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"Alma, is the Planet in which the Genetic Pool of the Imperial Family is preserved, as well as the world where most of the Aristocracy has its genetic security stored. It is the World where the Land Army is located, and the main center of Genetics and Science related investigations in the Nation and most probably in the Herschel Space. It has become the Birthplace of over a third of all the Clone Slaves born in the Empire. This commodity has made the planet rich, and is its best known export." - Senator Maes Prim

Alma is a Terran World, located in the Okasis System, in the Lewis Galaxy and inside the Herschel Space. It is one of the Core Worlds of the Empire of Mankind, to which it belongs to. The Planet is famously known as the center for the Land Army, as well as holding one of the Most Famous and Prestigious Science Universities of the Empire. It's also the main center for Genetics in the Empire. Here is the Cloning Bank and Imperial Fertility Center. Due to this, the Planet is one of the Main Creators of Clone Slaves, one of its main exports.

This World is the Official Headquarters of the Imperial Genetic Offices, in which genetic improvements are implemented and supervised, so that the genes of their clients, especially those of the Emperor and its descendants, as well as all members of the Tarnos Dynasty. The Genes are cleaned to ensure the Genetic Lineage of the Emperor and its other clients. This Ensures that the Tarnos Dynasy doesn't have any mad or incompetent ruler, as well as to ensure the fertility and that a new successor will be born.

It takes its name, Alma, after the Spanish Language and translates as "Soul".


The Planet was settled in 21,763 CE, during the time of the Republic of Elpida, mostly by Colonists from Thetis and to a lesser extend with some settlers from Pax. It was one of the earliest planets to be colonized by the Empire. It has been since then a center for Scientific Research and specially focus on Genetics and Medical Items, sharing this economic aspect with Planet Lipna, another core world.

During the War of the Two Emperors, it served as one of the seats of power of the Pretendants to the Throne, and Empress Larissa protected the planet against any action of Kador V, even ensuring that some of the Key institutions of the Empire of Mankind were established here. It was the planet in which both Emperors settled the dispute and signed the peace treaty that end up the war.

During the Relatives war, the planet was besieged by Hannakon Forces two times. The first time, the Planet resisted the Armies of Hannakon but later, during the second attack, the Planet finally fell. However, it didn't last too long under his control, since he was defeated soon after.

When the Union attacked the Empire, several battles were fought in the System, but no big army made it to the Planet, since the System was highly fortified. The Union suffered one of its biggest and first defeats in this system. The focus of the attack was the land Army base as well as the destruction of what they considered the inmoral Clone Slave Factories.


Its blue atmosphere and its bluish oceans are one of its main characteristics. The planet was slightly terraformed to transform its atmosphere to suit Human life. This had an important impact on the ecosystems of the planet, but all the organisms where genetically threaten to adapt to the atmosphere new conditions and be able to survive thanks to genetic modification.

This World has 2 large Oceans, the Uhun Ocean and the Iko Ocean. The Uhun ocean is the Smallest between Gonan, Olkaia, Tihon and Madina, while the Iko Ocean is the Largest, between Olkaia, Tihon, Madina, Delirium and Gonan.

The Planet has 5 continents, known as Delirium, Gonan, Olkaia, Madina and Tihon.

Map of Alma Continents.jpg

Map in Blank (Oceans look Brown on the Map but are blue // Technical issues)

  • Delirium: Its the Second largest and the least populated of them. The City of Vidaur is located here, in the Highly populated Island of Moisha, between Tihon and Delirium. It's the main trading city between the continents, due to its strategic location. Moisha is sometimes consider a subcontinent on itself. The City has some important Cloning Facilities and Genetic Design institutions and projects for Clone Production.
  • Tihon: Its the most populated Continent on the Planet, and it's capital is the City of Hedesis, the biggest and oldest settlement in the entire planet. This city holds the Main Industries of the Planet, the Imperial Genetic Offices and the Genetic Bank. It also holds the main University of Science, related to Genetic and Some other Scientific Branches.

    Planet Alma: view of the strait between Madina and Tihon connecting the Ilko Ocean and the Uhun Ocean.

  • Olkaia: It's the biggest continent and the Second in terms of Population. It holds the City of Astadan, the second most populous. This city holds the Land Army Headquarters and some Cloning important industries.
  • Madina: Its the Fourth most populated and has a high density. This Planet Holds the city of Kradonan. This city has also important Cloning Facilities, but most of its economy is centered towards producing energy for the entire Planet.
  • Gonan: Its the Coldest continent, located towards the south and the least populated of them all. It's the second least populated of all the Continents. Still, the northern coast has a high density with some large cities.


Location of Alma in the Lewis Galaxy

The People of Alma are proud scientific and Industrial people, cold and profesional, known as being rational and very practical. They all dress in white and black robes.

Alma's society is known as cloners and very good scientific and genetic researchers. Trading is also one of the Planets main economic aspects. Nevertheless, some of the work is also centered in other activities such as agriculture, manufacturing and energy production for the internal population of the Planet. This positions are regarded as lesser by Almanians, who consider rational thinking as its biggest aim in life.

Also Military training and conduct is very popular in Alma. Many in Alma have a martial conduct and are very patriotic towards the Empire and its institutions.

According to Alma's society among the Wealthy, the time they reach adulthood, they celebrate their coming of age by buying their first Clone Slave and get their first genetic adulteration. According to Alma, children are forbidden to have any genetic alterations to themselves, but once they reach adulthood they can do so for the first time.

Only three aspects are allowed to be changed: Once they reach the coming of Age, the Time they get their first job, and the second when they come to maturity. However, people can have extra according to the law, when they do incredible achievements, serve well in the military or do anything extraordinary. Having four or more changes is considered as something worth of pride and admiration by other Almanians.