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Amarent, also known as "Remnant," or "The Amaranth Vault," is a rogue dwarf planet located in the Suvaren Field of the Via Aylathia Galaxy, and is sole world in all of its like within all of creation. Amarent's overall physical appearance and structure is very mundane. It exists as a starless rogue dwarf planet, with a frigid surface made of nitrogen ices, doomed to forever orbit the center of the galaxy in eternal night. However, one must not let the world's unassuming look deceive them, for Amarent is the gateway to a vast swath of knowledge that has been lost to time.

Amarent has achieved a mythic-status within Via Aylathia, as it is the only place in all of creation wherein the Ambrosian Remnants have been known to make themselves manifest. Ambrosian Remnants themselves are a wide variety of forces, objects and concepts that all relate to that of Ambrosia, the previous existence before this current age of the Cosmos came to be, in the times of Nothing, when even the primordial chaos had yet to exist, all that ever was all but a singular macrocosm in a Void of Totality, guided by cosmic forces well and far beyond any of this universe.

Older than even the galaxy it inhabits, Amarent is amongst the eldest objects in all of creation. It came into existence at the very dawn of the Cosmic Primordia, fully fledged as a small icen-world of withered rock and crater. It is unknown how long Amarent has been affected by Ambrosian Remnants, however, given that the small world's age has been dated back to that of the theorized time of the Cosmic Primordia, it is believed that Amarent itself was the very first Ambrosian Remnant in existence, serving as the Conduit in which to have all that would follow to come into reality.

How and why these remnants of pre-universal history cross the boundaries of time to our reality is not known by any. However, located upon Amarent itself is a group known as the "Cabal of the Amaranth Truth," an origination founded by Mother Sydiah of Sedrua, dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the Ambrosian Remnants that appear within reality. The Cabal is located upon the dwarf planet's icy surface, within a large complex known as the Amaranth Vault. The Vault covered in a vast cloaking device to shield it away from prying eyes. This complex is designed to contain any physical Ambrosian Remnants that come into reality, while also holding a significant population of Magi, dedicated to studying and recording the Amaranth Echoes that invisibly come into being across the world's barren surface.

Amaranet had remained unknown to the Via Aylathia galaxy for seemingly all of history, as it was only until the leader of Sedrua, the Mother Sydiah, felt an inexplicable call to the world in the year 100,000 BCE. As she did, she felt a strange pull to the world, not as if words were spoken, but as if it was her life's calling but to go to this seemingly empty region of existence. As she step foot upon the icy surface, was met by strange glowing Amaranth orb in-which suddenly appeared in-front of her, glowing and swirling with chaotic alien energies. As she peered into the sphere, her mind was flooded with images of a strange Amaranth Realm of wonders, before they would ultimately fade, marking the first instance an Ambrosian Remnant was known to come into existence.


Physical Properties

Amarent's surface.

Amarent's physical structure, at first observation, seems to be fairly standard for an iced-over dwarf planet. A small, spherical shape of no more than two thousand exact kilometers, a surface of solid nitrogen ice with few craters, surface scarring, and towering nitrogen ice mountains. However, a few anomalies make themselves apparent even upon first viewing. The first and most notable would be that the planet seems to be illuminated by an invisible light-source separate from that of galactic background light, as the dim-glow reveals' a piercing bright Amaranth-colored surface.

The second is that Amarent does not rotate, or orbit the galaxy in any way, always remaining forever stagnate in space as if it was permanently embedded there. Alongside remaining stagnate in position, Amarent has thus far proven to be utterly stagnate in surface feature as well. The nitrogen ice which makes up its surface is seemingly totally indestructible by any known means, from mechanical, to temporal, or thaumaturgic, it seems the small world is amongst the most durable things in known existence. This indestructibility extends to the overall physical composition of the world as well, as it has thus far been shown that nothing upon it can be altered in any way. If one was to walk upon its icy surface, they would leave no footprints. Or if they bent down to pick up a rock, they'd find it permanently embedded in its current position. However, remote observation of the ice, alongside foreign objects can be placed upon the stagnate surface without any effects.

Amarant and its moon.

Amarent has a singular small dwarf moon asteroid of a hundred kilometers in diameter primarily made of water ice, known as Amarent-2. It orbits the dwarf moon only three thousand kilometers away from it, and does not seem to have been created alongside it, as carbon-dating only puts the moon at a little over five hundred million years old. Instead, it is more likely that it was a rogue asteroid that happened to cross into Amarent's stagnate position and was captured by its gravity, forever to orbit the stationary world. No Ambrosian Remnants have been known to manifest on, or around the moon, however it also shares in the same anomalous Amaranth hue and light that its parent planet does.

Amarent is located in a region of space where an all-consuming energy force known as the "Fragments of Remembrance," permeates invisibly for only a scant few thousand kilometers around Amarent itself. The Fragments of Remembrance themselves seem to be a strange thaumaturgic-like energy Amaranth in color, yet bearing no connection to the of the Lux Aeterna, yet able to both be affected by, and affect it. In fact it is only through use of Thaumaturgic energies from Lux Aeterna can the Ambrosian Remnant, Amaranth Echoes, be observed, however direct use of manipulation of the Fragments of Remembrance has thus-far been impossible.

Amarent during Ambrosian Remnant manifestation.

Amarent's physical presence in reality has been known to be able to shift and warp, appearing as if it is fading in and out of space, or as if it is violently vibrating, though nothing appears to change for the planet itself. The only exception to this is when an Ambrosian Remnant manifests into reality. As it does, Amarent will begin to warp and stretch, shift and wobble, while the color of its surface will begin to change into a verity of colors. This will last approximately a standard minute, until the Ambrosian Remnant comes into being, and Amarent returns to its previous Amaranth hue and stagnate state.