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"I swear to serve the Galaxy, and its residents, for the goal of greater peace." - Oath upon joining.

The Ammerian Galactic Security Council is an organisation based in the Local Universe that binds many civilisations together through the means of diplomacy. It is comprised of thirty-two individual nations that, upon joining, swear an oath to uphold it's values of peace and safety.


The Charter was signed by the original founding members. It enforces laws that each member must obey, otherwise, they may charged in a court of law.

Article I dictates an attack on one member is an attack on all members.

Article II constitutes the right to retaliate in the event of an unprovoked attack.

Article III provides basic individual rights to all citizens.

Article IV allows the state to strip individuals of their rights in times of public emergencies.

Article V is the declaration of a state of emergency.

Article VI is a declaration of war against another state.

Article VII forbids the development of weapons of mass destruction.

Article VIII states that every citizen has the right to defend themselves in a court of law.

Article IX states that nations have the right to defend themselves in a court of law.

Article X is triggered when a nation has committed a crime under the Security Council Charter.

Article III - Individual Rights

Citizens of any nation in the Security Council are subject to the same laws as everyone else, including politicians. The most basic rights that every government must provide is nationalised health care, education and housing.

Article X - Political & War Crimes

When a nation, organisation or individual has undeniable evidence that a member state committed a crime, the accuser can bring the accused to court. The head of state is brought on trial in the Security Council for investigation. If more evidence and suspects support the charges, then the investigation becomes an impeachment inquiry.

The Security Council Charter dictates a war crime as:

  • Genocide of ethnic groups or cultures through violent means.
  • Use of torture or excessive violence against civilians, such as the bombing of homes.


Intergalactic Relations

The Security Council maintains a policy of diplomacy toward foreign powers. After the Split of the Yohjan Confederacy, there was anxiety among the AGSC that a similar, doomsday event was inevitable in Ammeria. As the years passed, the galactic economy grew stronger, and the fears eventually dissipated.

It remains on good terms with the Confederacy of Borealis, which is the successor to the Yohjan Confederacy. During the Split, the Security Council offered, among many other nations and organisations, messages of support.