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Galactic Geography
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The exact galactic geography of the Ambrosia Galaxy has been hotly debated for countless years as the galaxy's unorthodox spiral design has left it with a very unique design when compared to other spiral galaxies of comparable volume and diameter.

As a result, what defines a distinct region of Ambrosia has changed in the galaxy's wider popular culture several times, often times due to subjective or arbitrary reasons, however currently the galaxy is separated into eight distinct regions of varying size. In most official orders they are as followed:

Unity's Domain

The Unity's Realm is the first region of the Ambrosia Galaxy. Its borders are defined from the supermassive black hole at the galaxy's center, to the edges of the galactic bulge. Due to this, the Unity's Realm is the most densely packed of any galactic region in Ambrosia, with the average distance between non-gravitationally bound stars only reaching around half a light-year, and a total star population estimated to be around one hundred billion stars, accounting for around a quarter of the galaxy's entire star count.

The layout of the Unity's Realm consists of a large central cluster of stars orbiting around the supermassive black hole, surrounded by a massive cloud of billions of other stars all going around the aforementioned center of mass. Across the bulge, numerous smaller star clusters have been formed due to the close proximity in which stars orbit the galactic center have with each other.

During the Etymology Era, the worlds controlled by the ancient government within the Unity's Realm would be covered with vast cityscapes. These worlds were immensely rich and powerful, so much so that piratically all resources produced by the Etymology would be funneled into the worlds located there.

This left the worlds located in the galactic arms farther from the capital, bar from special exemptions, much more poverty ridden then those within the core. This was the main cause of the Etymology's constant countless rebellions. Though this practice was very counter intuitive, the Philology Council members were often very prideful and selfish. As such, they wanted to bask in all the riches the galaxy had to offer.

After the C.Y.R.EX destroyed all of the Etymology, it would take control of Póli Ton Theón and retreat within it. As well as several worlds near it. While there, it would continuously and narcissistically, worship itself as a god for millions of years. Because the Unity's Realm is the location of the C.Y.R.E.X, the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems only interacts with worlds along its borders out of fear that if they go farther the C.Y.R.E.X will be aware of their existence.

Ambrosia's super massive black hole fully formed around 13,000,000,000 BCE. After this, the first stars of the galaxy would begin to form throughout the remainder of the 12,000,000,000 BCEs. In the billions of years that followed, countless other stars, planets, and lifeforms would continue to come into being

Countless species and civilizations have arose from within the Ambrosia core due to the sheer amount of stars located from within it, with the most notable being the Etymology who formed after the conclusion of the War of the Ten and would soon rest control of most of the known galaxy at the time.

Realm of Resonance

The Realm of Resonance is the second officially recognized region of the galaxy, its borders are defined as a large encircling mass of galactic dust surrounding the galactic bulge that makes up the Unity's Realm region. It is the smallest region of Ambrosia by diameter, spanning an area of twenty thousand light-years and containing around fifty billion stars.

Its layout is fairly compact when compared to the larger regions of the galaxy, with the average distance between stars spanning around a light-year, causing the region to be inhabited by numerous clusters of gravitationally bound stars.

Various civilizations have been founded from within the Realm of Resonance 's borders, with the most notable and major being the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems which as of 100,000 CE is the largest entity within the whole of the Ambrosia Galaxy, and as a result, they control more then seventy-five percent of the entire Realm of Resonance region, with the various other Great Powers of Ambrosia controlling almost the exact remainder.

Elysium Realm

The Elysium Realm is the third galactic region of Ambrosia. Its borders are defined in a rather strange matter, comprising nearly half of the entire galaxy spanning from the Realm of Resonance to almost the farthest regions of the galaxy's respective borders. and is the largest in terms of both diameter, volume, and star count.

Fantasma Arm

Aeschylus Arm

Silent Reaches

Dryas Cloud

The Dryas Cloud is a region of the Ambrosia Galaxy made up of three hundred and thirty star clusters, along with billions of independent star systems, all in gravitational resonance of each other orbiting the Unity's Domain . Its members are made up of around 24,000,000,000 stars.

The Dryas Cloud is a mass of star clusters all in gravitational resonance with each other as they orbit the super-massive black hole at the center of the Ambrosia Galaxy, the Unity's Domain .

Countless worlds, lifeforms, and civilizations have made their home their. Most notably, the Etymology would have control over the galactic region and its worlds from 3,400,000,0000 BCE all the way to their destruction in the Ambrosia Galaxy in 604,000,000 BCE.

The Dryas Cloud's stars were formed with the formation of the super-massive black hole, the Unity's Realm in 13,000,000,000 BCE. Throughout the 12,000,000,000 BCEs these stars would move closer and closer together as they were under very little gravitational influence of the super-massive black hole. Most of these stars would clump together under their own respective gravity's and become large star clusters.

In the Etymology Era the worlds in the Dryas Cloud would have average attention given to them by the larger intragalactic government they belonged to. However this all changed during the Dryas Galactic War, an intergalactic war between the Ambrosia Galaxy and its satellite galaxy, the Dryas Galaxy in 2,899,619,067 BCE.

During the Dryas Galactic War the two warring factions of their respective galaxies, the Etymology, and the Dryas Collective were fighting a long, brutal, and seemingly endless war. However this war would enter into the Etymology and the larger Ambrosia Galaxy's favor when the top scientific minds of the Etymology would set up a galactic scale shield-generator using a large array of laser shield-generators across key worlds in the many star clusters orbiting the galaxy within the galactic region in 2,899,617,200 BCE.

With the activation of this shield-generator, the Dryas Collective's forces were unable to enter their war ships into the Ambrosia Galaxy, while military forces in the Dryas Cloud could freely enter the Dryas Galaxy. After this the war would end in Etymology victory. After the the Dryas Galactic War, the shield-generator would be deactivated so Etymology colonists could move in between the two galaxies.

After the Etymology was destroyed in the Ambrosia Galaxy by their A.I. hive-mind, the C.Y.R.E.X. Those who remained in the Dryas Galaxy remotely activated the shield-generator, trapping the C.Y.R.E.X. within the Ambrosia Galaxy. They would remain trapped within the galaxy for hundreds of millions of years. During their imprisonment within the galaxy, their creators would be destroyed completely during the Final Ancient Ambrosian War on 600,000,000 BCE.

However, in 10,265 CE, the Confederacy of Borealis would launch the project: "the Great Expansion." This was an attempt to spread humanity's reach in the universe and as such the Thavma Assemblage galactic neighborhood was chosen. By popular vote, the Ambrosia Galaxy would be chosen as the first galaxy for this attempt. Thankfully for the Confederacy, their Wormhole Drive's technology were able to disrupt the shield-generator. This made the new Human Alliance of Ambrosia complete unaware of the shield-generator's existence.

That was until its successor, the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems found them on worlds across the Dryas Cloud throughout the 30,000 CEs. After realizing their purpose, they continue to keep the shield-generator activated to keep the C.Y.R.E.X. trapped within the galaxy.

Amaranth Ring

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