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Alphos is the capital and most populous planet of The Empyrean as well as the most populous planet in the galaxy Florescence. It is located near to the core of the Florescence galaxy. Alphos is considered a holy world in the religion of Fuukanism with large numbers of tourists coming to visit the planet every day.

The planet first developed life in about 3 billion BCE. The original Ravis evolved on the planet in 370,000 BCE. Before the Ravis became a space-faring civilization, the Llæns took control of the planet in about 82,000 BCE. Several centuries later, both species were incorporated into the Triumvirate Civilization. When Molonov founded the religion of Fuukanism in 74,841 BCE, little changed until the collapse of The Triumvirate in the 15,000's BCE. It became an independent state simply called "The Union of Alphos" before the Union became a theocracy known as The Proto-Empyrean. It remained fully unoccupied for most of its history apart from a brief occupation after the end of the Great Empyreal Crusade in the early 20,000's. Today, it is the capital of a nation calling itself The Empyrean.

As one of the most important planets to the economy of The Empyrean as well as the origin point for its official religion, Alphos is often seen as set apart from the rest of the Empyreal worlds. Alphos is a center for technological development for the Empyrean and was the sight of the first modern psychokinesis training facility in the galaxy. Craters, ruins, and ships from various wars have been preserved as a reminder of various wars the planet has been a major part of.


Ancient History

The planet formed about 6.5 billion years ago around the star Lelis. and developed life halfway through its history 3.6 billion years ago. The life developed fairly quickly, becoming multicellular 780 million years ago. Sapient life evolved in about 370,000 BCE in the form of the original Ravis. This species remained very primitive, mostly spreading out into small villages dotted across the temperate regions of Alphos.

The Ravis remained a pretechnological civilization until 83,512 BCE, when electricity became widely available to the majority of the populace. That same year, they began their first exploration of the space around their planet. The birth of the Ravis' interplanetary civilization eventually caught the attention of another established species in the galaxy, the Llæns, who immediately contacted the Ravis and gave them technology in exchange for an alliance.

It would not be long before the Triumvirate Civilization contacted both species. Unlike the Llæns, who were only interested in an alliance, the Triumvirate was far more interested in conquest. While being careful as to not disturb Sedrua, the Triumvirate began a very brief campaign, ending in the conquest of both nations. Under the control of the Triumvirate, Alphos became the center of the "Ravin Province," a province of 11 systems of which Alphos was the center.

The Origin of Fuukanism

The very year the Triumvirate Collapsed, Molonov returned to the planet and began ruling it once more. Within the next one thousand years, the entire Florescence galaxy had come under the sovereign control of the Empyrean. Alphos, at the center of this new empire, emerged onto the intergalactic stage as a major world. During the following War of the Final Transition, Alphos was very nearly taken by an assault by the Yohjan Confederacy. When the war ended, the devastated world found itself alone on the intergalactic stage. All other worlds were either far too damaged or cut off to compare. As the new center of civilization, Alphos became an economic powerhouse. The death of Molonov destabilized the world for quite some time, but it continued to remain at the top.

After the death of Molonov, the planet became the capital of "Empyros'," a fascist government which ruled the nation for the next 20,000 years. It believed that it was their destiny to be the vessel through which their goddess' divine wrath would be channeled against the universe. They began a campaign of total destruction in the 20,000's as the sole great power in the galaxy. This War, called the War of the Final Transition, united the rest of the galaxy in a fight for survival. The War for All saw a heavy bombardment the planet had not experienced since. A bombardment so intense that the planet took one thousand years to recover. It was briefly occupied by the governments of the Erstes Konsortium and Vaplein Republic for the next century before becoming the capital of the "High Empyreal Union," the official name of the modern Empyrean.

The planet became the center of various religious movements after the reforms of the government. "Ego-Fuukanism," "Fuukanist Universalism," "Kokanism," and many other movements took place, all of which heavily inspired by the original religion. Orthodox Fuukanism remains widely practiced as both the largest branch of Fuukanism and the largest religion period.