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43,237 CE - Present

Alkon-Aylathiya is a relatively small extremist theocracy, located in the Aylatheri of Via Aylathiya. Alkon-Aylathiya holds dominance over most of its region, being a relatively formidable local power. Alkon-Aylathiya holds strict authority to over 865 million star systems, and is subdivided into numerous provinces. Across all of its territory, Alkon-Aylathiya is home to over 12 quintillion people, who primarily originate from Aeternalist backgrounds. The people of Alkon-Aylathiya are led by a theocratic government, centered around Aeternalism and all of its sects. Being a theocracy, Alkon-Aylathiya is a nation of extremes, merging politics and government in a relatively unforgiving system of rule.

While not directly bordering any nation, Alkon-Aylathiya is located relatively close to the Greater Martial Consilium and Sedrua. Alkon-Aylathiya's close contact to other nations has greatly shaped its diplomacy as well. It stands as Sedrua's closest ally and has relatively positive relations with the Consilium as well. Alkon-Aylathiya's distance to the Commonwealth is also peculiar. Its distance and great influence has led many Alkonians to believe that the CUEN is a great and looming threat to their nation.

Alkon-Aylathiya was first founded a couple thousand years after Commonwealth's Eclipse. Following the devastating conflict, caravans of Zythyns fled from the Lowyzol Federation into empty space, Aylatheri. What rose from the ashes were groups of nomadic and divided clans, which looked to Aeternalism for their leading principles. It was apparent however, that these nomads would quickly perish if they did not settle or unite. But centuries after their migration, many of the largest clans came together and daringly settled on Sumayra, a Hedonist World which was perceived as untouchable holy land by many. It was Sumayra which propelled these former nomads however, as its controversial beginnings gave way to great prosperity.

Over many centuries, all nomads united and created the foundation for Alkon-Aylathiya. It took centuries more for true infrastructure to be established. In 43,237 CE, Alkon-Aylathiya was founded as a nation which stood for Aeternalism, Thaumaturgy, and the well-being of all Aeternalists. Deep, interconnected and struct rule was enforces upon its conception, bringing Alkon-Aylathiya great power and cohesion. It was a major player during Aylathiya's Totality, siding with Sedrua and directing invasions against the Lowyzol Federation, its former harborers. It even found and subdued the Resonant Divinity, a major Angelic Artifact which allowed Alkon-Aylathiya to project its power.

After a ceasefire forced by the hands of Vurilia Jutopati, Alkon-Aylathiya's influence grew, covering a large swath of Aylatheri by the War of the Ancients. During the WoTA, Alkon-Aylathiya backed the Quintet Payotari Association, and kept doing so until the end of the war. In the days preceding modern times, the Angelic Awakening shook Alkon-Aylathiya to its core. Upon seeing the return of the Angelic Pantheon, its Aeternalist government warmly welcomed them. Many refer to the Angelic Awakening as Alkon-Aylathiya's most important event, as the nation has rose in power since.


Premodern History

Sumayra was a world cherished by all who lived on its prosperous grounds. Mother Sachitel was the forger of said world, sculpting many others similar to it. By definition, it was a holy world, one graced by the benevolent touch of an Angel. Sumayra was a world free of strife and agony, as Sachitel's influence protected the divine realm Aylathiya. It would be many ages until Sachitel finished her work, and when it was complete she sent out the Cherubic Sentry to guide her worlds. For ages more, cosmic equilibrium was but a norm, as countless people were joyous and satisfied.

Eons came and passed for Aylatheri, which bore witness to the makings of the other Angels. The rise of the sixth angel Mother Sydiah, brought forth one of Aylathiya's strongest powers, Sedrua. It was not as expansive as the Svartálfar or as homely as the First Aeterna Society, instead being a mixture of all Angelic elements. Sedrua belonged entirely to Sydiah, who paved the path for fruitful expansion. In her conquest, Sydiah established a faith, Aeternalism. Aeternalism was once a faith which dominated Aylathiya's scape with undivided authority. In the eyes of the people, Aeternalism was fact, proven time and time again as common people became Magi. Across thousands of generations, Aeternalism stood high and unquestioned, cherished by Aylathiya's people. Nevertheless, it encountered great competition upon the fall of Sedrua.


Aylathiya's Totality

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