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The Amgorac Dynasty or Amgorac is a recently-formed centralized confederation in the Elerad Arm of the Flower Galaxy. Having broken away from the Areial Union, its multi-idealist populace has split the nation into three warring cultural families. Originally hailing from the planet of Nysha – now a disputed location whose past is lost to wars – the people of Amgorac have set themselves apart from one another; since then they've been trying to reunite through the creation of Amgorac as a neutral party amid the ongoing strife.

After being established on the rogue planet of Woake and its immediate space, peace briefly reigned over the Amgoraki realm. The rise of idealistic warlords around Amgorac, and the fight over the monarch's throne, all resulted in the current state in which Amgorac is found. This has created a low development index for Amgorac. International sanctions, mainly from the UNFG, have impacted the Amgoraki economy. As a result, poverty hits almost 45% of its civilian population—also caused by the horrible living conditions on worlds devastated by the internal crisis.



The Amgorac Dynasty is an elective constitutional monarchy. The monarch, elected every 30 standard-years, has abroad representation of Amgorac and de facto jurisdiction of the three warlord factions. Furthermore, the monarch's vizier – the Great Speaker – is appointed by them. Being constitutional, the Representative Monarch is subject to the constitution. The Warlords can be found in the National Assembly's House of Commons as a minority of deputies.

Amgorac elects its executive officials through a deliberative system. Due to a lack of provinces, a governmental job has to be directly part of one of the three branches. At the Examination Court Building on Woake, a candidate is given various tests to show their skills in several subjects. In the end, a board of professionals gives out results to finally decide to whom a job in the government will be given. For the parliament's members, general elections happen once every five standard-years.


Foreign policy


The planet of Woake, dimly illuminated by the light of the star system which it is currently entering.

Woake serves as the capital of Amgorac. It is a neutral zone between the warlord factions. Undergoing an urbanization process, the planet has become the most populated world in Amgorac since its inception. For its hydrocarbonic climate, the Hulvis make up all of its population. The name Woake roughly means "haven" in Hulviki languages.

Its local government has authority over all worlds in Amgorac. The Planetary Council of Woake represents the Governors of all planets under Amgoraki control.

Woake is considered one of the best planets to live in Amgorac. The development index there is very high compared to the rest of the nation, being close to 0.700. However, there is still some crime rates and high inequality among the population.

In the next ten thousand standard-years, Woake will enter a close star system. The planet, as of now, is at 60,000 AUs from an orange dwarf named ___. It has been illuminated by its dim light, given the distance.