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Amplifiers, or "amps" as they are more commonly known, are devices used to either increase the power of or alter the properties of the beams fired by laser weapons. They are greatly valued by soldiers and mercenaries across the universe.


The primary component of an amp is known as the focusing crystal, a carefully cut gemstone designed to absorb and refract the energy of a laser beam. It takes great effort to cut a focusing crystal into the right shape, as any other shape will likely cause the crystal to shatter. The crystal is then placed into a housing unit and inserted between a laser weapon's capacitors and energy pack.

Once the amp is inserted and the laser weapon is fired, the properties of the amp's crystal will change the properties of the laser beam. It could greatly increase the beam's power, cause it to electrify its targets, fry a person's nervous system, or cause any other effects.

While most amplifiers are readily available to buyers, some of them have been illegalized due to their horrifying effects on people.

Known Types of Amplifiers

  • Pallidite Amp - An amp using pallidite as its focusing crystal will cause the beam to turn almost completely invisible, with only a faint, pale outline being seen. Stealth operatives across Verpletter greatly value these amps and will pay handsomely for one.