areas, Northern groups, Central groups and Southern Groups.

Northern Mirgalian People

  • Attara: The second most numerous people, that live in the Itsmus between Mirgalan and Fandor. They possess the most advanced culture and civilization in the continent.
  • Erzen
  • Others: Yunkas, Milnay, Osanir, Bissa, Dursen, Loganda, Rilka, Uttada, Hira, Brasda, Kodaran, Uin, Jonkar, Mimara, Frin, Kegebara, Trosan

Central Mirgalian People

  • Halta: A warrior like people and semi-nomadic, they are the Uharas of the Southern hemisphere. They prey on the Parsas sacking their cities and taking many as slaves.
  • Parsas: A peaceful agricultural people, the most numerous of all ethnicities in Mirgalan, they are frequently raided by the Halta. They have formed many communities abroad.

Southern Mirgalian People:

  • Behoran: Are the most numerous in the South of the continent, next to the Cold southern pole and the southern tundric areas. They are similar to the Tarkas of the north hemisphere. They endure with ease harsh conditions.
  • Others: Makara, Hehen, Onoron, Medras, Nassik, Losna, Huran, Lendras, Bigir, Fain, Kirilak

Aldorian Nations

  • Aldorian Dominium: Based on Margak Culture and ruled by a Council of Scientific, powerful and influencial or wealthy individuals as well as by a lower assembly of Psychokinetic Aldorians.
  • Aldorian League: Based on the Inosh culture and language, it is a sort of commercial republic or mega corporation. A third of its population lives in planets, the other third throughout Inosh quarters all over the Aldorian and other species planets, and the other third in massive spacecrafts that travel through deep space from place to place on trade missions
  • Aldorian High Kingdom: Based on the Teremir or Temer Culture and Language, its ruled by a monarch and its nobles. Religion and Slavery are important in this nation.
  • Aldorian Hegemony: Based on the Palnir language and culture from Losen, the people from this nation have forbidden slavery but have religion as a special place in their nation's affairs.
  • Aldorian Confederacy: Based on democratic Margak nations, the Confederacy is a free nation and a heaven for many. They are similar to a Federation, still most of its population is Aldorian.
  • Aldorian Assembly of Clans: Its based on the Uhara Clan culture. Two thirds of its population is nomadic and live in Giant spacecrafts, sacking, pillaging, looting, smuggling, working as mercenaries or trafficking with slaves. They also have commerce in their core. The other third lives in stop bases all over the known space.
  • Aldorian Military Junta: A small Aldorian nation, based on a Military junta that is xenophobic and aims to destroy or enslave most of the xeno-life in the Galaxy. Aldorians are at the summit of intelligent lifeforms, and thus all others are below. Religion and traditions also have a special role in this nation.
  • Aldorian Shabada: Born out of religion sealots, this small nation is based on the Ancient Religion and its a fervent believer of the many gods faith. Tarkos, the war-god is the most beloved in the Shabada and thus its priest with red tunics are among the most important and tend to rule the Theocratic Council. The Warriors of Tarkos are a very scary Elite force.

All the Interests of the Aldorians are regarded on the Talondra Assembly, a government body who rules over all aspects of the Aldorians as a whole, from inner disputes and wars between Aldorian nations to local administrative affairs. This body rules not only between Aldorians but also how their interact as a species with the rest of the Universe.


There are three religions:

Aldorian Ancestors Religion

  • Rituals to pray to the ancestors and the death. They are a shamanic tradition, with several currents that venerates the deaths and the spirits of the deaths as well as in some cultures, the spirits of nature and the Universe. They originated in two different spots, one in the Enuhara continent among the tribes of that continent and the other in Temer, Losen and Mirgalan respectively. This religious tradition was brought by Inosh traders to the continent of Orian as well as to Fandor. In Fandor, the Margak also had some ancestor religion similar to that of the Uharas and they took it as well into areas of Fandor.

Aldorian Gods Religion:

  • Follows a myriad of Gods, most of which have become in space a single pantheon with gods from different regions becoming mainstream. The Gods are many, and are based on ancient gods, venerated throughout centuries for what they represent. Nowadays, the Pantheon has been reshaped due to contact among Aldorian communities, and thus, gods for similar elements have been merged or have been supplanted by stronger ones, unifying the Pantheon into one set of Deities.

The Five Prophets Religion or the Awakening:

  • It doesn't compromise other beliefs, but rather can sincretise with them. It teaches the path to the aldorians to awaken their psionic powers. The prophets are the first Aldorians ever recorded to have had psionic powers, and all were born out of the same litter. Native to a small really tiny Island, they preached over the Island and soon expanded into nearby continents, with each prophet sent to a specific continent were they preached their doctrine. Still, their religion did not supplanted prior beliefs. Orian was the only continent in which the Prophets did not arrive, but the religion was brought by Inosh merchants and sailors. Still the prevalence of this believe is low or less important than other beliefs in Orian while in Fandor or Losen, it became a big and important religion. Their native Island is today a massive sanctuary temple and the only inhabitants are priests, being the Island a major religious destinations for millions of Aldorians, who travel there each year.

Languages and Alphabets


  • Margakian Language:

Its the main language of Fandor and the Margak comunities there. It has many dialects depending on the region, and the standard is based out of the capital of Birnis, and largest city, Raldar. This language is the main language of comunication in Birnis and among the Aldorian Dominium. The alphabet used for this language is the Fandalor Alphabet, which was adapted from the Orian Alphabet to Margak, which makes both very similar. Inosh communities settled for trade in Fandor, bringing with them their Alphabet, that Margak took for themselves and transformed.

  • Inoshian Language:

Its the main language in the continent of Orian, and of the Inosh people. It is the main language used in the Orian Continent, the Aldorian League and the Inosh comunities spread all over the Universe. This language is widely used as lingua Franca in Mirgalan, due to the early settlement of Inosh communities in the continent. This language is prefered in Mirgalan, rather than Margak. The Inosh language traditionally used the Orian Alphabet but the use of the Fandalor Alphabet is also common. Still, Mirgalans use the Fandalor Alphabet while the Orian has become less used there.

  • Teremir Language:

Its a very old language, unrelated to other Aldorian languages. It the main language of the continent of Temer. The Aldorians from Temer had their own space program and founded their own galactic colonies. These colonies united and split from the mainland Temer after the War of the two brothers and founded the Aldorian High Kingdom. Teremir is the oficial language of this nation. Although some comunities in this kingdom speak other languages. The Teremir alphabet is the main writing system of the country and the region of Temer, although Fandalor is also very used by speakers of Teremir and in mainly Teremir speaking countries. Its common to see signs writen in both alphabets.

  • Palnir Language:

Its the main language of the continent of Losen, where it splits in different dialects, one per each penninsula, and the main language of the Aldorian Hegemony. Palnir uses the Palnirian alphabet, but the Elites traditionally have use the Teremir Alphabet for Palnir, due to the proximity with the Temerian Kingdom. This alphabet is also use for ritualistic situations, ceremonies and some temples due to its complexity and symbolism.

  • Tanuhara Language:

Its the language of the Uhara People. It is basically a lingua franca among the very diverse and distinct dialects of the Uhara. It is not spoken in its purest form by any Uhara, but it is the form use mostly on official scripts, religious scripts and contact among several Uhara communities or tribes. It was created as a means of comunication with among Uhara traders as well as among the shamans or priests of the Uharas who are regarded as the wisers of the species who often gather together from distant lands. Together they managed to create and spread the variety among their communities and nowadays it has become the lingua franca of the Uhara and the language learned by foreigners who wish to deal with them.

  • Mirgalian languages

(several smaller languages).


  • Fandalorian Alphabet: Developed out of the Orian Alphabet when the Inosh comunities settled down there in Fandor and brough their alphabet with them. It is the main writing system for the Fandalor continent and Mirgalan continent, as well as the Aldorian Dominium and the Aldorian Confederacy. It is also used in the Aldorian Military Junta, the Aldorian Shabada. In the Aldorian League, the Aldorian High Kingdom and the Aldorian Hegemony it is used as a second alphabet. Its also used in the United Alliance.
  • Orian Alphabet: Its the main alphabet used for the Inosh Language, used in the Aldorian League and the Orian continent. It is also used by Inosh Communities all over the planets where they have trading outpost communities.
  • Teremirian Alphabet: This Alphabet is a complex one, being an ideo alphabet, based on ideas and symbols. The Alphabet is used mostly in Temer, the Aldorian High Kingdom and the Aldorian Hegemony. It is also used by Temer Communities in the Aldorian Dominium, the Aldorian Confederacy, the Aldorian Military Junta and the Aldorian Shabada, as well as the United Alliance.
  • Palnirian Alphabet: This Alphabet is used in the continent of Losen and by the Aldorian Hegemony, mainly to transcribe the Palnir language. The Alphabet is also used in communities of Palnir speakers in the Aldorian High Kingdom, the Aldorian Confederacy, the Aldorian Military Junta, the Aldorian Shabada and the Aldorian Dominiu, as well as the United Alliance.
  • Tanuhara Alphabet: Its a very rustic alphabet but fiercely used by the Uhara people. There is based on simple lines who follow a patter of sounds. It is written in stones and is easy to learn for anyone.

Important Galaxies with Aldorian presence