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Almost-Star is a large Gas Giant, bordering on Brown Dwarfdom, located in the Red Point system, in the Zalanthium Galaxy.


Almost-Star formed along with its parent star, Red Point, and twin, Eyeball. Originally, it was slated to become a brown dwarf, or even a red dwarf making the system a binary star, but a encounter with another close star disrupted its formation, and only let it accumulate a massive 12 standard gas giant masses, making it so massive that it vaguely glows on its nightside. The temperatures here are pleasant, enough for liquid water to exist if there was any ground for it to exist upon. Even so, entire ecosystems thrive in this planets endless atmosphere.


Almost-Star has twelve moons, each unique in its own way.


Milis is the closest major moon to Almost-Star, and is habitable, due to tidal-heating plus the small amount of heat Almost-Star gives off. It has organic unicellular life on its surface, residing in its small seas made out of ancient craters. It has a population of twenty thousand, mostly scientists studying the unicellular life.


The Map of Ilumnit

Ilumnit is a cool habitable moon orbiting in a similar orbit to Milis, except a couple of thousand kilometre out. It has been terraformed, and is the main population centre for the entire Almost-Star system. It has 7 continents, which are separated by 4 major seas, which are in turn connected by many channels. Its most major population centre is Ilumnit City, which is situated directly underneath Almost-Star as the moon is tidall-locked.


Julmi is a cold barren moon, with a population of only a couple of thousand. It has nothing interesting about it, except for the fact that it is not tidally-locked, a strange occurrence for a moon so small orbiting a planet so big so close.


Vincle is a frozen world, made almost half out of ice. It is the centre of ice mining for the entire system, with the second being the nightside of Eyeball. It has a population of around a hundred thousand, most being roboticists programming and constructing the robots which strip-mine the surface for ice.


Lullis is a frozen world, much like Vincle, except that it has multicellular life in a undersea ocean. This life is protected, and much like Milis, the only people living on the entire moon are xenobiologists, studying the creatures.


Lunae is a typical lunae, which is why it was named lunae. It is average in every respect; size, shape, crater density, crater count, composition, etc. It has a low amount of people living on its surface; around a million life-forms live in underground cities carved into mountains to preserve the beauty of the averageness of the surface.


Erudi is a anomaly. It seems to be a thousand degrees on its surface! The temperature is so high that it emits light, and serves as the de-facto 'sun' for the entire system. Red Point is so far away that it is no more than a dim red star, and so this moon is incredibly important. No-one really understands why the moon is as hot as it is, or why it glows like it does.









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