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Ammeria is a region of space containing over one billion stars in the galactic halo of Via Sagittaria. It occupies a region of space over one hundred thousand cubic light-years in volume. Within this region of space is the United Planets of Garrius-Hade, a kardashev II civilization that is relatively isolationist. It is under the jurisdiction of what is known as the Ammerian Galactic Security Council, a coalition of states similar to the Confederacy of Borealis in that it offers protection and economic prosperity for the nations that join it.

Ammeria is situated on the edge of Via Sagittaria's sphere of influence, bordering with the void.

Galactic Economy

The many civilisations of Ammeria operate in different ways. The United Planets' is a communitarian democracy; encouraging the everyday citizen to work for their families and their local communities. Particularly among Hadians, nepotism is encouraged.

As of the year 100,000 CE, the Ammerian economy is stagnating. Economic growth is mostly seen in the metropolis cities of the United Planets', leaving the poorer cities and towns to endure harder economic challenges. In some occasions, the galactic stock market has suffered flash crashes - sudden and brief moments of economic and financial loss.

This is due to a protectionist policy by many states who have seen overwhelming support for nationalism and laissez-faire capitalism in their elections. Some states have turned to state socialism in order to protect their companies from interplanetary investment. The galaxy's economy is giving rise to a wave of socialists and nationalists, who both see the same flaws in their governments, but offer different and radical solutions.



Internally, the galaxy is led by the hegemony of the United Planets of Garrius-Hade - also a leading and founding member in the Ammerian Galactic Security Council. There are many thousands of worlds with civilisations scattered around the galaxy. The Security Council maintains a firm policy of reaching out to them and inviting them into the organisation. They are viewed positively by most nations, with some criticism appearing in the form of anti-Council movements and parties.


Ammeria has open borders with the outside universe. It is fairly moderate on immigration, offering a safe space for new residents but also maintaining a clear distaste for illegal migrants. Despite that, they have a humane policy of giving them the right to a fair trial. Even if the trial fails, the migrants are kept in shelter until a decision is reached by courts.

They made contact with the nations in the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group, at a time when the Yohjan Confederacy faced a millennium of civil war. After the split ended in 21,833 CE, the United Planets led a galactic effort to establish peaceful relations with the newly forged Confederacy of Borealis.

Brief History

13 Billion BCE

  • Ammeria forms with the rest of Via Sagittaria.

11 Billion BCE

20,640 CE

  • United Planets of Garrius-Hade is founded.