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An artistic representation of an Amaranth Contravene affecting multiple objects and states of being.


An Amaranth Contravene, also known as a "Thavchronia," is a term referring to a cosmic event and temporal phenomenon wherein the flow of space and time within the Ambrosia Galaxy is affected in a major way. The affects of an Amaranth Contravene can vary greatly from one another, though usually they result in a change within either the matter composition within Ambrosia, the spatial dimensions, or the splitting of the natural flow of time, as well as the changes of fundamental laws of reality as we know them.

What exactly is an Amaranth Contravene is not well understood, and has remained a mystery throughout all of Ambrosian history, though theories abound exist. The most common theory involves Ambrosia's own gravitational bubble interacting with the numerous Thavavium that surrounds the galaxy, causing space and time to congeal and warp amongst itself across the numerous alternate planes of existence now combining together, causing various temporal anomalies across Ambrosian space, though this remains unproven. Regardless, Amaranth Contravenes are an integral part of the Ambrosia Galaxy's very nature, and has been known to happen throughout the galaxy's entire known existence.

Along with the mystery of what an Amaranth Contravene entails, it is not well understood what exactly causes an Amaranth Contravene, however they most typically follow an event that has caused a large affect on galactic life, society, or the nature of the galaxy itself. Examples include the creation of the entity known as "Phenomoth," as well as the C.Y.R.E.X.'s Red Galaxy Event, which caused the extinction of most known life within the Ambrosia Galaxy at the time. The affects of these specific Amaranth Contravene vary greatly from one another, affecting matter, time, space and gravity to an extent unfathomable to account for each and every change. Nevertheless, despite select commonalities, it is utterly impossible to predict when an Amaranth Contravene will happen, what it will affect, how much it will affect, or if it will affect anything at all.

Due to the prevalence Amaranth Contravenes have within Ambrosian existence, numerous sapient races have attempted to explain its affects on matter, space and reality. However, its affects on time are utterly incomprehensible to almost all intelligent species they affect, with only beings of select criteria being immune to its affects on time. These include the Amaranth Heirs, AIs of hyper intellect, and those who possess an immense amount of psychokinetic power and prowess, as well as very few sapient races.


Its affects on the matter composition of the Ambrosia Galaxy most typically results in objects being relocated, or disappearing from physical reality entirely. However in rarer circumstances, an Amaranth Contravene has been known to change the physical composition and properties of an object. The extent of this can vary heavily, from objects the size of dust particles, to entire star systems can be affected. During one Amaranth Contravene, around six hundred million separate star systems were seemingly blinked from existence. Where objects go when they are vanished from reality remains a mystery, though many theorized they have been transported in a way akin to that of the Thavavium known as the Janus Network to other Thavaviums, or even the Janus Network itself, though this remains only speculation.

An Amaranth Contravene has been known to also affect space itself in very distinct ways akin to that of black holes, but lacking the gravitational affects of one, causing entire areas of physical space to become inaccessible, or change in ways completely at odds to what's traditionally referred to as "space." The two most prevalent examples would be the creation of the so called "Entropy Space," an area of space within Ambrosia's Fantasma Arm spanning twenty light-years which is utterly devoid of any form of visible light, with only ultra violet light shining from within it. The area in which it was created was a typical area filled with star systems, planets and so on. Then, suddenly, they were consumed by an all encompassing darkness, preventing the stars within from producing natural light and heat. While the second is the "Mysterium Region" of the Dryas Cloud, which is a small area of space wherein all physical matter disappears from physical existence once entered within its borders. While it is unknown if the Mysterium Region was in fact created by an Amaranth Contravene, due to its properties mimicking those found in similar events caused by them, it is believed by most to be the case.

In rarer cases, an Amaranth Contravene has been known to affect the forces of gravity. The strangest example would ne the time in which an area of interstellar space spanning around a light-year in diameter above the galaxy's plane suddenly and rather rapidly experienced extremely heavy gravity, causing entire planets within the sphere of influence to be torn apart by gravitational tugging. While this is an extreme example, most are rather tame, with certain planet's causing their moons to orbit closer or further away then they otherwise would have, or causing a celestial object to have more or less surface gravity then its mass would normally create.

Along with these more predictable changes, the affect an Amaranth Contravene has on the fundamental laws of reality are much more varied and defying of all common sense or logic. These include matter seemingly being totally created from nothing, objects with temperatures registering colder then absolute zero, objects naturally moving faster then light and more. Due to the unpredictability of these affects, sapient races who have been made privy to these changes can do little to stop them, and must hope that they are minor, and or do not affect them personally, though they sometimes may, causing an entire species to mutate into a new form, or disappear from the face of existence all together.

When an Amaranth Contravene affects time, which is often the case, it influences numerous temporal causalities. The affects of which can vary from so called "temporal loops," when an area of space is caught in a looping cycle of time which can last a few standard seconds, to cycles spanning a thousand years, only to reset back to the beginning of the loop. Due to this, it is believed by many that all of Ambrosia is within a temporal loop currently, and will one day reset back to the beginning, though no temporal loop has been known to last longer then a thousand standard years.

Along with this, Amaranth Contravenes can cause a shattering within the timeline of the Ambrosia Galaxy, causing events that would have happened to either no longer happen at all, or be changed in very specific and random ways. As well as the future, it can also affect the past, though these affects remain mostly unknown, as the only evidence an Amaranth Contravene affects time at all comes from beings exempt from its affects, though they seem unable to peer beneath the veil of the past very far. Its believed by select individuals who have attempted to ascertain its affects on the past that an Amaranth Contravene that happens in the present or far future will somehow affect things in the past at the same time. When the Amaranth Contravene affects the timeline, it will reconnect, making all possibilities and outcomes reality, though contradictory to each other, causing chronologists' timelines to become askew through a mist of uncertainty and causality.

Cultural Interpretations

Cultural interpretations of Amaranth Contravenes vary as widely as the amount of different individual's who have been made aware of the phenomenon existence. Across most cultures, the common theory of Amaranth Contravenes being caused by oscillations of nearby Thavariums is mainly considered to be the most credible explanation as to what an Amaranth Contravene actually is. However, numerous religious organizations either use Amaranth Contravenes as a way to support their respective faiths claims as to the nature of reality, or will be formed around the concept of Amaranth Contravenes, with various fairly popular faiths being created following a wide spread Amaranth Contravene. The largest and most notable of these types of religions is the "Stagnationism," who believe that the Ambrosia Galaxy is in a constant state of fluctuation and change, meaning that sapient individuals must ensure that the current state of the galaxy is recorded, and if possible, preserved.