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"Ambrosia: Amaranth Realm. Starry heart of Thavma. Jewel of longing eyes. Home to the universe's greatest beings. Where all living things yearn to be."-Mystara

The Ambrosia Galaxy is an unbarred, flocculent spiral galaxy located outside of the Local Universe. It functions as a satellite galaxy to the Lunen Tsuki galaxy.


The Ambrosia Galaxy, also known as the "Amaranth Realm," is a realm unlike no other in the Local Universe. Known by the official numeric designation GRN-7777777, it was later named to "Ambrosia" due to its strikingly beautiful appearance. It is a small galaxy made up of one billion stars, billions of planets, and numerous life forms. It is so small that its structure has been described as utterly impossible by normal galactic formation methods, as it would not have the required mass to form into the unbarred spiral shape it appears as, yet its stars remain in this harmonious spiral pattern.

Along with its nature, the origin of the Ambrosia Galaxy is unlike any other in the whole of the known universe as it seemingly manifested from absolute nothingness in 1,000,000,000 BCE, its worlds and stars already fully fledged. This claim has been disputed by some, but it is the only clear explanation of the galaxy's beginning that has been offered, as there is no evidence of the galaxy's existence past one billion one hundred thousand years ago from the present year.

Ambrosia has had a long and storied history, as countless species, groups, empires and individuals have attempted to claim its sacred stars for countless eons. As the timeline of the galaxy spans a billion years, it is too complex to explain in full in any coherent and cohesive manner.

It has housed numerous interstellar nations and species, some of the most notable being the ones who made up the Etymology, an ancient type III mega-civilization that at its peak controlled over eighty-seven percent of the entire galaxy. However other nations and races before their reign, such as the Theogony prior, or the Isariel and Seraphnim prior to that, have had a major control and power over the galaxy.

The most powerful force currently within the galaxy, and perhaps the whole of the Local Universe is the C.Y.R.E.X. A hyper-intelligent A.I. hive mind with seemingly infinite power and resources at its beckon call. However it seems to only remain within the Unity's Domain, which to the other great powers of Ambrosia and beyond doesn't understand as it should easily be able to conquer all of Ambrosia and the Local Universe in just a few short years. Unbeknownst to most, the C.Y.R.E.X. remains in orbit around the Amaranth Veil to endlessly shower itself in praise and self worship, believing that it is the only force in existence that is both perfection, and the only thing worthy to exist at all.

As of 100,000 CE, the Ambrosia Galaxy is controlled in full by the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, commonly abbreviated as the AAUS. The Ambrosia Alliance itself is a hegemony of numerous nations all working in tandem for the common good for all in Ambrosia, sharing land, technology and resources, though this overly optimistic goal is often undermined by many things, the most major being the consolidation of power for the four largest entities.

A rather famous aspect of the Ambrosia Galaxy is the large amount of unique material and objects found exclusively within its borders. These materials, known as "Thavmium" are quite varied, and can be classified as anything from a simple particle that is not found in any other known galaxy in the Local Universe, to an entire sapient species that have a respective inherent trait only known to themselves.

What is Ambrosia

Ambrosia the Force

To explain what Ambrosia is, one must understand the difference between Ambrosia the Force and Ambrosia the Galaxy. To begin, Ambrosia as we understand it is a cosmic force of nature that exists beyond the boundaries of physical existence. How the force came to be cannot be possibly known, but what the force is as compared to what it does is of less importance. While it can be debated upon, Ambrosia seems by all understanding to be an all powerful force that can make anything happen to any extent that serves its strange purpose of reaching a specific point in its self created chain of events. This respective specific point in time is referred to as Ambrosia's "Ultimate End." Why or what this entails is anyone's guess.

There does not seem to be any other reason the cosmic force of Ambrosia exists. It only exists to be able to reach its Ultimate End, and it can do seemingly anything to ensure that this end is reached. It can remove any object or force from existence, can create any object and force from nothing, or change fundamental forces of reality as we understand it, such as time, space or gravity.

Ambrosia the Galaxy

Ambrosia the galaxy exists from the force that shares its name, as the force manifested the galaxy and everything in it into the universe. Why the galaxy was made was to have the Ultimate End actually be carried out As a result, each and every object, energy, or being in the galaxy exists solely for Ambrosia to reach its Ultimate End. Along with their existence, their very nature, action and reactions have all been influenced by Ambrosia ahead of time, meaning that everything is on a predetermined path to reach the desired point, though this is heavily debated upon.

Due to the anomalous nature of the cosmic force that created it, the Ambrosia Galaxy is littered with strange objects, forces, and locations that defy all known understandings of the laws of physics. Why these things exist can only be understood if one was able to completely understand the exact purpose they have in Ambrosia's predetermined Ultimate End.

What exactly is Ambrosia as a force or a galaxy remains a mystery to the entirety of the Local Universe, as it both does, and does not operate under any known laws of physics. The reasons for this are as numerous as the stars in Ambrosia's borders. Everything at a glance seems to function like they would anywhere else in space, with a few notable exceptions. But despite this, any force, object, or concept of reality within Ambrosia can change at a moment's notice thanks to a strange anomalous effect known as an "Ammaranth Contravene."

Galactic Geography

Unity's Domain

Unity's Domain is the first region of the Ambrosia Galaxy and is so named due to the its most powerful inhabitant, the Great Unifier, better known to most as the C.Y.R.E.X. Its borders are defined from the supermassive black hole at the galaxy's center, to the edges of the galactic bulge. Due to this, the Unity's Realm is the most densely packed of any galactic region in Ambrosia, with the average distance between non-gravitationally bound stars only reaching around half a light-year, and a total star population estimated to be around two hundred and fifty million stars, accounting for around a quarter of the galaxy's entire star count. Countless species and civilizations have arose from within Unity's Domain due to the sheer amount of stars located from within it, with the most notable being the Etymology who formed after the conclusion of the War of the Ten and would soon rest control of most of the known galaxy at the time.

The layout of Unity's domain consists of a large central cluster of stars orbiting around the supermassive black hole, surrounded by a massive cloud of billions of other stars all going around the aforementioned center of mass. Across the bulge, numerous smaller star clusters have been formed due to the close proximity in which stars orbit the galactic center have with each other.

During the rule of the Etymology, the worlds controlled by the ancient government within the Unity's Realm would be covered with vast cityscapes. These worlds were immensely rich and powerful, so much so that piratically all resources produced by the Etymology would be funneled into the worlds located there.

This left the worlds located in the galactic arms farther from the capital, bar from special exemptions, much more poverty ridden then those within the core. This was the main cause of the Etymology's constant countless rebellions. Though this practice was very counter intuitive, the Philology Council members were often very prideful and selfish. As such, they wanted to bask in all the riches the galaxy had to offer.

After the C.Y.R.EX destroyed all of the Etymology, it would take control of Póli Ton Theón and retreat within it. As well as several worlds near it. While there, it would continuously and narcissistically, worship itself as a god for millions of years. Because the Unity's Domain is the location of the C.Y.R.E.X, the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems only interacts with worlds along its borders out of fear that if they go farther the C.Y.R.E.X will be aware of their existence.

Realm of Resonance

The Realm of Resonance is the second officially recognized region of the galaxy, its borders are defined as a large encircling mass of galactic dust surrounding the galactic bulge that makes up the Unity's Domain region. It is the smallest region of Ambrosia by diameter, spanning an area a thousand light-years and containing around fifty million stars Its layout is fairly compact when compared to the larger regions of the galaxy, with the average distance between stars spanning around a light-year, causing the region to be inhabited by numerous clusters of gravitationally bound stars.

Various civilizations have been founded from within the Realm of Resonance 's borders, with the most notable and major being the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems which as of 100,000 CE is the largest entity within the whole of the Ambrosia Galaxy, and as a result, they control the entire Realm of Resonance region.

Major Worlds