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"Amaranthia — The Amaranth Veil. The Source of all who claim Typhonia as their home. The Realm Mystic, an existence of pure magical energy. The greatest Fragment of our Creation."-The Lady Amaranth


The Amaranth Veil (also known as Amranthia, The Source, the Fragment of Creation, the Heart of Ambrosia or the Ambrosia Core) is an alternate plane of existence located at the absolute center of the Ambrosia Galaxy. It stands as the single oldest object in the whole of Ambrosia, being the very first entity created by the cosmic force, Imagindarium. It is a member of the Thavariums - select alternate planes found only within close proximity to the Ambrosia Galaxy, and consequentially is the only alternate plane of their number to have an entrance extant within physical reality.

It is a plane of pure magical energy, referred to by the Typhonians as "Amaranthia," literally translated to mean "Fragment of Creation." Within the Amaranth Veil is an endless expanse of infinite power left in the wake of the Imagindarium itself at the beginning of Amaranth Conception, the event in which would lead to the creation of Ambrosia as we know it. The Amaranth Veil is where all magic within the Ambrosia Galaxy originates, constantly being ejected by the swirling Amaranth mass of magical power that surrounds the gate leading to Amaranthia. Thus, as opposed to the rest of the outside universe, magic as a whole within Ambrosia is remnant energies left from the explosive creation of the galaxy.

Similar in effect to your typical supermassive black hole, everything within the Ambrosia Galaxy is gravitationally bound to the Amaranth Veil, orbiting in a massive collection of billions upon billions of stellar structures dancing around the mythical mass of power. As a result, the Amaranth Veil ensures that the Ambrosia Galaxy as a whole remains bound together, being the very core of the galaxy itself.

Due to being extant within physical reality, beings from Ambrosia are able to enter from the Amaranthia Gateway, but as soon as they do, they will instantly be eradicated and their soul will join the Great Collective. Only beings of immense magical potency, or beings whose origins are that of the Amaranth Veil itself are able to withstand the infinite power and explore, traverse, or even manipulate its splendor to their own ends.

It served as the birthplace of the two most powerful sets of beings to ever arise from Ambrosia, the first two generations of sapient life — The Annuat of legend, and their children, the Divine Typhonians. The Annuat were created from the Amaranth Veil itself, portions of the Fragment of Creation's energy made into a sapient, thinking being with the ability to create and destroy in equal measure. The Annuat would use their birthplace's energy to form the numerous Typhonians, pouring their beings into their creation, forming the swirling mass of unlimited power into god-like beings of immense magical potency.



The exact volume, extent and diameter of the Amaranth Veil from within its borders is seemingly impossible to map out and measure. Made up of endless levels placed atop one another, no being has been able to know all that is within Amaranthia. Even the most powerful of Typhonians, or even the Annuat before them has unlocked the full breath of knowledge that surely lies within the infinite Amaranth expanse. The Great Unifier itself would do well to remember that the Realms of Amaranthia may be beyond even its endless presence.