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"The Ambrosia Galaxy. Home to countless wondrous worlds, and even more wondrous life. I am extremely honored and humbled I have been chosen to be its leader"-Lakarda Lakvan

The Ambrosia Galaxy is an unbarred, flocculent spiral galaxy located 134 million light-years away from the Via Lactea Galaxy. It is the second largest member of the Thavma Assemblage.


Known by the official numeric designation GRN-7777777 by the Confederacy, it was later named Ambrosia due to its strikingly beautiful appearance. It is the home of four hundred billion stars, trillions of billions of planets, and countless life forms. The galaxy is so abundant with life, it is theorized that around fifty percent of all star systems in the Ambrosia Galaxy contain at least one world with native life, making it one of the most life-filled galaxies in known space, with around ten percent of these systems containing a world housing a sapient species.

It was the home galaxy of the Etymology, an ancient intragalactic, and early intergalactic civilization that comprised hundreds of millions of sapient races and at its peaked controlled around eighty-seven percent of the entire galaxy.

The most powerful force in the galaxy is the C.Y.R.E.X. A hyper-intelligent A.I. hive mind, however it seems to only remain within the Ambrosia Core.

It was also the home of the short lived Human Alliance of Ambrosia, which served as an independent state of the Confederacy of Borealis, however the current governmental body that holds dominion over the galaxy, while remaining within the Confederacy of Borealis is the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems. This government functions as a democratic republic made up of several intelligent species. Other early embryonic to late type 3 civilizations are also located there.

A rather famous aspect of the Ambrosia Galaxy is the large amount of unique material and objects found exclusively within its borders. These materials, known as: "Thavmium" are quite varied, and can be classified as anything from a simple particle that is not found in any other known galaxy in the Local Universe, to an entire sapient species that have a respective inherent trait only known to themselves.

Ambrosia has had a long and storied history, as countless species, groups, empires and individuals have attempted to claim its sacred stars for countless eons. As the timeline of the galaxy spans billions of years, it is too complex to explain in full in any coherent and cohesive manner.

"Ambrosia: Amaranth Realm. Starry heart of Thavma. Jewel of longing eyes. Home to the universe's greatest beings...Where all living things yearn to be."-Mystara

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