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Amana is a ringed temperate temperate terra planet, homeworld of the almost-extinct Amanians. It is the second planet of the Kenna System in Florathel, located 28,253 light-years away from Carlea. Amana is a very continental world, with most of the planet covered in a single large continent.


Amana was named by the native Amanians for their word for "home". It is a planet battered by war, with drastically decreased diversity, with only relatively primitive mosses covering the surface. Amana has served as a major world in the Kenna Sector, where it is located, but is not particularly important across the galactic stage. It is the capital world of the Amanian Federation, a small nation which recently almost succumbed to a great civil war which also nearly drove the Amanians to extinction and wiped out the vast majority of complex life on the planet. The Amanian Federation is currently rebuilding and reintroducing life across the planet, and it has only recently regained its green landscape.

The planet was not always as it appears today. For a long period of time it was a boring slushball, covered almost entirely in primitive bacteria. However, ~300 million years ago, it exploded with life, rapidly evolving to intelligence, which created the Amanian Federation. However, the Amanian Civil War destroyed most of this progress, leaving behind only a few hundred thousand Amanians squirreled away in the Kenna Limit Cloud, with life on the surface of Amana reduced to its state before the explosion of life 300 million years ago. Today, the Amanians are rebuilding and reintroducing life to the world, and it is almost approaching its original diversity.


Amana is located in the center of the Kenna Sector, a region of space consisting of the territory of the Amanian Federation and some of the surrounding area.

This region of space is remarkably desolate, with the Kenna System being one of only two systems within it to contain life. It is unknown why this is the case except for pure happenstance.


Amana Map.png

Amana is covered by one large continent, three minor continents, and many smaller ones, all separated by a small network of seas.

Continents: Chakres

Minor Continents: Draxel

Minor Continents: Kereles

Minor Continents: Waro


The Kenna System formed roughly 5.11 billion years ago, with all its planets forming shortly after the star itself. A large asteroid collided with the early Amana, less than a few million years after its formation. This had the effect of altering the planet’s tilt from roughly 4° to the present day tilt. The asteroid’s ejected remnants orbited the planet but never coalesced into a moon since it was within Amana’s Roche Limit, instead forming rings. The asteroid also carried organic molecules that promoted photosynthetic organisms to appear, which then scrubbed the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, replacing it with oxygen. Nitrogen also began to build up in the atmosphere around this time.

By the year 61438, the Amanians had reached Kardashev II status among their huge collection of bickering states. However, two warring factions near the system took advantage of the aforementioned bickering states, turning them against each other in a full-on civil war. This war lasted for centuries, with both sides willing to use brutal force. By the end, the race had been driven to extinction, except for a few holdouts in remote comets in the Kenna System's oort cloud. These holdouts eventually returned to the inner system, centuries after the war had scarred every planet, leaving many vast craters across the Amanian surface. The remaining population to this day is less than a billion and is slowly picking up the pieces to be reborn as a great galactic power under the wing of the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy.

Moon System

Eminar, with Amana just peeking over its limb.

Amana has one major moon, Eminar. Eminar is roughly 300 kilometers in radius and orbits relatively distantly from Amana. The moon has many mining colonies set up shortly after the first landing on it, in 61167, which take advantage of the moon's richness in resources. These colonies were abandoned shortly after the carpet bombings of the Amanian Civil War and have not been reclaimed.

Ring System

Amana has a set of thin rings, likely caused by a medium-sized asteroid breaking up after passing within Amana's roche limit. These rings have many tiny asteroids a few tens of meters across shepherding the particles into neat, very circular orbits. The rings are almost invisible from the surface, but still presented a big hazard to orbiting satellites, which set back Amanian development by a few decades.