More commonly referred to as the A-Net, this network was established in 4809 to help connect all the branches of the library on New Alexandria.

When New Alexandria was colonized near the galactic core in 4742, the librarians realized that they couldn’t just rely on one branch due to their knowledge of what had happened to the Library of Alexandria. So the librarians of New Alexandria began to ask the Confederacy for help in establishing other branches on other planets and space stations all over the known galaxy.

The second branch was built on the Lilith Space Station that orbited planet Earth in 4771. From there more worlds began building branches in their native systems, mostly building them on the cooler worlds of their system to keep the massive machines from overheating. This network has grown in the past few millennia to encompass the entire galaxy. All human data is updated constantly and it now resembles the ancient Earth internet.

When humans began to explore outside the Milky Way, the network came with them. The first few intergalactic colonies in the Magellanic Clouds established their own databases that would update once every day. That speed has since gone up but as of 10000 outer intergalactic colonies have a much slower net reception than the Milky Way’s A-Net.

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