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The Alech Dominion is a human empire that controls the majority of the Ouranir Galaxy with a few tiny outposts elsewhere. They are a member nation of the Confederacy of Borealis.

They are currently a fairly minor power in the galactic scheme of things when compared to the civilizations such as the Borealis Confederacy. The Alech Dominion is an offshoot of the Yohjan Confederacy. (See History below.)


The Alech Dominion is on the verge of breaking into Type-3 in the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy, at 6.6*10^35 watts of power consumption. The Ouranir Galaxy is highly populated, due to the Dominion having only minor colonies outside the galaxy, and having controlled it for almost 87,000 years. They have colonies outside the galaxy, but only totaling about 100 million stars. A considerable number, but trivial to the major players of the galaxy. Their home cluster is labelled the Dominion Stars, (RC 3739-108) and it is home to many of their megastructures and gigantic planet-cities. Their home system is called Borodin, and is a trinary system of 2 Red dwarves and an Orange dwarf. However, Borodin is not a clean, geometric trinary of three stars orbiting each other at equidistant points. The red dwarves obit with each other in two quasi-circles, and the orange dwarf orbits the red dwarves in a highly stretched out ellipse. Their capital and homeworld is the planet Alech, the fourth planet from the star Borodin A, an Orange dwarf.


The Alech Dominion is a militaristic democracy. In the past, that was barely an accurate title. During the height of the Screk war, the nation was essentially run by an elected dictator, and if you didn't fall into an accepted political party you could be in grave danger. Thankfully, in the years since, the Dominion has shifted back to a more free and fair system. The government is still strong, especially in crises, but does not restrict opinions of the people or deny rights except in extraordinary circumstances.

There was a species indigenous to the Ouranir galaxy, a hive mind of creatures resembling larger, upright forms of the Aegyn beetle. They had a firm hold on roughly a third of the galaxy when the Confederacy’s colony fleet, spread across the galaxy and with their intergalactic comms fried because of a serious wormhole fluctuation, arrived in the galaxy. Several of the colony ships happened to land in the Dominion Stars, and the cluster soon became the strongest bastion of human resistance in the Ouranir galaxy. (Cont’d in History.) The following long war and isolation caused them to shed some of their more naïve democratic ideals in favor of the more cold and pragmatic strategies they required to survive against a far larger foe. Their society has since shifted back towards democratic ideals, and crackdowns are far less common. There are still very strong wartime powers in the Marshal's hands, but they don't restrict most civil liberties, only leaving the possibility of instilling a draft and possibly rationing critical supplies.

As for the militaristic aspect, they have a very large and volunteer only army with the possibility for conscription left open in case of emergency. They aren’t strong enough to go toe to toe with most intergalactic contenders, but their defensive strategies are among the most advanced and respected in the universe because of their unique history.

The Head of State of the Dominion is the Marshal. The Marshal is elected every ten years by popular vote, and once elected has a large amount of power over the nation. The country has a Supreme Judiciary that can block the Marshal's orders, and a legislative branch called the Domain Council that makes laws and passes them. The Marshal cannot veto these laws under normal circumstances, though the Judiciary can void them. The Marshal can however appoint commanders to almost all bureaus and agencies in the government, and during times of conflict they have emergency powers that let them enact temporary laws and give them extensive control of the country, including veto powers without a 4/5 vote to overturn. In wartime there is little a Marshal cannot do, save stop elections of Judges and Councilors or override the Judiciary.

Critical to governing the Dominion is the Wormhole Nexus. The Wormhole Nexus allows the Dominion to create wormhole paths to almost anywhere in the universe instantaneously, and it is the reason they are able to exert moderate influence around the universe despite being a relatively small nation. The Nexus itself is located in the Borodin system, and so to destroy the network an enemy would need to crack arguably the Ouranir galaxy's strongest fortress.


The population of the Dominion is mostly made up of a few races, those being Humans along with species that survived throughout the Ouranir galaxy in spite of the Screk. Immigration is uncommon, as though the nation is prosperous, there are other CoB nations with more citizen freedoms that draw most immigrants with means to move elsewhere. All in all, there are about 13 quintillion Dominion citizens.

Humans are the largest race, due to the sheer number of survivors they had compared to the rest.

The Rylon come second, a race that joined peacefully with the Dominion after the Screk fled the galaxy. They had been in hiding in subterranean cities on their homeworld for milennia.

The Magdetum were native to a gas giant in the system of Alech itself, brought into the space age by alliance and later merger with the human colonists.

The Vesu are a species originally native to a rogue planet, living in deep subsurface oceans under miles of ice harder than steel. They joined the galaxy when an exploratory fleet accidentally discovered them when drilling to observe the ocean below the ice.

The Callidee are another exotic species that were discovered on a molten world. The species are extremophiles, able to survive in almost any conditions, and joined the Dominion in exchange for a way off the planet. It is unknown whether they evolved there or were remnants of a forgotten nation.

The Constructs are AI discovered in the remnants of the Astral Diamond cluster, left behind by the dead human colonists, and are subservient to the Dominion. They are highly durable, first designed as warbots, and have since moved into the fields of construction and colonization en masse. The Constructs were left alone on their homeworld for over five thousand years until the Dominion felt they could trust the robots and deal with a possible uprising, as well as spruce up their coding to make sure no robot genocide would occur.

Human 24%
Rylon 18%
Magdetum 14%
Vesu 13%
Callidee 12%
Constructs 12%
Other 7%

Political Relations


The Dominion is at peace and held in good standing with most of the other nations of the CoB. They work in tandem in times of crisis and the Dominion has both lent and received help in many of the CoB's conflicts.


The CUEN and Dominion get along well enough- they have disagreements about democratic ideals, but due to the Dominion's mostly peaceful demeanor and gradual shift towards stronger democracy the nations have reached an understanding.


The Dominion no longer contacts the QPF. They were a dissenting voice in ending war with the nation, and still harbor a grudge. They will not feel it is fulfilled until the QPF is made to pay for their crimes in full and then destroyed utterly.

Lewis Nations

Empire of Mankind

The Dominion and Empire share a long and difficult past formed by the failings of the Yohjans, but their relationship is complex. It has drifted from friendly to almost hostile over the years, as though they share similar pasts and mindsets on the necessity of war, the Empire's practices of slavery are not easy for the Dominion to ignore. For what it is worth, the Empire sees the Dominion almost as a wayward little brother, despite the Dominion being technically older. The Empire's leaders think that the Dominion would make an excellent addition to the imperial rule, but they are too preoccupied at home to conquer it and have failed to convince the Dominion that slavery is acceptable, and thus the nations today are at odds.

The Union

Relations between The Union and the Dominion are friendly at current. Some in the Dominion are uncomfortable with the parasites of The Union's populace, but seeing as they fled the Empire and were still at odds, the Dominion and Union found allies of opportunity in one another. The Dominion has provided diplomatic support to the Union on many occasions, as well as mutually beneficial trade deals, and even, in extreme cases, military aid, though once again, with more than four galaxies under their complete control, only in the direst times have the Union needed help.

The Dominion foreign policy tends to be very noncombative, avoiding hostilities except towards preexisting enemies and perhaps their next targets of colonization.


The original human colony fleet sent to NGC 1313 in 9973 was a decently armed colony fleet sent out by the Yohjan Confederacy through a natural wormhole large enough to support fleet travel. Unfortunately, the wormhole turned out to be less stable than Yohjan scientists predicted, and it collapsed soon after the fleet entered, frying much of their advanced comms tech and cutting the fleet off from the rest of the nation. In addition, the fleet was scattered across the galaxy, and some of the ships were destroyed in the collapse, or never made it through at all. Worsening matters, the colonists encountered a hostile alien race called the Screk in the Ouranir galaxy, and the resulting Screk War persisted for over 3000 years.

Once the war had ended, the Dominion quickly colonized the rest of their galaxy and set to fortifying and industrializing everything. It was only a few years after the war's end that the power requirements for the recreation of intergalactic communications were met, and the Dominion formally reintroduced itself to the Yohjan Confederacy.

The Dominion's pseudo democracy and military focus meshed well with the government of the wider confederacy, but they did not rejoin as a member state. One issue was distance- wormhole travel was the only feasible method to travel between the Ouranir galaxy and Via Lacrimosa proper at the time, so direct government could not be reestablished. Beyond that, though both societies were militaristic, the Yohjans were much more aggressive, and the Dominion had developed a unique culture and strong sense of independence and national identity in their long exile. The nations became fast friends and allies, but never formally reunited, even when the Dominion reestablished wormhole travel in the late 13000's.

The Dominion was a player in the Split of the Yohjan Confederacy, Initially acting only to secure it's own borders against attacks by rogue Yohjan armies and Local Axis expeditions. As the war progressed the Dominion sent some forces to aid in the reconstruction of Via Lacrimosa, aiding precursors of the Confederacy of Borealis. They held a galaxy of 6.5 billion stars trying to stabilize an area of over 75 billion stars, so they naturally could not reinstate order alone. They mostly provided military support to their allies. They sent forces to help pacify the rogue Confederate AI Beatrix, liberated frontier worlds from tyrannical monarchs and rogue corporations, and, when the time came, allied with the UFSS, and more to help solidify the Confederacy of Borealis and bring the warring in Via Lacrimosa to an end. Nowadays they are a member state of the CoB, and have remained as such since the end of the split, as even under their most aggressive leaders, the Dominion retained the idea that having the CoB to back them would likely save the nation from devastation in the next war.

In the First Magellanic War, The Dominion backed the UFSS and wider CoB government. The Dominion was not the largest power of the war in numbers of troops, but their Wormhole Nexus was crucial to bypassing some of the early defense systems of the Ysau and their allies. The Dominion's commanders were staunch advocates of Operation Conception, and helped lay out the battle plans that split and demoralized the enemy defenders. They were also among the commanders who failed to realize that the Ysau were rebuilding their military and industry in secret, and a sizeable force of Dominion expeditionary troops was mauled in the Ysau resurgence.

The Ysau would pay in blood for the lives they took from the Dominion however. With the Third offensive against the Ysau, there were substantially more Dominion soldiers than had been present in the first offensive. Dominion troops acted as breachers and frontline troops in many battles, taking high casualties and inflicting higher. Ultimately, the brutality of Dominion soldiers helped make sure that the Ysau would not rise up a second time, but Dominion soldiers were also responsible for many war crimes in the course of the conflict. On at least one occasion, a rogue admiral ordered saturation bombardment of a Ysau colony until the populace was nearly exterminated, and on smaller scales Dominion troops had some of the highest reported numbers of executions and civilian casualties throughout the war. The First Magellanic War bared the ugly truth to much of the universe that the Dominion avoided war when they could, but if they felt someone had wronged them, they had a strong propensity for vengeance. It was discovered centuries after the war had ended that some of the Dominion top brass had discussed forcibly reeducating, and in a few cases, even exterminating the Ysau in the wake of their resurgence.

The Dominion has escaped the worst ravages of the War of the Ancients. They were far enough from the main battle lines to avoid the initial onslaught of the Celestial Plague, and developed limited countermeasures by the time it finally reached them. The Dominion's troops were major participants in the defense of the Magellanic clouds, and helped the wider CoB retain secure transport routes after the QPF breached into a wormhole network. They were early adopters of the SICTIRIAD due to its potential to cut their travel costs, and as a result the Wormhole Nexus has become far less active, a tactical reserve for the Dominion in case their SICTIRIAD generators go haywire. With the QPF being a much stronger enemy than the Dominion has faced in many years, they held defensive positions for most of the war, and advocated ceasefire when it came, seeing the Celestial Plague as a more existential threat, and the CoB as needing time to recuperate if it hoped to eventually defeat the QPF.

The Dominion has picked it's battles carefully since surviving the Screk, always wary to fight an enemy they aren't sure they can defeat. Most of their wars have been defensive, and those that were not have mostly been unequivocal steamrolls of weaker powers. Their main diplomatic strategy is flying under the radar, so as not to aggravate the stronger powers around them. Recently however, they have begun to establish colonies and outposts on the fringes of nearby galaxies. Whether or not they realize it, they are opening themselves up to attack with these actions. The real question is why. The politicians and commanders of the Dominion have proven highly competent in the past, so it’s unlikely they don't realize that expanding into nearby galaxies could spike tensions. So what, then, would motivate them to take this risk? Are the leaders of the Dominion not their progenitors' equals in diplomacy, or are they hiding something they believe too powerful for their enemies to resist?