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"Alech is a paradise and a bastion. It stands as a monument to the resolve of its citizens and the sacrifices of the past. It protects those who cannot protect themselves, as long as they are willing to work and stand alongside us. This is where our forefathers found a galaxy almost inhospitable and an enemy that wished them dead, and persevered in spite of the best efforts of those who would see us destroyed. It is a reminder to the universe that the Dominion does not bend."

Alech is the capital planet of the Alech Dominion, the sixth from its star in the Borodin system. It was the first place where human settlers landed in the Ouranir Galaxy, and it was not always the paradise that it is today.

The world as the colonists found it was a frozen bunch of rock. There was significant water ice, but not enough oxygen for breathable air, and the average planetary temperature was beneath -100 degrees. Not a very hospitable place by nature, but fortunately the colonists had come prepared. They injected the atmosphere with appropriate amounts of stored CO2 and Oxygen, and within a few years the world was livable. In the interim, many colonists lived underground.


Alech was the first world in the Ouranir Galaxy colonized by humanity, in the year 9973, and the world that allegedly broke an offensive that would have doomed all native species in the galaxy to death during the final days of the Screk War. No battle has ever been fought upon Alech's surface, even in those darkest days, but the fighting men and women of the world have certainly made their mark on the galaxy. It was a man and ship of Alech that rammed the enemy capital ship during the final battle of The Screk War, and soldiers from the world still fight and die across the Dominion's territories to keep the peace.

Orbital Installations

The orbit of Alech houses multiple highly important space stations.

The most critical would be the Dominion's Wormhole Nexus, a megastructure that allows nearly instantaneous travel from Alech to almost anywhere in the universe, or from anywhere in the universe to Alech. It is a megastructure that sucks up a massive amount of power, and it is only kept viable via the usage of one of Borodin's three Dyson spheres to keep it continually powered. This is because wormholes, especially large wormholes like the Dominion uses to transport their fleets, are exceptionally costly in terms of energy upkeep.

A second important orbital base would be the DMCC. The DMCC is the Dominion Military Command Center. It houses the meetings of the most important commanders in the Dominion, and also holds digital records about almost every Dominion formation, ship, vehicle, and soldier, past and present. The station is heavily armed and guarded, and in times of all out war it becomes one of the most active installations in the nation.

Tertiary would be the shipyards and Construct stations. Alech does not have the largest shipyards in the Dominion, but it's orbital shipyards are still capable of manufacturing fleets powerful enough to fell a system at a moment's notice. The Construct stations manufacture vehicles and weapons of war for the Dominion's armies, ensuring that the legions of soldiers raised from Alech always have equipment waiting for them.