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The Alenean Planetary Anthem

"I've lived here my whole life, and I can say it's perfect." -Edison Stewart

Alenea (pronounced "Al-enn-E-AA") is an Ecumenopolis located in the Nilus Galaxy in the Heilotans System, located in the Asamum Nebula in Enedia/Nilus C. The planet is administered by the Democratic Nations of Nilus and was colonized in the 55 000s by Humans and recently immigrated Lumu. Due to its situation on a major hyperlane, more and more people and businesses sprung up on the planet until it was proposed to turn it into a ecumenopolis, to provide adequate living for all its billions of citizens. Its buildings were fully constructed within 1000 years, and have not changed much since first construction. From viewed from space, it appears as a bright blue planet. Alenea has a total of 13 large districts making up the whole planet, few whom are controlled by factions of the Nations of Nilus. Unlike most city worlds whom have thousands of layers of city, Alenea is prone to having only two layers, but only one is inhabited by its citizens. Because of the few city layers, Mountains are dotted across Alenea, though no oceans are on the surface to make space for citizens


In 55 217, an unknown surveying team discovered a habitable planet with about 1.05 Gs. It was only a few months later when the first skyscrapers were constructed, due to the large demands of people moving here. In a short period of time, the entire planet was covered in factories, shopping outlets, business areas, etc. Large corporations began sprouting up, many becoming very successful. In 56 203, the planets economy reached a peak, which would mean larger companies could no longer grow. This resulted in a worldwide state of economic depression. In 56 206, Prime minister of Alenea, Liam Arrbotch devised a solution to help fix the problem by spreading the population to the moons of Alenea. The first moon of Alenea, Lumi was colonized the year after, followed by Gingi and Tyru, at this period of colonization, people were leaving by the thousands, some even paid to do so by corporations. Shortly after colonization was complete, the economy returned to normal.

Alenean Founders

The founders of Alenea came from two different groups: Lumu pilgrims from the Anquish Cloud Sector of Nilus, or Human buinessmen from the Lewis Galaxy. While both groups were very different from eachother, they had one prime objective, and that was to turn Alenea into a residential paradise. Shortly after the discovery of Alenea, the Caoticol Corporation was founded by a young Liam Arrbotch, a Lumu male whom with his leadership skills, proposed that Alenea be made an Ecumenopolis due to its growing situation on a major hyperlane.

The Alenean Cold Eternal

From 59 571 CE to 59 623 CE, a malfunction in the Alenean planetary shield caused an extended winter lasting around 100 years, the winter resulted in famine on a large scale, to make the matters worse, the planetary shield had locked down the planet, which meant that no outside source could provide supplies, it wasn't until 59 622 CE the Nilus Nations had been contacted that Alenea was in a wasteland ish state. It took 11 months to deactivate the shield


Depths of Alenea:

Level 1

Level 1 is the surface level of Alenea, it is where all citizen and political activities take place on the planet, because of its population being only on Level 1, Mountains are a common sight on Alenea, though oceans have been buried underneath Level 1 to make space for population growth.

Level 2 "The Underworld"

Main article: The Underworld

Level 2 is the farthest level below the surface, it is possibly the darkest and worst area of Alenea, it was once the surface area of Alenea, before it was made into an Ecumenopolis. On the ground, Dead foliage, dead fauna, and the occasional patch of dead grass can be found, towering kilometer high pillars hold up the city above. Floodlights illuminate anything of interest, that is, if anything can be found down here. Level 2 haunts Aleneans, anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves down here will likely never see sunlight again. Level 2 goes as far as 1,100 meters down.


Districts of Alenea

District 1 - Alenea Nature Reserve

District 1

The very first founded district, founded as a preservation as a previous Alenea, the founders of Alenea felt a sense of regret soon after construction began on Alenea, so it was ordered that a large space was left for nature, thus the only buildings in district 1 have since been abandoned and left to decay.

District 2 - Caoticol District

District 2

District 2 is right next to District 1 and is where the Caoticol Corporation is located. The district has been known as the wealthiest part of Alenea, it is where the corporation´"s prime members are housed, as well as Alenean officials such as Liam Arrbotch himself.

District 3 - The port district

District 3

The Remier Interplanetary Starport is among one of the larger transit hubs in the cosmos, since it being utterly large to be able to fit in Aepedkyr StarLiners created by the Intergalactic Tourist Association, it fits 116 Aepedkyr Drydocks, and thousands of docks for other vessels, big and small. The main starport building consists of 57 total terminals, this is because of its size being 35 Kilometers in diameter.

District 4 - Ocillas Occupation

District 4 - Ocillas Tower

District 4 sees a large amount of activity from the NGO Ocillas R&D, one of the four biggest corporations on Alenea. Ocillas has its offices in the Ocillas Tower, a shining two-kilometer-tall skyscraper that towers above the bright blue sky.

District 5 - Peria Occupation

District 5

Because Alenea is shared among the, some districts were given directly to a Nilus Nation to share Ideologies on Alenea. The district known as District 5 has been shared with the Free Nation of Peria as their residential center. Alenea is in Federation land, so Peria gets next biggest district for any purpose the nation may have, this of course excludes war purposes.

District 6 - DNN Occupation

District 6

Because Alenea is shared among the Democratic Nations of Nilus, some districts were given directly to a Nilus Nation to share Ideologies on Alenea. The district known as District 6 has been shared with the DNN as their own district. Alenea is near imperial land, so in order to keep the peace, the empire gets next biggest district for any purpose the Republic may have, this of course excludes war purposes and oppressive acts against the citizens.

District 7 - Conglomerate Occupation

District 7

The District known as District 7 has been shared with the Yuilo Conglomerate as their own district. the republic gets next biggest district for any purpose the Conglomerate may have, this of course excludes war purposes and oppressive acts against the citizens.

District 8 - Polar District

District 8 is found below the north pole, thus making it ultimately cold, the coldest in Alenea. Despite this, Alenea is close to its star, meaning the temperature does not drop too far, during the day, it goes down to 5 C, and Absolute zero during the night. The architecture is Eye catching and curved. District 8 is one of the only Districts to not be elevated by The Underworld. This is because of the lesser amount of mountainous terrain.

District 8

District 9 - Art Exhibition

Main Article: Art Exhibition of Alenea

District 9 is what is known as the famed Art Exhibition of Alenea, it's the smallest district in size, but the biggest in popularity, District 9 isn't an Inhabited space, but instead an artificial sea with its Art Pieces floating above. Abstract shapes, Statues, Artifacts, Massive Dioramas of megastructures. The colorful shapes dot the blue sky above the blue sea.

District 9

District 10 - Trinity Park

Main Article: Trinity Park

District 10

District 10 is the Trinity Park, a park that was ordered to be built at around 78.100 CE, the park is massive, managing to be one of the largest manmade parks. It's complete with large parametric bridges filled with kiosks, shops, and concession stands, below the bridges is the main park, with short verdant grass, tress dotted throughout, and children's playgrounds.

District 11 - Development Zone

District 11, tight squeeze

DIstrict 11 is the newest district on Alenea, due to previous events that required the district be rebuilt, for kilometers the area is filled with unfinished buildings, cranes, construction workers, drones, materials and so on. The construction company Tumiek Materials has great influence here because of the high need for workers to rebuild the district.

District 12 - "Blacksburg"


Blacksburg is a district populated by the obscenely rich, towering skyscrapers glimmer in the sunlight, penthouses populated by the Lewisian Businessmen, glimmering lakes, blossom trees, the perfect living space for a high class citizen. Liam Arrbotch and Remier Cree live in this district. Half the district was built on spare parts of old ships, making the arcitecture more interesting and colorful.

District 13

District 13 - Ship factory

District 13 is dedicated solely to the construction of new vessels, such as Aepedkyr StarLiners, Aphrodite StarLiners, MA 353 Aircraft, and so on. In order for the district to work, corporations need to be open with sharing build space and being able to collaborate with other building corporations. For thousands of years has the district been used as a shipbuilding factory, and without disruption, until 89,998 CE, when the planetary shield was temporarily disabled, and half the district was bombarded by the Embed Collective.



55 217 CE
Kardashev Type
Major Inhabitants
Liam Arrbotch, Remier Cree, Edison Stewart, Veta Arrbotch
Democratic Nations of Nilus
Economic Type
Mixed Economy
Democracy Index
Military Status
Economic Status
Great Power

Current Governor

Remier Cree
Prime Governor of Alenea and its moons, Lumi, Gingi, and Tyru
Political Party
National Origin
Democratic Party of the Nilunian Union
Peria.png Union of Nilunia (Flag subject to change)

Governor Description

Remier Cree is the current governor of Alenea, and has been since the fateful demise of his dearest friend Liam Arrbotch. He was Liam's successor, and the legendary Arrbotch jacket was passed down to him after Liam's death. He was one of the founders of the city, he is good friends with the founder of the Aeterna Hunters, Father Sydium. Remier has not been in any relationships, and has been single his entire career.

The Major Corporations

The four large corporations on Alenea (In order of influence)

The Four Corporations
Name Logo Location
Caoticol Corporation
All districts
Intergalactic Tourist Association
District 3
Ocillas R&D
District 7, 13, 4, 11, 5
Tumirek Materials
District 11



The gravity of the moons combined had been powerful enough to raise land altitude on a planetary scale, and thus why the planet is covered with mountains, the main reason the City of Blue is elevated.


Lumi is the first moon of Alenea, and the first colonized moon during the Alenean Economy Crisis, Lumi, unlike Alenea, is not an ecumenopolis, this is because of its airless climate, but it is instead populated by a large city called the "City of White"


Gingi was the moon to immediately follow Lumi during the economy crisis, and was temporarily used as a landfill for the Alenean waste, but after colonization landfill was simply launched into B'va Prime.


Tyru is the last moon of Alenea, but wasn't colonized by citizens, but instead drained of its valuable resources by Tumirek Materials, and to this day is running dry.


Interesting tidbits

  • Alenea was almost named after the grandfather of Liam Arrbotch, who was named "Olbron Arrbotch" but the founders misheard Liam when he suggested they Name it Olbron.
  • The first building to be built on Alenea, the Capitol Building, is buried in the Underworld, but directly above it on the surface is an exact replica of it.
  • In 98,515 CE, Liam Arrbotch attempted to take a vacation in the Palioxis Starfield, to do so, he hired an Apati who shared his name to be acting governor.
  • For a short period of time, Aleneans with a history with criminal insanity would be exiled to the Underworld, as it was claimed to be easier than trying to manage criminals. However, this decision was shut down soon after. (68,420 CE - 68,440 CE)
  • In 59,311 CE, The Aleneans had elected to make the bird of choice the "Cannete Raven" a bird that never existed, nor ever will. The Aleneans had done this to test how clueless their leaders were, the test was successful and the bird was elected, Remier Cree later quoted: "We Aleneans are able to make something out of nothing."
  • Remier Cree isn't just a businessman, but also a stunt devil, and enjoys visiting the underworld very much and visits it on a monthly basis
  • The Seetheys that can be seen in the Alenean Underworld have also reportedly been seen on Emprecoy, the reason why is unknown

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