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The following is a list of known intelligent species and their home worlds native to the Ambrosia Galaxy in chronological order. Included are those extinct, those still thriving, and artificial species.

Extinct Species

Species: Fully Evovled: Fate: Home World: Region: Description:
The Ones that Came Before 12,640,000,000 BCE (first known evidence) Unknown The Mysterium Region (believed) Dryas Cloud (believed) The One's that Came Before are the oldest known example of a late type three civilization and species(?) to arise within the Ambrosia Galaxy.

Due to their ancient age, mysterious nature, and anomalous disappearance, no known effigies of their appearance is known to exist, and as a result, it remains unknown if they were a singular species, or a collective of many.

The only evidence of their existence are the many structures made out of long lasting materials that are spread across select ancient worlds in Ambrosia.

They would mysteriously disappear in around 12,000,000,000 BCE, and it remains unknown as to what happened to them, though theories abound exist.

Holden 3,460,996,000 BCE Destroyed during the Red Galaxy Event. Tharvus Ruver Unity's Domain The Holden were a bipedal species of primate, humanoid mammal organisms that resemble many humanoid species, such as humans. They were famed for their strange, esoteric civilization and culture, having a society based around philosophy and theological thinking.

Unlike many of their contemporaries, the Holden were very reserve and peaceful, only combating with themselves very rarely, as well as with other intelligent species.

They are most well known for being one of the first species to join the newly formed Etymology, being the twentieth respective member species of a civilization(s) that would soon encompass millions.

Noctis-Umbra 3,458,000,000 BCE Destroyed during the Red Galaxy Event. Hocestetiamipsa Unity's Domain The Noctis-Umbra were a bipedal humanoid plantoid species that resembled a typical mammalian humanoid species cloaked in shadow. They stand as one of, if not the most technologically advanced species to ever arise within the Ambrosia Galaxy, being able to manipulate technological wonders with abilities almost akin to that of magic.

During their respective tenure as an independent species, they held control of around twenty billion star systems, making one of them the most prolific singular species to emerge from Ambrosia. They are a member of the ten respective species that formed the Etymology after the culmination of the War of the Ten in 3,400,000,000 BCE.

Their technological superiority is mostly thanks to a singular individual, the famous: "Mystara" who herself became the second of the: "Ten Supreme Authorities" who would lead all civilizations under the Etymology banner from the shadows.

Katya 3,456,590,000 BCE Gradually evolved into a myriad of other species with time and distance. Zador Unity's Domain The Katya were a bipedal, humanoid feline mammalian species that had the unique ability to become acclimated to almost any environment. They enjoyed great prominence across the Unity's Realm region, controlling several million star systems during their peak as an independent species.

They had a militaristic society, and often warred with several other intelligent species, including the Noctis-Umbra.

They were one of the first species to join the Etymology, and ironically one of the few to survive its destruction, as a large amount of the species were hiding out in worlds not mapped by the Etymology at the time.

After the Red Galaxy Event, the Katya would begin to colonize the now empty worlds the Etymology held dominion over in the Unity's Domain , Realm of Resonance , and Fantasma Arm regions of the Ambrosia Galaxy, though over time the species colony worlds would become closed off from the rest of their kind, and they would begin to evolve into different species in accordance to their respective environments.

Rodrak 3,412,594,002 BCE Destroyed during the Red Galaxy Event. Malfdet Unity's Domain The Rodrak were a species of quadruped semi-aerial reptilian organisms.

They were a simple species, having a late type zero technological level and only having one colony outside of their home world, that being their parent planet of Nirirenda that their home world of Malfdet orbited.

That was until' they and their two respective worlds were absorbed into the Etymology, giving them access to powerful technologies and countless other worlds.

They would be exterminated with the rest of the Etymology during the Red Galaxy Event, but thanks to their actions, Malfdet native life would continue to thrive on the planet of Nirirenda.

Capi 3,401,000,000 BCE Annihilated by the Etymology. Et-Nos Fantasma Arm The Capi were a bipedal, humanoid canine organisms that held a fairly primitive technological level, only mastering limited electrical technologies at the peak of their species' independent history.

They would join the fold of the Etymology, and like many who did, they were enraged that they were taken into by force.

The Capi would ultimately rebel against their occupiers, and thanks to the great tactics provided by the rebellion's leader; Peccati Reus, they would manage to liberate their home world of Et-Nos.

Unfortunately however, they would only enjoy victory for a short, as they would be entirely wiped out by the Etymology, and their people would be turned into the first Oblivione in existence. Though ironically this proved to be their salivation, as they managed to survive the faithful Red Galaxy Event in their new forms.

Vyssi-Wing 3,368,000,000 BCE Destroyed during the Red Galaxy Event. Visred Realm of Resonance The Vyssi-Wing were a species of vibrantly colored avian bird species that enjoyed great prominence within the Etymology after their joining, as they were regarded as a species in fairly high standing.

Their most notable contribution to the Etymology would be their espionage technologies and skills, as they were extremely small and fast, they were able to collect information on persons and targets of interest to the Etymology very well.

Along with the rest of the Etymology, they would be completely destroyed during the Red Galaxy Event.

Propita 3,308,000,000 BCE Destroyed during the Red Galaxy Event. Silent-Meadow Elysium Realm The Propitia were a species of quadruped Ovis aries organisms. that were one of the first species to join into the fold of the Etymology during their expansion towards the central Elysium Realm. When they were first discovered by the Etymology, they barely had technology going into the late Embryonic period.

They had an extremely violent, warrior culture, often times warring among themselves, leaving countless generations of the species killed. And once the Etymology took control of their home world of Silent-Meadow, they would attempt to kill off their occupiers.

As a result, they became the first species where the famous: "Mystara's Lullaby" device was used, pacifying the once violent species. Sadly, they would perish alongside their overlords during the faithful Red Galaxy Event.

Nagala 2,600,000,000 BCE Destroyed during the Red Galaxy Event. Umor Titanarum Realm of Resonance The Nagala were a species of tripedal reptilian organisms. They had a strange, esoteric culture and society, as the species functioned more akin to that of your traditional hive mind, with an intricate caste system.

Their most notable moment in their species' history would be their participation in the: "Safe-Haven Wars" against the Havenites of planet Haven in 2,489,864,300 BCE.

During said conflict, they and their enemies would be discovered by the Etymology, and the two were annexed into the aforementioned intragalactic civilization. And alongside their leaders, they would ultimately perish during the Red Galaxy Event.

Havenite 2,490,000,000 BCE Destroyed during the Red Galaxy Event. Haven Realm of Resonance The Havenites were a species of bipedal avian aves organisms, that, while not receiving much prominence during their existence, have become infamous in death, as their former home world is now one of the most important worlds in the whole of modern Ambrosia, with the countless pieces of

Havenite technology and iconography being spread far and wide across it.

They would have a fairly small amount of influence in Ambrosia during their tenure as an independent species, only controlling around one thousand star systems at their civilization's peak. And during their final moments as an independent species, they would war with the Nagala and their empire.

After both they and their enemy species were absorbed into the Etymology, they would fade into relative obscurity among the millions of other species they were now forced to coexist with.

Of course they would also perish alongside them during the Red Galaxy Event.

Desdia 2,489,999,999 BCE Annihilated by the Havenites. Tardum Realm of Resonance The Desdia were an extremely short lived and simple species of quadruped Folivora, who, once their home moon of Tardum was discovered by the nearby Havenites, would be totally exterminated by the aforementioned species.

After their destruction, their home world would be absorbed within the Havenite Republic, and due to the primitive nature of their respective society, no piece of their technology has survived throughout the ages.

Phelcombura 2,434,570,200 BCE Destroyed during the Red Galaxy Event. Purraalaaw Realm of Resonance The Phelcombura were a simple species of aquatic serpent reptilian organisms native to the moon of Purraalaaw, who, due to their native environment, were unable to progress the most simple of technological stages.

They would join the fold of the Etymology when their home system of Ugura was discovered by the aforementioned intragalactic empire, allowing the Phelcombura access to greater technologies, as well as the ability to reside in worlds beyond their moon of origin. As their world burned from above during the Red Galaxy Event, they would perish alongside the oceans they inhabited.

However, due to their relics being well preserved underneath thick layers of sediment, the technological wonder provided to them by the Etymology would be rediscovered by the species that would arise from Purraalaaw's sister-world of Urgutu: the Ugnara, allowing for them to progress through the technological stages much quicker then they otherwise would have.

Extant Species

Species: Fully Evolved: Home World: Region: Description:
Prianumay 12,999,998,999 BCE Annuat Unity's Domain The Prianumay, also known as the "First Beings" is a blanket term referring to the four oldest known intelligent species to ever arise within the Ambrosia Galaxy, coming into being only a thousand standard years after the formation of the galaxy's supermassive black hole, the Unity's Domain , within the small gas giant world of Annuat.

Each of the respective species that make up the Prianumay s are a sapient mass of swirling gas made up of an exotic matter only exclusive to themselves, who communicate through a strange form a Psychokinesis that can only be understood to themselves. Along with their strange physical form, they also seem to be truly immortal, as they have proven to be exempt from death as we know it.

Due to them being the oldest known species in the entire Ambrosia Galaxy, countless species and civilizations have been made aware of their existence and have attempted to study them up close. But as they attempt to approach the respective individuals that make up the species, they will seemingly "blink" out of existence, completely disappearing and leaving a single piece of evidence that they were even there in the first place. This supernatural ability also allowed them to survive the faithful Red Galaxy Event, as they simply vanished as their world began to burn, then returning when the attack was done.

Ambrosian Thavmaphage 12,990,000,000 BCE (believed) Unknown All regions of Ambrosia The Ambrosian Thavmaphage is one of the oldest intelligent species of the Ambrosia Galaxy. They are a hivemind of fleshly mass of organic matter that, once placed upon any species of flora, fauna or sapient species, will begin to transform them into the same horrific fleshy mass of matter. This process is extremely painful and horrifying to any who can experience pain and emotions and as a result, the Ambrosian Thavamaphage is the single most despised species to ever exist in Ambrosia, as all intelligent species holds them as the greatest enemy to life.

Their hivemind operates under the single directive to subsume more living beings into their fold, and they will travel across the cosmos through hijacking technologies belonging to individuals they have managed to ensnare.

They have successfully managed to take control over large portions of the galaxy across billions of years, the most major of these are often referred to as "great plagues" by those who live through them.

These plagues can sometimes last hundreds, or even thousands of standard years. In each instance however, the species will eventually unite, and drive the Ambrosian Thavmaphage back. But unfortunately, the species still exists to this day, biding its time to inevitably try and take control over the Ambrosia Galaxy once more.

Bablet 11,780,000,000 BCE Janus Network All regions of Ambrosia
Void Beings 5,690,000,000 BCE Apollyon Nebula Silent Reaches The Void Beings are an anomalous. sentient mass of black colored smoke-like vapor native to various worlds within the Apollyon Nebula of the Silent Reaches region. Though its name implies multiple beings that comprise its existence, the Void Beings seems to operate as a singular sapient individual rather then a distinct intelligent species. However, due to them showing a clear understanding of the universe around them, as well as having a directive within themselves, they are classified as a sapient being. They have the ability to ensnare sapient individual into its collective by placing itself around said individual and subsumbing them into its essence. The reason it does this is unknown to anyone or anything but itself.

During the mid Etymology Era, the Void Beings were enslaved by the aforementioned ancient civilization, who unleashed them upon numerous species and groups they were at war with across various points of time. However eventually they would lose control over the Void Beings, and they would unleash themselves against their masters, and due to their nature of being seemingly exempt from death, the Etymology had no other choice but to trap them, less they face total destruction. They chose the nebula they originated from, locking them away with powerful electromagnetic pulse generators which were known to disturb their structure for a few moments.

They would remain within the Apollyon Nebula for billions of years, even surviving the Red Galaxy Event that would claim their former enslavers. Until' the discovery of the: "Apollyon Gate." of the Janus Network of Intergalactic Gateways located all throughout the Ambrosia Galaxy, which, by pure happenstance, led right to the Apollyon Nebula. The small Apollyon Detachment and her crew would land on the planet of Kybusia,

Amalthiean 3,455,246,000 BCE Diktite Unity's Domain The Amalthieans are an aquatic, bipedal species of organic mammalian humanoids, appearing much alike many humanoid species across Ambrosia. Famously, the Amaltheians spent the majority of their existence under enslavement by the Holden of Tharvus Ruver, as the aforementioned species took an aesthetic attraction and appreciation towards the Amaltheians, choosing to keep the unfortunate species as nothing more then pets, a practice that would be defended by the wider Etymology the Holden were apart of.

They would exist in this permanent limbo of servitude for hundreds of millions of years, existing in enslavement for so long that the Amalthieans believed they existed in this state for all time, serving their beloved Holden masters. However in 2,660,060,000 BCE, the final ruler of the Holden species, King Macer, would free a small pocket of Amalthieans, placing them on the hidden world of "Wundia," to ensure that species could exist in a free state to some extent.

This act of kindness would prove to be their salvation, as hidden away on Wundia, they would survive the Red Galaxy Event that would destroy all others within the Etymology's domain, though a large portion of the species would be killed as the majority of the species remained enslaved. Ever since the Red Galaxy Event, the Amalthieans of Wundia have flourished across the planet's many oceans.

Zheroni 3,298,000,000 BCE Forevermore Silent Reaches The Zheroni are a bipedal species of extremely powerful psychokinetic humanoid mammalian organisms. They stand as one of the oldest and most prominent species to still inhabit the Ambrosia Galaxy, controlling a large portion of its Silent Reaches region in which they originate from.

Their history is vast and bloody, spanning billions of standard years, however the most famous moment in their ancient past would be their attempted destruction at the hands of the Bastard of Ambrosia, and his Nox-Eternica death cult during their crusade across the Silent Reaches. As their home world was burned from above, a large portion of the species managed to escape the destruction aboard a massive colony ship, placing themselves within suspended animation.

Awakening long after the Red Galaxy Event, the Zheroni would begin to colonize much of the Silent Reaches, forming various intragalactic powers of massive size, until' eventually all would fall under a singular banner, becoming one of the largest superpowers within the Ambrosia Galaxy.

Euphorion 3,002,150,569 BCE Sancta-Nostra Dryas Cloud The Euphorion are a miniature species of Palola viridis organisms that have the famed ability to interface their beings with technology. They have a firece theocracy, with each and every aspect of their culture revolving around their "Faith of the Thousand" religion, venerating a thousand deities that govern the cosmos.

They would war with the once galaxy dominating Etymology, employing the use of the "Thousand Sentinels" which were molded after the aforementioned faith, giving the conflict its name of the "Sentinel Wars." The would fight well, but would be undone by the Supreme Authority Mystara, who imbedded a disease within the very technology the Euphorion placed themselves within, causing a large number of their population to die and ultimately forcing them to join the Etymology or face total destruction. And hanks to their ability to integrate themselves within technology, they were able to override the C.Y.R.E.X's presence on their home world, causing it to believe it had exterminated all life on the planet, as they were understandably suspect of the AI's intentions,

Now, the Euphorion stand as one of the oldest living Ambrosian species, and have managed to colonize many star systems across the Dryas Cloud, standing as one of the largest entities of the galactic region.

Hyacinthi 1,900,000,000 BCE Hyasintha Dryas Cloud The Hyacinthi are a bipedal humanoid plant species that are very diverse in appearance, with each Hyacinthi having a vibrant and exclusive pattern of colors only known to them respectively. They hold the notable distinction of being one of the few sapient species to survive a "purge" by the hands of the Etymology. This purge would be spearheaded by the Supreme Auhtority Mystara, as she grew to have a fanatical obsessions with the endless enchanting color patterns each Hyacinthi could display.

As she attempted to replicate this feeling they instilled with her through her own creations, she would grow frustrated, as none could match a natural Hyacinthi to her. Thus, not accepting being outdone, she would attempt to destroy the species, however select Hyacinth managed to escape this crusade, placing themselves in suspended animation and headed towards the farthest point in Ambrosian space, the Eros Star Cluster.

Once away in the star cluster, they would manage to survive the Red Galaxy Event, as the C.Y.R.E.X. had no knowledge of their existence. As a result, the Hyacinthi have managed to flourish within the now decentralized galaxy, serving as a founding member of the "Ventus Secundus," one of the most powerful forces currently inhabiting the Dryas Cloud.

Khakilagat 880,000,000 BCE Janus Network All regions of Ambrosia.
Tratias Ru 500,000,000 BCE Time's Riddle Dryas Cloud The Tratias Ru are an aquatic, aerial, and terrestrial species of floater organisms made of a strnage and exotic matter only known to them. Their body is very velvety in texture, and they appear as if they are a large piece of cloth floating on the wind. They have the ability to grow external legs to traverse the ground, as well as external fins in order to traverse the depths of their home world.

Their home world of Time's Riddle exists in orbit around the star Geras, a Chronotar which causes a temporal effect around itself and the worlds that make up its planetary system. As a result, the Tratias Ru experience time very slowly, only around ten hertz compared to the average fifty hertz most sapient species experience time flow.

Over vast amounts of time, the Tratias Ru managed to unlock the secrets of time travel, and eventually formed an alliance with their neighboring sister-species, the Merbrekians, with the two of them managing to spread themselves to around fifty star systems.

Sirakton 400,000,000 BCE Duality Nebula Elysium Realm/Fantasma Arm
Nirirendinite 280,000,000 BCE Nirirenda Unity's Domain The Nirirendinites are a humanoid plant species that are very simple, only have a technological rating of early embryonic. They have remained isolated from the rest of the Ambrosia Galaxy for millions of years, never coming into contact with any of the larger races that surround them.

They serve alongside their sister-species of the Trus-Jrak' as the legacy of life that once thrived on the surface of their home world's moon, Malfdet, thanks to the actions of the Rodrak millions of years prior.

Sadly, the Nirirendinites seem to be living on borrowed time, as the vast amounts of radation that bombards the surface of their homeworld grows increasingly more hostile, their bodies have began to degrade overttime, and if no larger race intervenes, then they too will join the endless cosmoligcal graveryard of exteriminated species of Ambrosia.

Trus-Jrak' 200,000,000 BCE Nirirenda Unity's Domain
Anuleena 2,000,000 BCE An'Jirra Realm of Resonance
Catholonond 1,000,600 BCE Yinera Realm of Resonance The Catholonond are bipedal species of orgainc graphite beings who appear like they are a construct made out of extremely well tempered and ornate blueish-green glass, that live in the hallowed out insides of the many massive trees across their home world's many tropical forests. They are extremely tall, standing at about thirteen feet tall, striding about at incredible speeds.

They are very technologically advanced, utilizing typical warp technologies in creative and unique ways, allowing them to simply warp away an incoming threat, along with being very proficient in Psychokinesis.

They would also serve as one of the three founding member species of the Mirror Colonies, an Alliance of three independent species that are situated in between the borders of both the Juilietic and Serpentine Empires, often having to fend off invasions from both.

Januula 1,000,000 BCE Prearranged Cavort Dryas Cloud
Aurian 140,000 BCE Aurius
Mymiraramel 100,486 BCE Fair-Atoll Realm of Resonance The Mymiraramel are a semi-aquatic humanoid species. They are fairly trim, but have extremely broad shoulders, with distinctive plates protruding outwards so that they can glide across shallow waters more easily, along their arms and legs are also small fin like things to assist in this as well. Their skin acts like a strange paste, allowing one to stretch it very far, as well this skin's color will change depending on the temperature of water nearby, with it varying from white, grey, faded orange, and pale-blue.

Due to their nature, they are extremely dependent on their native environment, stopping them from expanding very far from their home world, and as a result have been mostly unsuccessful in advancing throughout the ages. Their culture is mostly based on sea-fairing, with most roles in Mymiaramel society involving a naval activity of some sort.

During the early years of the Juilietic Empire, they would make contact with the Mymiaramel, and they would quickly join the Empire, allowing them to spread beyond their native borders.

Thay-Tu 70,000 BCE Quare-Altum Realm of Resonance
Akardi 62,000 BCE Amendia Realm of Resonance The Akardi are a species of large centipede insecta that appear as if they are made out of ice, with large amounts of fur extending from in between the plates spread across their bodies. They live across the beaches of the few lakes that exist on their home planet, surviving off of the warm currents produced by the water, as the majority of the planet is too cold for them to live on.

Their culture, religion, and history is completely based around the strange, blue colored crystal-like Thavmium known as "Amendinite" which is fairly prevalent on their home world.

They would unfortunately suffer through subjugation by the Juilietic Empire during their expansion throughout the Realm of Resonance , and were subsequently liberated by the Ambrosia Alliance during their war against the Juilietic Empire, joining the aforementioned ladder intragalactic civilization,

Serpentine 28,000 BCE Vitride Vitrum Realm of Resonance
Antitine 27,600 BCE Serpenlacum Realm of Resonance
Ynnell'Ynny'Ynnia 27,000 BCE Emornidiod Realm of Resonance The Ynnell'Ynny'Ynnia are a species of symbiotic crustaceans that operate as a hive mind who live in massive nests strung across their home world's massive deserts. Each individual in the hive mind is a being that is made up of three symbiote life forms. The first of which being a large eighteen legged and twelve clawed crabs like creature which is used to as the main body of the trio. The other two take the appearance of semi-large dragon flies, which shoot put from the main body's back and are used as its eyes and ears respectively.

Their culture is extremely similar to most hive mind in the known universe, with their being a center authority in the whole of the species' governance.

When the species was under the control of the Juilietic Empire, they learned how to manipulate the advanced technologies left by them, and with help from the Catholon, would manage to beat back the Imperial occupation, and would join the newly formed Mirror Colonies.

Ko'rr 19,800 BCE Ri'Vanni Realm of Resonance
Ugnara 18,000 BCE Urgutu Realm of Resonance
Ekariend 10,110 BCE Cavin Realm of Resonance The Ekariend species of large crocodile like reptilian beings that live across the many swamps and musty rivers of their home world. They appear almost identical to your typical crocodile, however they are much larger, with them being around sixty feet long. As well, they are extremely poisonous, with each scale of their body being coated in a poison that is deadly to most known species, they can even vomit this poison through a strange organ within their stomachs.

Their culture is based around the many buildings left behind by an ancient species that once inhabited Cavin, and they often make their home in the large buildings that were constructed across the moon.

They would form the Mirror Colonies alliance with the nearby Catholon as they too were subjugated by the Juilietic Empire, ultimately freeing their respective colonies from the Empire's control.

Havelmorthum 8,000 BCE Haven Realm of Resonance
Meerkeethus 7,000 BCE Falcar Realm of Resonance
Vespa 290 BCE Avespa Realm of Resonance
Merbrekian 40,000 CE Vague Rhthym Dryas Cloud

Genetically Engineered Species

Species: Creation Date: Home World: Region: Creating Group: Main Individual Creator: Description: Affiliation:
Nox-Eternica 3,368,700,000 BCE Vilis Silent Reaches None The Bastard of Ambrosia
Defecti-Tayfllo 1,240,670,699 BCE Flos Amissam Unity's Domain The Etymology Mystara
Capi-Oblivione 789,357,430 BCE Et-Nos Fantasma Arm The Capi Species Peccati Reus
Haggard 601,456,020 BCE Reges Mere Realm of Resonance None King Macer
Haven-Born 11,265 CE Haven Realm of Resonance Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems Melody Natya
Neo-Havenites 11,320 CE Haven Realm of Resonance Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems Melody Natya

Artificial Species

Species: Type: Construction Date: Constructed On: Native Region: Constructors: Main Individual Architect: Description:
Possessionem Synthetic transformable sapient servants. 3,399,999,990 BCE Póli Ton Theón' Unity's Domain The Etymology Mystara
The Oblivione Semi-sapient controllable necrotic corpses. 3,390,000,000 BCE Póli Ton Theón' Fantasma Arm The Etymology Mystara
Vibrant-Dawn Sapient beings made up of hard light technologies. 500,036,290 BCE Elucescat Dryas Cloud SERAPH SERAPH
The Thousand Sentinels Giant semi-sapient effigies and machines of war. 2,900,000,000 BCE Sancta-Nostra Dryas Cloud Euphorion Jallahiahga
The Vade Synthetic transformable crystalline species. 2,406,006,000 BCE Somina Realm of Resonance The Etymology Mystara
Anciilis Restored Possessionem who gained free will and liberated themselves from subjugation. 1,600 CE Vitride Vitrum Realm of Resonance The Emerald Empire of Sidena The Immortal Sidena

Artificial Intelligences

Name: Type: Construction Date: Constructed On: Native Region: Desginers: Main Individual Desginer: Description:
The L.I.B.E.R AI hyper hivemind 4,200,000,000 BCE Yalalid Unity's Domain Wraithmeria Species Unknown
Lanatolia (AI) AI hivemind 3,451,009,000 BCE Hocestetiamipsa Unity's Domain Noctis-Umbra Collective Mystara
Koltride Singular amporhious AI 3,340,160,000 BCE Koltris Realm of Resonance The Etymology Mystara
The Amaranth Guard AI hivemind 2,899,619,000 BCE Póli Ton Theón' Unity's Domain The Etymology Mystara
The Omnius-Arcus Singular amporhious AI 1,240,000,000 BCE Quae Vis Aquae Aeschylus Arm The Etymology Mystara
The Ringvarite Singular amorphous AI 711,000,000 BCE Ringvas Realm of Resonance The Etymology Mystara
The C.Y.R.E.X AI hivemind 687,543,216 BCE Póli Ton Theón' Unity's Domain The Etymology Mystara

Immigrated Extra-Galactic Species

Name: Most Populated World: Arrival Date: Means of Arrival: Main Affiliation Within Ambrosia: Description:
Lycurgy Lyvovindani 1,450,050,497 BCE Janus Network -Independent
Humans Haven 10,265 CE Janus Network -Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems
Zythyns Glimmer-Light 11,600 CE Janus Network -Glitter Territories
Llaan Annik-Orkal 30,000 CE Sleeper Ships -Independent
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