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"Amber Log trees have to be one of my favorite things I partook in during my travels. Their fruit is so delicious, it makes all the rest of the fruit of the world taste like a rotten carrot. Not only that, but their sap is so delectable it's almost heartbreaking. I often have to stop myself whenever I cross an Amber Log as I can go a little overboard with them. I can't help it. I am only mortal after all."-William Tancard's: Havenborne Flora illustrated.


The Amber Log tree is a common and widespread species of tree across Haven's various temperate continents and islands, with a global population of around twenty billion individual trees. They are most commonly found growing along freshwater rivers, waterfalls, and lakes, but are known to inhabit other areas as well. Due to their native location, they are often concealed in fog.


Amber Logs, unlike many of the common species of tree across Haven, are very uniform in their appearance and overall physical structure, with very few different features between Amber Log species. They are very typically very thin and tall, usually standing at a height of around thirty feet high. They are fairly weak structurally speaking, only having a tensile strength of around five hundred and fifty-eight pounds per square inch to break their structure. Their leaves will typically have a yellow, orange, red or faded green coloring, often making people confuse Amber Log trees for Autumn Leaf trees. These leaves fall extremely often as well, usually dropping fifty leaves per standard day, but thanks to their leaf's extreme rate of leaf growth, they will always have a large leaf population.

They are a fruit-bearing trees, growing a type of citrus named: "Amber Orb." Amber Orbs are extremely sugary and sweet, enticing animals to eat the fruit and spread its seeds across the land. Along with the fruit, Amber Log trees leek an orange-colored sap filled with sugar, making them a nexus of energy for animals.


As their wood is extremely weak, they are almost never cut down and their wood used in construction, instead, Amber Logs usage by the inhabitants of Haven almost exclusively involves both the fruit they produce, as well as the endless amounts of sap seeping out of their bark. Amber Orbs and Amber Sap are considered to be exceedingly delicious across the whole of the world. As a result, Amber Logs are one of the most grown trees by the Haven populace, with many fruit produces selling massive amounts of the fruit and sap, as they are very profitable.

Along with intelligent individuals, many herbivores and omnivore fauna often rely on Amber Orbs as an integral part of their diet, using the extreme amount of sugar in the fruit to give them boundless energy. Typically, an animal only requires one fruit to fill their hunger for the entire day.