The Dictatorship was founded by three small empires, each about 200 planets in size, which formed into one major power to fight human presence in the Circinus Galaxy, which is their home galaxy.

(right, up: picture of a Aleanran)



The Aleanran territory was too much to handle for one dictator, so he or she appoints three commanders, who each control the territory of a former smaller empire. they control cluster commanders, who control planetary commanders, then continental commanders, state/province commanders, and finally city mayors. the emperor can order the main commanders to defend an area or attack a neighboring empire, or other such tasks. the main commanders then carry out those tasks. cluster commanders are separate,not doing many orders from main commanders and instead work on improving planets under their control. every rank in government other then mayors, State Commanders, Continental Commanders, and Planetary Commanders are chosen by a bloodline, one having to be born into nobility to achieve such powers. the remaining four ranks were originally bloodline-based as well, but rebellions eventually forced elections to be had for those positions. to rise in ranks from a commoner to an emperor, one must win an election as mayor, then State Commander, then continental commander, then planetary commander, then, if a Cluster Commander bloodline dies out, they may be able to take their place. repeat this process until the rank of emperor is achieved.


diplomacy with the Aleanran empire had always been hard, and other times downright impossible. they limit contact with all but their closest neighbors, only going to the negotiating table with non-neighbors to discuss war or terms of surrender. they often fight other empires just for the sake of it, as their species enjoys the violence and intensity of war, as well as taking resources after winning. they are not bound by moral codes, and execute civilians on a regular basis.


due to their aggressive nature, some rebellions have definitely started. here is a list of them, in order from oldest to most recent:

  • Demolishing Rebellion: an early rebellion hoping to return the empire to its original 3-empire state after the humans left their space. this rebellion had failed.
  • Election Party: this rebellion wanted to establish democracy within the empire, but were under-equipped. after long conflicts, the emperor made they "city mayor" rank election based to appease the rebels
  • Second Election Party: the solution worked temporarily, and the rebellion re-emerged a few years later. this time better equipped, they managed to make State and Continental Commanders election based
  • Stop Killing Civilians!: this group was formed by a few rebellious species of Aleanran-Occupied worlds, and pushed to end civilian executions. they were, of course, executed themselves. eventually, a treaty was signed saying they would not execute members of the rebellion if they stopped fighting. this almost completely ended the rebellion
  • Third Election Party: the election party emerged yet again, but were less equipped then before, and only secured the rank of "Planetary Commander" as election-based
  • Relations Rebels: this rebellion wanted to help make contact with non-neighboring empires, and managed to do so, although there is still not a lot of communication going on.


(right: Aleanran Homeworld, Aleanrus)


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