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Amaranth Conception: -The Ambrosia Galaxy manifests from nothing in an event known as the Amaranth Conception - Also known as the First Amaranth Contravene.

-The first stars manifest all across the galaxy.

-The first worlds form in orbit around the stars.

-The line to the Ultimate End begins, all events thereafter are predestined to occur.

-The galaxy remains barren of any form of life for the next one thousand years.

999,999,000 BCE: -The first living beings, the Annuat, are created from the second ever Amaranth Contravene.

-The Annuat begin to blindly move about the galaxy, merging together once making contact with another.

-The first Thavavium, the Janus Network, is created through the movement of the Annuat across the galaxy.

999,998,900 BCE: --After a hundred years of combination, the Annuat begin to gain the power to influence physical reality.

-Through specific merger, the Annuat begin to diversify into four distinct groupings, equal and opposite to each other, with each representing four aspects of reality.

-The Aethuuat are created - representing constant and being.

-The Voiuuat are created - representing finite and end.

-The Criuuat are created - representing creation and make.

-The are Driuuat created - representing destruction and unmake.

-Each grouping of Annuat begin to act upon the self-imposed roles they placed upon themselves, creating and destroying worlds, and simple life in equal measure, while ensuring that these two polar opposite ends continue onward unabated.

911,000,000 BCE: -The star Vocatus goes supernova, creating the Vocatus nebula.

-The Vinum System forms from this event.

910,000,000 BCE: -Life forms on planet Dralora.
850,000,000 BCE: -The first living thing of planet Haven, the Lyarthi, also known as the "Great Trees" manifests itself.

-Following the Lyarthi's creation, planet Haven, after existing in a barren and desolate state for millions of years after manifesting into Ambrosia along with the rest of the Hope System, suddenly and rapidly has its surface covered in one large forest in a event known as the Great Awakening.

-Immediately following the Great Awakening, the skies of the world turn from red to blue.

-A massive amount of psychokinetic energy mysteriously flows into Haven, making the planet drenched in mystical energies.

-A grouping of Thirteen select Thavaviums known as the Thirteen Realms manifest themselves in close proximity to Haven, turning it into a Conduit World.

849,000,000 BCE: -An ancient planet of the Hope System crashes into planet Haven.

-Harmony forms in orbt around Haven from the resulting crash.

-Hearth forms in orbit around Haven from the resulting crash.

790,000,000 BCE: -Life forms on planet Ringvas.

-An ancient planet of the Hope System is torn apart by its parent star's gravity, forming the Hope Asteroid Belt.

666,000,000 BCE: -Planet Solum is ejected from its home star system.

-The moon Oblivio is sent into close proximity of its parent planet, turning it into a hellish Astra-Moon.

-the moon Etiamteamo's surface is heated by its sister-moon of Oblivio, melting the icy surface and turning it into a terrestrial world.

490,000,000 BCE: -Life forms on planet Hocestetiamipsa.

-Life forms on the moon Xeka.

-Life forms on the moon Veria.

-Life forms on the moon Strana.

-Life forms on the moon Duati.

450,000,000 BCE: -The moon Valdona enters within planet Dralora's roche limit, tearing it apart and forming the planetary Rings of Valdona.
399,000,000 BCE: -Life forms on the moon Blekiur.
309,000,000 BCE: -Life forms on planet Douma.
210,000,000 BCE: -The Talora System enters within an adjacent binary star system, forming into a triple star system.
200,000,000 BCE: -Planet Heittirisa captures the former planet Blekiur, turning it into a major moon.

-The Geras System has a close encounter with another Ambrosian star, taking three of its respective planets.

160,000,000 BCE: -The Holden fully evolve on planet Tharvus Ruver, within a cave known to them as the "Cavern of Motherhood."
159,000,000 BCE: -After tens of thousands of years, the Holden are able to leave the Cavern of Motherhood and venture into the wider world.
158,000,000 BCE: -The Noctis-Umbra emerge from the Land Never Seen into the wider Ambrosia Galaxy, settling on the dwarf planet Hocestetiamipsa.
156,000,000 BCE: -Hocestetiamipsa becomes a Ecumenopolis.
155,000,000 BCE: -The Amaltheians fully evolve on planet Diktite.
154,000,000 BCE: --The Lanatolia AI is created on Hocestetiamipsa.
142,000,000 BCE: -The Rodrak full evolve on the moon Malfdet.
141,000,000 BCE: -The War of the Ten begins.

-The Rodrak throughout the first million years of their existence rapidly evovle through the technological stages, covering their home moon in numerous massive cities.

-The Rodrak begin to colonize their home moon's parent planet, Nirirenda.

140,000,000 BCE: -The War of the Ten ends.

-The Etymology forms.

-The Ambrosia Galaxy's Etymology Era begins.

-The newly formed Etymology begins to rapidly subsume territory outside of their combined radius of control, taking many worlds and species and putting them under their domain,

-To incentivize new species and civilizations to willingly join the newly formed Etymology, the Supreme Authority Mystara constructs The Possessionem.

139,000,000 BCE: -Póli Ton Theón' is conscructed in orbit around the Amaranth Veil.
130,000,000 BCE: -Peccati Reus is born on Et-Nos.

-Perdita Reus is born on Et-Nos.

-Peccati Reus and Perdita Ratio get married.

-Perdita Reus is killed.

-The Free Et-Nos Movement is founded by Peccati Reus.

-The Necro-Shaper is constructed on Póli Ton Theón'.

-The Etymology bombard planet Et-Nos, destroying most life on the surface and the Free Et-Nos Movement.

-The Oblivione is created on Et-Nos.

-Peccati Reus and the remainder of the Capi species are transformed into Oblivione.