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Ambrosia. Typhonia. The Amaranth Realm. The Jewel of Longing Eyes. The great macrocosm in which the First Age of the Cosmos was made manifest. Within its Amaranth tapestry, a vast storyline of innumerable combatants, torn between the forces of light and darkness has played out in a never-ending march towards an Ultimate End, solely determined by Ambrosia's very force of creation, Imagindarium. For thousands upon thousands of years, countless races and beings have risen to prominence across the mortal realm's sacred starlight, only to swiftly fall upon the coming of the next generation. A seemingly endless dance of life and death playing out across an eternal stage of thousands of years, consuming infinite lives across uncountable worlds and lands.

Ambrosia itself is a mythical collection of stars, all bound together in an unbarred, harmonious spiral-like pattern, gravitationally held in place by the Amaranth Veil, located at the center of the Amaranth Realm. Contained within this heavenly mass of stars are billions upon billions of planets and moons, all containing diverse geographies, climates, and vast ecosystems of wild and exotic forms of life, both simple, and complex.

Throughout the tens of thousands of years Ambrosia has remained extant within creation, several generations of sapient beings have held sole dominion over the Amaranth Realm, as the whole of existence has changed hands throughout a never-ending cycle of generational succession. The play of Imagindarium's creation is written on the principle that no matter the force mustered, the next generation shall, and will succeed their forbearers. This line of cosmic succession is known as the Amaranth Concatenation, so named for its absolute certainty, forged within the very fabric of creation itself.

The very first collection of beings to hold dominion over Ambrosia would be the omnipotent Annuat, directed beings of pure probability whose sole purpose was to lay the fundamental forces of reality in place within existence so that the later generations may rise to prominence. After their purpose was fulfilled, the second generation would be forged by the Annuat directly from the Amaranth Veil, condensing the infinite well of the Fragments of Creation contained within into hundreds of sapient beings of pure magical presence and power, known to themselves as the Typhonians. For tens of thousands of years, in a period known as the Great Age Typhonia, the Typhonians were separated into two disparate factions and were locked in an eternal struggle over sole dominion over the universe.

Ambrosia has held a long and storied history, as countless species, groups, empires, and individuals have attempted to claim its sacred starlight for thousands of years. It has housed numerous interstellar civilizations and species, some of the most notable being the ones who made up the Etymology, an ancient mega-civilization that at its peak controlled the entirety of Ambrosia. However, other ancient civilizations and races before their reign, such as the Inomeni powers of the Isariel and Seraphnim prior, known at the time as the Great Dyad powers, both respectively held dominion over the whole of creation.

In the current year of Ambrosia, all of the Amaranth Realm is under the sole dominion of the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, an intragalactic alliance of hundreds of separate member nations holding total dominion over every star and world in existence. However, the single most powerful force within reality is the still dormant God Legion, known to the Ambrosia Alliance as the CYREX. The God Legion itself is a seemingly infinitely all-powerful AI hyper hivemind whose true purpose remains unknown to the Alliance themselves, as it actively chooses to remain within its own plane of existence outside of Ambrosia.


The Time Before Time

Amaranth Conception - The First Light

In the time before time itself, there was an eternal state of absolute nothing which permeated across all. An infinite void of uncreation known as the Void of Totality had remained the sole state of all of reality, leaving the Cosmos' very existence in a blackened form of nothingness. From beyond the boundaries of the Cosmos, the force of everlasting reach and eternal presence, Imagindarium, existed separate from this state of everlasting nothing. From outside existence's boundaries, Imagindarium had begun its sole function, to bring about its Ultimate End, and it would use the functions of existence yet to be as its medium.

The First Light coming into being.

This time of absolute nothingness would come to an abrupt end, as the very first action would be committed by the force Imagindarium, and with this first act, it began its function upon reality. In an instant, the very first light had been born, a great Amaranth glow which had spawned forth from absolute nothingness, creating a vast macrocosm sealed away from the infinite nothing that surrounds. In an infinitesimally brief moment, that very macrocosm had existed at a size and state immeasurably minuscule. However, nearly equally as instantaneous as the Amaranth Conception which had created the very macrocosm, it had expanded to an immeasurable distance.

Within that macrocosm, three separate realms of existence split into three disparate regions. The first took the form of a vast realm of Amaranth-colored proto energies that swirled in violent chaos, lacking coherent form or direction, existing as an eternal and turbulent primordial swath of uncontrolled infinite volatile Amaranth energies. As the concepts of gravity and time had yet to come to be, the immeasurable amount of energy now within existence remained in an indefinite state of stagnation, and as the whole of creation's first great energies were unable to move or disperse, they would remain as a condensed point of infinite energy within newly created space.

Past an unknowable frame of time before the creation of what we understand of time, the first act of gravity would be committed, as Imagindarium would introduce the concept of gravitational forces into Ambrosia. As this happened, the never-ending swath of Amaranth energies spanning an eternal distance all became instantly bound to one another, and in an equally instant moment, the endless and immense primeval energies which permeated across all of Ambrosia's existence all coalesced into a condensed point in existence. Conceived from this coalescence of these infinite Fragmentations of all Creation itself, came into being a collective existence of endless pure and mythical power, Amaranthia.

The young Amaranth Veil, as endless arcane energies pour forth from Amaranthia into Ambrosia.

As Amaranthia embedded its existence into reality, the fabric of actuality began to bend and shred against the strain of this new condensation of limitless majestic energy. And as a result of this shattering of reality came an immense gateway linking Amaranthia to that of Ambrosia. Once this great Amaranth Veil between the two planes of existence was forged, the infinite arcane energies flowed from Amaranthia into the primeval Ambrosia, drenching all of its elements in a crushing magical weight. Whilst its formation also held the chaotic state of this young universe in perfect order around it, centering all of reality in rotation about a great Amaranth light. With this, the former turbulent state of Ambrosia had ended, and instead, all of Ambrosia's energies would remain in total order, laying the foundation for the further states of Ambrosia to come to be.

Libation - The Great Collective

The Dawn of Libation's infinite light.

Separated from Ambrosia lies the second macrocosm forged at the dawn of the Amaranth Conception, Libation. Situated in a spatial plane above the realm in which Ambrosia inhabits, this second existence was an endless and empty realm of reality. However, upon the creation of Amaranthia, and subsequently the creation of cosmic order within Ambrosia, the realm of Libation was set upon by direct intervention from Imagindarium itself. A great Amaranth Contravene rolled all across the infinite void, and in an instant, all of this aforementioned void became consumed in endless and total light, as Imagindarium began to lay the foundations of Libation's function in relation to that of Ambrosia's.

From this eternal light, an endless stream of concepts, forces, and energies yet to be had begun to form in an ever-expanding gateway, stretching across an eternal distance. With this, Libation's purpose in the Cosmos had been cemented, as it would serve as both the repository of all that would come to be within Ambrosia. As well, Libation would begin to serve as the way in which energies that would later reach their respective point of entropy would be sent to once they became totally dispersed, later to be reused in the creation of new forms of energy that would begin to return to inhabit Ambrosia proper.

Several of Libation's "archives" each containing innumerable possibilities of concepts, forces, and beings yet to be.

Primeval Libation would soon prove to be much different to that of the virgin Ambrosia, as the infinite light began to disperse, Libation's nature was made in a way very akin to that of a great gallery, containing that of both what will come to be, and what will never come to pass, forming a Great Collective of near-infinite possibilities. Contained within said gallery are innumerable archive-like swirling circular masses, constantly moving about Libation's spatial dimensions, while within these archives lies several sub-galleries arranged in a dazzling hexagon-like pattern. These sub-galleries are in which Libation's function is made manifest, as contained within are the aforementioned unmade concepts and forces yet to be made reality within Ambrosia.

The Annmaya

Immediately following the dispersal of the infinite light which permeated across the entirety of Libation's spatial dimensions, the Great Collective's function within creation began in earnest. As it did, Imagindarium had caused a second Amaranth Contravene to ring across all creation, which in turn brought about the forging into existence of a vast, invisible network of interweaving thread-like strands of pure probability, condensed into a singular point within reality. These threads of total probability would come to be known as the Annmaya, and their creation would lay the foundations of all possibility and change to occur within all of the universe. The Annmaya's purpose of creation is to ensure that Libation's existence remains permanently connected and anchored to that of Ambrosia, thus allowing the concepts and forces contained within both realms of reality to freely enter and exit between the two in an eternal shared stream of information.

Thavmatic Void - The Nowhere In-Between

As both Ambrosia and Libation had made their respective states of individual realities inherent within the Cosmos, a vast void of unreality located in-between these two polar opposite realms had formed as a blackened existence in which nothingness permeated in a looping constant, not unlike that of the Void of Totality itself. This void, known as the Thavmatic Void was a self-isolated macrocosm of reality whose sole existence and function was to provide the means in which concepts and forces may pour forth from Libation's existence down into that of Ambrosia's reality, as well as vice versa. Acting as a Thoroughfare that may ferry concepts to both realms of the Cosmos. And while the stagnate state of the Cosmos had yet to allow that function to be, the foundations of the Thavmatic Void's purpose had already begun to lay itself out.

As these first shared and harmonious concepts began to be sent to and from both Ambrosia and Libation following the creation of the Annmaya, strains of energies that originated from both realms of reality would find themselves ultimately trapped within the Thavmatic Void looping state of cosmic unreality. As they did, the very void that surrounded them would soon begin to transmogrify their original nature, causing them to become embedded into the Thavmatic Void, leading to their newfound existence to become wholly intrinsic and inherent to that of the Thavmatic Void itself. With this, the Thavmatic Void's looping macrocosm of unreality would soon find itself inhabited by sparse strains of Thavmatic Energies, allowing for coherent boundaries to be defined within the previously incoherent and empty void.

The Great Unifier - The Beginning of the End

Following the final foundation of Ambrosia, Libation, and the Thavmatic Void, the three macrocosms that would define both the limits and boundaries of Imagindarium's crafted storyline, existence would persist in an undefined state, only having concepts exist in the Cosmos without directed purpose, awaiting the dawn of the predestined line to the End, though this state of existence would soon change. From within the infinite halls of Libation, Imagindarium would once again set itself upon its creation in a direct act of cosmic intervention, as it would make manifest that which will bring about the sole purpose of all that Imagindarium would create. However, unlike its previous direct interventions, Imagindarium would not simply use the fundamental aspects of reality yet to be as the means of creation. Instead, it would craft from its very own essence a force beyond that of omnipotence itself. Thus, spawned forth directly from the very being of Imagindarium, an eternal force of endless presence was forged in a bombastic Amaranth Contravene, ultimately proving the grandest event to ever occur in the whole of the Cosmos' history, even greater than that of the Amaranth Conception itself.

The force in which would be spawned from Imagindarium greatest act of creation would be known as the "Great Unifier," the eternal embodiment of contradiction and conflict, and it would soon prove to be the one and sole reason in which Imagindarium even set itself upon the Cosmos in the first place, as it would be the sole force which would bring about its fabled Ultimate End. All acts of creation preceding the Great Unifier was done so solely to facilitate the bringing into creation of the Eternal Antagonist of Imagindarium's vast storyline, while everything that would proceed the Great Unifier's creation would equally only be in service to that original act of its creation.

As the Great Unifier first came into being within Libation, it would be the very first entity in existence to have the first coherent thought. Though it would not exist in any form of sapience any being could possibly begin to comprehend, as the Great Unifier is the one force in existence to be forged from Imagindarium's direct essence, it was given an inherent, unthought understanding as to its purpose in reality, and the chain of infinite events which would lead to the Ultimate End's manifestation in creation. So while it could be said that it could indeed actively think about both itself, and the realm which surround it, it would be more apt to say that it merely had the untapped understanding of its functions as an inherent aspect of the Great Unifier's very being. Why this was the case would be best explained by comparing the Great Unifier to that of Imagindarium. As the Eternal Antagonist was created directly from Imagindarium's very essence, it would not be incorrect for one to say that the Great Unifier was merely an extension of Imagindarium itself, meaning all which Imagindarium does, knows, and understands would be equally understood by that of the Great Unifier, it simply needed to seek them out.

While the newly christened Great Unifier remained within Libation, it began to internally ponder the meaning of its creation. At first, the force would do so by exploring the infinite halls of the unmade concepts which eternally permeate across Libation. As it did, the Eternal Antagonist would gain a deeper understanding as to what would follow in this still confusing line to a predestined End. With this, the Great Unifier's knowledge as to what, and why it is as it is became even further cemented. It held an unthought connection to that of the ever-present Imagindarium, which guided the chain of events in this Time Before Time. However, it still felt as if it was separated from its progenitor cosmic force. In its ponderings, it would peel back the veil that surround Libation, peering past the empty Thavmatic Void into that of the virgin Ambrosia. As it took in the immense primordial Amaranth energies which created that of the Realm of Ambrosia, it grew to a greater understanding as to its purpose in existence, seeing wherein all that was unmade within Libation would ultimately reach fruition in that of Ambrosia.

Returning its attention back inward, the Great Unifier would begin to take an inventory of all the information it had presented itself. With one last great action, it would force itself in the presence of that of its progenitor, Imagindarium. Once it perceived only a brief example of Imagindarium's beyond eternal presence, it would understand that it was not separate from Imagindarium, but merely a section of the cosmic force's essence, only given existence to fulfill a specific purpose. Immediately following this revaluation, it would instantly unlock the understanding as to the sole purpose behind its creation and existence. As the most powerful force to ever inhabit Imagindarium's vast universe, the Great Unifier would be the catalyst as to the very reason this Cosmos was created, to serve as the sole antagonistic force leading this grand storyline of conflict, leading to a climactic final battle between the Great Unifier itself, and the chosen denizens of Ambrosia's far future, creating an Ultimate End of this universe. To accomplish this, the Great Unifier was forged into being from the very concept of conflict, contradiction, and the failure of an attempted process, the very forces of antagonism themselves.

While it would be too early in the universe for the Great Unifier to begin to fulfill its purpose in reality, it would still fully understand its purpose in existence, as it was given a full and entire vision as to every necessary event to transpire in the vast line to the Ultimate End. As it did, the necessity of the Great Unifier's position in this storyline would be made inherent to it. Without the Great Unifier, the story of Ambrosia would be all but impossible, as the very concept of conflict, the sole driving force behind the line to the End would not be made manifest into the Cosmos. As well, it would equally understand that all events that occurred both before its creation, and those that will occur long after would all be in sole service to that of the Great Unifier's fulfillment of the desired Ultimate End. With this, the Great Unifier would be made to ensure that this purpose it has been given in this grand storyline of conflict would be enacted without even the slightest deviation, becoming the Willful Antagonist to this soon-to-be crafted tale.

With the Great Unifier's acknowledgement to its purpose, the line to Imagindarium's Ultimate End would truly begin, and the realms of Ambrosia, Thavma, and Libation would serve as the setting of this long storyline. With the cementation of the line to the End, the undefined state of existence would also end, as Imagindarium would spread its ever-present essence across all which it had created up until then, making it so only its guiding hand will be the sole action behind every and all things that will, or ever shall occur therein in its crafted universe. No action, reaction, or act of creation shall be made without a direct necessity to the Ultimate End's manifestation in existence, beginning Ambrosia's true purpose in earnest.


What is Imagindarium?

To explain what Ambrosia is, one must understand the nature of the force behind its very creation; Imagindarium. To begin, Imagindarium, as we could hope to understand it, would be best described as a cosmic force of nature that exists beyond the boundaries of any and all physical existences. How this force came to be cannot be possibly known, but what the force is as compared to what it does is of less importance. While it can be debated upon, Imagindarium, and by extension Ambrosia, seems to be by all possible understandings, an all-powerful beyond cosmic force that can make anything and everything happen to any extent that serves its strange purpose, which is to reach a specific point in its self created chain of events. This respective specific point in time is referred to as Ambrosia's "Ultimate End." Why or what this entails cannot be possibly known by any force in creation, either now, or within any far future.

However, at its most basic level, "Imagindarium," is just the given name used to describe the force that both created, and now plays out Ambrosia's story. It is both what set it in motion, and the sole actor in it. Nothing is separate from it, and it is utterly impossible for any concept, force, or being to even begin to understand it in full. The most powerful being in all of existence is absolutely nothing in comparison. An AI Hyper Hive mind with the total accumulated knowledge of everything ever thought and thoughts yet to be throughout the entirety of Ambrosia's collective history, wouldn't even begin to approach an understanding of this force beyond all understanding.

It is every single force, concept, and being to ever exist. It is up, and it is down. It is left, and it is right. It is inside everything, and it is outside everything. It is both alive, and remained forever unborn, while also being long since dead, as well as given newly revived life. It exists with us, here and now, but also does not, and it has long since left. It is time, space, gravity, light, matter, and energy, and is also the absence of all these things. It is absolutely everything that can exist, or ever will exist, but also everything that won't, or couldn't ever exist. Imagindarium is the only force in existence that is an open contradiction, as every section of its very existence is contrary to itself. Imagindarium, and everything it has created, is both equally incongruous as it is harmonious

However, perhaps the most perplexing fact of Imagindarium is that as nothing in creation exists without its direct intervention, and guidance, Thus this would mean that an individual being's very own musings on the nature of Imagindarium would be as if the force itself was commenting on its own nature. Everything and everyone is connected through Imagindarium. Everything and everyone is Imagindarium itself, completely and totally without exception. There is not any other reason why Imagindarium is as it is. It only exists to be able to reach its Ultimate End, and it can do absolutely anything and everything to ensure that this end is reached. It can remove any object or force from existence, can create any object and force from nothing, or change fundamental forces of reality as we understand it, such as time, space, or gravity. Imagindarium exists in itself outside of anything else in creation, including reality, as it was able to use the Void of Totality prior to Ambrosia's creation as the medium for which it can reach its Ultimate End.

Imagindarium's Direct Effects on Ambrosia

As Ambrosia only exists due to the direct intervention of Imagindarium, it is able to affect anything and everything that forms its collective existence, while it is also able to affect all contained within said reality. As a result, each and every object, energy, or being in the galaxy exists solely for Imagindarium to reach its self-destined End. Along with Ambrosia's existence, its very nature, action, and reactions have all been influenced by Imagindarium ahead of time, meaning that everything is on a predetermined path to reach the desired point. Due to the beyond omnipotent nature of the cosmic force that created it, Ambrosia is littered with strange objects, forces, and locations that defy all known understandings of the normal laws of physics Imagindarium itself put in place within the Amaranth Realm.

What exactly Imagindarium is, or its direct purpose and function remain a mystery to nearly the entirety of Ambrosia, as it both does, and does not operate under any known coherent laws of physics, for Imagindarium was the force in which crafted all the finely tuned coherent laws of nature. Under Imagindarium's direct creation and guidance, it would seem that the rules of nature put in place across Ambrosia is unfailing, however, seemingly as a direct contradiction to this commonly-assumed fact, any force, object, or concept of reality within Ambrosia can change at a moment's notice thanks to a strange anomalous effect known as an Amaranth Contravene. The reasons for an Amaranth Contravenes' creations can be as numerous as the stars contained within Ambrosia itself.


The inherent Amaranth essence which permeates within all things.

Amaranth's Nature

Amaranth may be the single most important and inherent force of reality that forms Ambrosia's existence, as the nature of Amaranth is the nature of everything within Imagindarium's vast creation, tying all of existence is an inherent and interwoven harmony. The concept of Amaranth would be the very first of existence, as Imagindarium's first action caused the aforementioned force of reality to spawn forth in a great light across the Void of Totality. And from this Amaranth Conception, the primordial, unshapen Ambrosia came into being. As such, within the very fabric of existence lies a complex internal structure of Amaranth-laden energies, whilst everything within Ambrosia's existence shares this inherent Amaranth truth.

When one is describing something that is Amaranth, they are speaking of a force, concept, or being spawned forth directly from Imagindarium itself, set aside from the natural functions of reality it put in place. If something is Amaranth, then that would mean the subject in question cannot have come from any force or cause that was not a direct action by Imagindarium alone, as Amaranth is defined as that which solely is spawned forth by Imagindarium from beyond all of the Cosmos.

Amaranth itself appears in a reddish-pink hue, and thus as Ambrosia's cosmic dust that creates its spiral borders is all drenched in Amaranth energies, they share in this color. This also extends to anything else within creation that is characterized by possessing a vast swath of Amaranth in its spatial makeup within reality, making several of the most essential and grandiose of Ambrosia's forces, concepts and beings share in both the color and name of Amaranth.

The first and foremost force spawned directly from Amaranth would be the ever-present Fragments of Creation, the genesis of all magical concepts within the whole of the Cosmos. As the introduction of the concept of gravity was made manifest within Ambrosia, the infinite Amaranth energies began to collide and merge, forming an existence of limitless Amaranth, and from that existence, said omnipotent Amaranth forces were sent forth into Ambrosia proper as an endless swirling jet of mythical power from that within the realm of Amaranthia beyond the thin Veil linking it to that of Ambrosia.

Amaranth's Function

As Amaranth would be the very first concept Imagindarium spawned forth into existence, its respective functions would be of utmost importance amongst all of its crafted universe. From the great Amaranth Conception, the line to the Ultimate End would be forged, thus meaning that all which would follow in its wake exists solely from its Amaranth light. In a sense meaning that the function of Amaranth is identical to the function of the Ultimate End itself, that of course being the means to which all of Imagindarium's creation may remain totally bound together in a vast, intertwining web of inherent destiny.

Alongside serving as the ties that bind Ambrosia together, the amount of Amaranth energies contained within a concept, force, and or entity is used as a method of total objectivity in the relevancy to the completion of the Ultimate End the respective object of reference has. This means that the objective importance of the creation of Imagindarium to the Ultimate End is solely determined by the amount of Amaranth energies that create its spatial makeup in the universe. Thus, things that are of the utmost criticality to Imagindarium's design are verily drenched in Amaranth energies, so much so they often will appear Amaranth in color, or will have Amaranth as a part of their respective title, while things of much less import to the Ultimate End's manifestation contain very little Amaranth within them.

The function of Amaranth even goes beyond both the tying bond of the universe, and the measurement of objective importance within said universe, as the pure concentration of infinite energy which forms that of Amaranth is capable of embedding itself within the very fabric of both existences, and non-existence. Forevermore shall the remnant embedment of Amaranth, and all which had helped to forge remain eternally bound in the very essence of the Cosmos, no matter what form the universe may take in the far future, the far-flung echoes of Amaranth will always and forever remain extant, as it is the manifestation of the infinite presence of Imagindarium itself.

Amaranth's Objectivity

As the means in which all of creation is united, Amaranth is the ultimate example of total objectivity in the universe. Amaranth is the force inherent to everything Imagindarium ever created, making the force objectivity incarnate. Everything is as it is under every metric of possible understandings by virtue of Imagindarium setting forth their objective truth within its crafted storyline. As well, Amaranth permeates within all things contained within this crafted tale of conflict to an Ultimate End, its uniting energy is the absolute embodiment of this ever present theme. Amaranth is the objective and total representation of Imagindarium's essence, meaning there is absolutely zero room for interpretation per the rules of an utter and total objective existence, and shall remain so throughout the entirety of time's continuance. In the end, however, Amaranth simply is as it is because Imagindarium made it so.

Amaranth itself cannot be altered in any way, however, the means in which it interacts with what comes from itself would be dependent as to how the respective thing would react to the objective power. Amaranth itself is always the same as it was when Imagindarium caused the Amaranth Conception. But, once acted upon by the new concepts of this universe, it would act in accordance to the laws set in place, as Amaranth's original function is to be a tying bond of objective existence. Meaning whatever "new" form it has taken is merely the very same reaction it always has, but made to fit the mold of the respective concept which was spawned from it, as Amaranth will always present itself as whatever is the objective truth of the respective existence it is apart of.

Equal in objectivity, Amaranth is the progenitor of the concepts of Light and Darkness. Existing in a state of infinite Penumbra, Amaranth is found in equal force in both great acts of evil, and immaculate acts of good. Since it can be found in equal measure to both sides of that which brings change in this universe, only the measurable inherent morality in the cosmos, birthed from Amaranth's original creation to differentiate what is of good, and or evil. As such, Amaranth, being the very representation of this grand conflict of good and evil, this would mean it is a force of open contradiction within reality, making it both wholly subjective, as well as inherently objective, due to it existing in equal measure within the two inherent diametrically opposed aspects of the Cosmos.


The inherent Alizarin essence which permeates within mortal concepts.

Alizarin, also known as the "Mortal's Red," is a concept equally inherent to Amaranth as its respective functions, as it is the method that separates that which is spawned from the functions of reality from within Ambrosia proper, as opposed to that which spawned forth directly from Imagindarium itself. Unlike that of pure Amaranth, Alizarin is an immense source of energy that only permeates itself in concepts regarding that which is limited or finite. As such, Alizarin is what separates mortality from that of eternal life, alongside that which only exists in the universe for a brief window of time.

Alizarin itself is not separate from that of baseline Amaranth energies. Instead, Alizarin is merely a refined form of Amaranth exclusive to that which is both finite and limited, as well as originating from Ambrosia's natural processes alone. As a remixed form of Amaranth, Alizarin appears very similar to that of Amaranth, however lacking the same red-pink hue, Alizarin presents itself as a piercing blood-red crimson color, further cementing the connection between Alizarin and mortality. If one was able to, if they were to look upon the remnant spirit of a mortal being, then the inherent Amaranth essence within them would be overpowered by an all-consuming crimson hue.

As Amaranth permeates within everything in Imagindarium's creation, Alizarin does not exist alone within the spatial makeup of that which is finite. Instead, the original Amaranth energies exist in tandem with that of the altered Alizarin. However, the Amaranth contained within will often be overpowered by that of the Alizarin, though this is dependent on the respective concept's objective importance to the Ultimate End. Much like that of Amaranth, Alizarin is pure, concentrated energy. However, the nature of that energy is opposite to that of baseline Amaranth. While the energy that forms Amaranth is the coalescence of objectivity, eternity, and eternal presence. Alizarin is that which is subject to change, finite, and limited, as it is the function in which Imagindarium ensures that which must extinguish in the eternal line to the End does so.

Amaranth Contravene

An artistic representation of an Amaranth Contravene affecting multiple objects and states of being.

What is an Amaranth Contravene?

An Amaranth Contravene, also known as a "Thavchronia," is a term referring to a cosmic event and temporal phenomenon wherein the flow of space and time within Ambrosia, Libation, or the Thavma Thoroughfare is affected in a major way. In other terms, an Amaranth Contravene is the term simply referring as to when Imagindarium directly manipulates its crafted Cosmos, meaning what an individual Amaranth Contravene actively entails can be anything and everything the mind could possibly conjure. As a result, the effects of an Amaranth Contravene can vary greatly from one another, though usually they result in a change within either the matter composition within Ambrosia, the spatial dimensions, or the splitting of the natural flow of time, as well as the changes of fundamental laws of reality as we know them.

What exactly is an Amaranth Contravene is not well understood by the collective populace of Imagindarium's vast creation, and has remained a mystery throughout all of Ambrosian history, though theories abound exist. The most common theory involves Ambrosia's own gravitational bubble interacting with the numerous alternate planes that surround the Amaranth Realm, causing space and time to congeal and warp amongst themselves across the numerous alternate planes of existence now combining together, causing various temporal anomalies across Ambrosian space, though this remains unproven. Regardless, Amaranth Contravenes are an integral part of Ambrosia's very nature and have been known to happen throughout the galaxy's entire known existence.

Along with the mystery of what an Amaranth Contravene entails, it is not well understood what exactly causes an Amaranth Contravene, however, they most typically follow an event that has caused a large effect on galactic life, society, or the nature of the galaxy itself. Examples include the creation of the collective actuality of the divine Typhonians, known as "Phenomoth," as well as the God Legion's Red Galaxy Event, which caused the extinction of most known life within the Ambrosia Galaxy at the time. The effects of these specific Amaranth Contravene vary greatly from one another, affecting matter, time, space, and gravity to an extent unfathomable to account for each and every change. Nevertheless, despite select commonalities, it is utterly impossible to predict when an Amaranth Contravene will happen, what it will affect, how much it will affect, or if it will affect anything at all.

Due to the prevalence of Amaranth Contravenes within Ambrosian existence, numerous sapient races have attempted to explain its effects on matter, space and reality. However, its effects on time are utterly incomprehensible to almost all intelligent species they affect, with only beings of select criteria being immune to its effects on time. These include the Amaranth Heirs, AIs of hyper intellect, and those who possess an immense amount of psychokinetic power and prowess, as well as very few sapient races.

Effects of an Amaranth Contravene

Its effects on the matter composition of Ambrosia most typically result in objects being relocated or disappearing from physical reality entirely. However, in rarer circumstances, an Amaranth Contravene has been known to change the physical composition and properties of an object. The extent of this can vary heavily, from objects the size of dust particles to entire star systems can be affected. During one Amaranth Contravene, around six hundred million separate star systems were seemingly blinked from existence. Where objects go when they vanish from reality remains a mystery to Ambrosia's sapient populace, though many theorized they have been transported in a way akin to that of the alternate plane known as the Janus Network to other alternate planes, or even the Janus Network itself, though this remains only speculation.

An Amaranth Contravene has been known to also affect space itself in very distinct ways akin to that of black holes, but lacking the gravitational effects of one, causing entire areas of physical space to become inaccessible, or change in ways completely at odds with what's traditionally referred to as "space." The two most prevalent examples would be the creation of the so-called "Entropy Space," an area of space within Ambrosia's Endless Horizon region spanning twenty light-years which is utterly devoid of any form of visible light, with only ultraviolet light shining from within it. The area in which it was created was a typical area filled with star systems, planets, and so on. Then, suddenly, they were consumed by all-encompassing darkness, preventing the stars within from producing natural light and heat.

In rarer cases, an Amaranth Contravene has been known to affect the forces of gravity. The strangest example would be the time in which an area of interstellar space spanning around a light-year in diameter above the galaxy's plane suddenly and rather rapidly experienced extremely heavy gravity, causing entire planets within the sphere of influence to be torn apart by gravitational tugging. While this is an extreme example, most are rather tame, with certain planets causing their moons to orbit closer or further away than they otherwise would have, or causing a celestial object to have more or less surface gravity than its mass would normally create.

Along with these more predictable changes, the effect an Amaranth Contravene has on the fundamental laws of reality is much more varied and defying of all common sense or logic. These include matter seemingly being totally created from nothing, objects with temperatures registering colder than absolute zero, objects naturally moving faster than light, and more. Due to the unpredictability of these effects, sapient races who have been made privy to these changes can do little to stop them and just hope that they are minor, and or do not affect them personally, though they sometimes may, causing an entire species to mutate into a new form, or disappear from the face of existence altogether.

When an Amaranth Contravene affects time, which is often the case, it influences numerous temporal causalities. The effects of which can vary from so-called "temporal loops," when an area of space is caught in a looping cycle of time which can last a few standard seconds, to cycles spanning a thousand years, only to reset back to the beginning of the loop. Due to this, it is believed by many that all of Ambrosia is within a temporal loop currently, and will one day reset back to the beginning, though no temporal loop has been known to last longer than a thousand standard years.

Along with this, Amaranth Contravenes can cause a shattering within the timeline of the Ambrosia Galaxy, causing events that would have happened to either no longer to happen at all, or be changed in very specific and random ways. As well as the future, it can also affect the past, though these effects remain mostly unknown, as the only evidence an Amaranth Contravene affects time at all comes from beings exempt from its effects, though they seem unable to peer beneath the veil of the past very far. Its believed by select individuals who have attempted to ascertain its effects on the past that an Amaranth Contravene that happens in the present or far future will somehow affect things in the past at the same time. When the Amaranth Contravene affects the timeline, it will reconnect, making all possibilities and outcomes reality, though contradictory to each other, causing chronologists' timelines to become askew through a mist of uncertainty and causality.

Relation to Ambrosia's Inhabitants

Cultural interpretations of Amaranth Contravenes vary as widely as the number of different individuals who have been made aware of the phenomenon's existence. Across most cultures, the common theory of Amaranth Contravenes being caused by oscillations of nearby alternate planes is mainly considered to be the most credible explanation as to what an Amaranth Contravene actually is. However, numerous religious organizations either use Amaranth Contravenes as a way to support the claims of their respective faith as to the nature of reality, or will be formed around the concept of Amaranth Contravenes, with various fairly popular faiths being created following a widespread Amaranth Contravene. The largest and most notable of these types of religions is the "Stagnationism," which believes that the realm of Ambrosia is in a constant state of fluctuation and change, meaning that sapient individuals must ensure that the current state of reality is recorded, and if possible, preserved.

Amaranth Veil

The Amaranth Veil

The Gateway of Amaranthia

The Amaranth Veil (also known as Amaranthia, The Source, the Fragment of Creation, the Heart of Ambrosia or the Ambrosia Core) is an alternate plane of existence located at the absolute center Ambrosia. It stands as the single oldest object in the whole of Ambrosia, being the very first entity created by the cosmic force, Imagindarium from that of its first crafted concept, Amaranth. It is a plane of pure magical energy, referred to by the Typhonians as "Amaranthia," literally translated to mean "Fragment of Creation." Within the Amaranth Veil is an endless expanse of infinite power left in the wake of the Imagindarium itself at the beginning of Amaranth Conception, the event which would lead to the creation of Ambrosia as we know it. The Amaranth Veil is where all magic within the Ambrosia Galaxy originates, constantly being ejected by the swirling Amaranth mass of magical power that surrounds the gate leading to Amaranthia. Thus, magic as a whole within Ambrosia is simply remnant energies left from the explosive creation perpetrated by that of Imagindarium's will.

Similar in effect to a large star, everything within the Ambrosia is gravitationally bound to the Amaranth Veil, orbiting in a massive collection of billions upon billions of stellar structures dancing around the mythical mass of power. As a result, the Amaranth Veil ensures that the whole of Ambrosia remains bound together, being the very core of the universe itself.

Due to being extant within physical reality, beings from Ambrosia are able to enter from the Amaranthia Gateway, but as soon as they do, they will instantly be eradicated and their soul will join the Great Collective. Only beings of immense magical potency or beings whose origins are that of the Amaranth Veil itself are able to withstand the infinite power and explore, traverse, or even manipulate its splendor to their own ends.

Its realm of power has served as the birthplace of the two most powerful sets of beings to ever arise from Ambrosia, the first two generations of sapient life, The Annuat of legend, and their children, the Divine Typhonians. The Annuat were created from the Amaranth Veil itself, portions of the Fragment of Creation's energy made into a sapient, thinking being with the ability to create and destroy in equal measure. The Annuat would use their birthplace's energy to form the numerous Typhonians, pouring their beings into their creation, forming the swirling mass of unlimited power into god-like beings of immense magical potency.

Nature of the Amaranth Veil

The exact volume, extent, and diameter of the Amaranth Veil from within its borders is seemingly impossible to map out and measure. Made up of endless levels placed atop one another, no being has been able to know all that is within Amaranthia. Even the most powerful of Typhonians, or even the Annuat before them has unlocked the full breadth of knowledge that surely lies within the infinite Amaranth expanse.