The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems (or the A.A.U.S.) is the current governing body of all colonized worlds of its member species in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a member state of the Confederacy of Borealis


The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, often shortened to just the Ambrosia Alliance, is the galactic governmental representative of the Confederacy of Borealis for the Ambrosia Galaxy. Though it serves more as an independent state under its protection. Its function is to unite all of the Ambrosia Galaxy under one banner of protection, exploration, colonization, and peace. Though this unrealistically optimistic goal is often undermined by many factors such as wars, and certain people's general unwillingness to cooperate with each other. Despite this, the Ambrosia Alliance is generally considered to be a positive force by many of its people.

Most of the Ambrosia Alliance's efforts are placed on colonization, and exploration of celestial bodies across the galaxy, though it often focuses on the quality of life for its citizens, and offering other intelligent civilizations to join them as well. This system isn't always perfect, as numerous disagreements be them civil, or aggressive, to the point of war, have occurred and continue to occur.

The respective rulers of each one of the member species are often viewed in high regard as an individual who puts the needs of their people above anything else as they are put in power by the public. This isn't always the case, in fact the majority of the time, their leaders are in it for their own personal gain. If one is discovered to be as such, then the people can vote on evicting them from their position of power.

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